Update on Chrissy

Thank you for all the prayers for Chrissy and baby Eva! She was monitored all last night at the hospital and then was able to come home this morning after no changes occurred overnight. She has now updated her blog (see Eva Janette link) to give more details of how things could progress this next week. Please continue to pray for them as she is on bed rest with two other children in the mix. Thank you for praying!


Laurie said…

Thank you for the updated info on Chrissy. Prayers are continuous for her and Vinnie out here.
Continued prayers for you and Maddox too. May he grow strong and healthy in the days ahead as you get ready to meet this sweet little boy. With God, all things are possible. Praying He blesses you beyond your dreams.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Shane and Devin said…

The Lord is too good.

Will keep praying!

Devin in Illinois
Anonymous said…
I think and pray for you daily. I will also add Chrissy and Eva and family to the list.
Nice to hear that your family will be with you when you meet your son February 5th. I know this will be the day that all of us will be even praying harder for you and Maddox

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