Prayer Request

I just received a message from a couple of friends who are in contact with Chrissy, Eva Janette's mom. Chrissy is currently in the hospital with pre-term labor and her daughter, Eva, has also been diagnosed with T18. As Chrissy is due in late March, she is only 28 weeks along at this point.

PLEASE pray for her labor to subside so that she can carry Eva to a safer gestation. We know that the Lord has plans for each of these babies, but we also know that He answers the prayers of His people. I am asking that you join us in prayer for Chrissy, her husband Vinnie, their two other children Mya and Dominic, and especially baby Eva. Thank you for being such awesome prayer warriors!

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; The Lord is the defense of my life." Psalm 27:1


Jen in Al said…
i just prayed and will continue to pray! thank you!
Covered with Grace,
Jen in al
So Blessed said…
I am praying...
Laurie said…
Praying for this sweet family to be covered in Gods peace at this time. And my prayers continue for you and Maddox too. God has His eyes on all of these precious little babies.

Laurie in Ca.
CresceNet said…
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Kate said…
Hi Kenzie,

I came across your site through Poppy Joy's and have been checking in and praying for you and your family ever since. I wanted to share with you another family in need of prayers, Tricia Lawrenson has CF and yesterday gave birth to a baby girl at 24.5 weeks. Thus far, the baby, Gwyneth Rose, is doing well, but Mom is still struggling (although she is stable). Their website is and they are asking for prayers.
Shane and Devin said…
Just left this same note on Angie's blog, but I am praying too. Please keep us updated?

Devin in Illinois
andib said…
Hi Kenzie, I am 29 weeks along with a baby girl, Alyssa Ellen, who has also been diagnosed thru amnio with full T18. She has a large VSD, smaller left side of heart (possible pinched aorta) and large mass on her left lung. Your strength and faith in the Lord is a true inspiration! I will continue to keep up with your site and add your family and Maddox to my prayers each night for my own family.
God Bless you!

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