Update on the Summons Family

I had been waiting with much anticipation, as I'm sure many of you have, to hear news about the arrival of baby Mary Grace. I was able to speak with Kim's mother tonight who shared with me what is now posted on Kim's blog.

Mary Grace was born about 7:15am via c-section and weighed about 3lbs 9ozs. Her grandmother said she looked absolutely beautiful and many of the "anomalies" they had mentioned seeing on ultrasound were not apparent. She spent some beautiful time with family and friends and lots of time with her older sisters Kailey and Allison loving on her. At 2:15pm the Lord called Mary Grace home to be with Him in Heaven.

We are so thankful for the brief, but precious time this little girl was able to grace this earth. However, as you can imagine, the other side of this journey is just beginning for this family as they are mourning the loss of their tiny girl who just entered the world this morning. PLEASE continue to pray for them, as the prayer requests now change, but the need for these prayers definitely continue. Please pray for an all-encompassing peace to surround Kim, Chris, their girls and their families, for friends walking this road with them to move to be the hands and feet of Christ, for a quick healing for Kim's body, and for a grieving and then healing process to begin in each of their fragile hearts.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10


Emily said…
You're precious, Kenzie. I know your heart's hurting, too, and yet you remain steadfast and continue steadily onward to the goal ahead. I'm praying you through.

And, of course, without a doubt, the Summons family have weighed heavily on my heart all day. God did a miraculous work this morning and my sad heart smiles to imagine Miller Grace's "cloud bed" growing more crowded each night. Imagine the sweet giggles of Heaven... and the tears don't fall so hard.

God is good. All the time.
So Blessed said…
Your willingness to reach out on behalf of others walking the same road that you are is a true testimony. I am praying for the Summons family...that the God of all comfort will surround them with His love and fill them with His strength and peace. I pray that same prayer for your family, too, as you await Maddox's birth.
Devin said…
You know I am praying...I posted just about this same thing on my own blog this morning.

Have you heard about the Lawrenson family? Different circumstances, but still the same need for prayer. I posted something about them today too.

Still praying for YOU as well!

Devin in Illinois
Julie said…
I came to your blog from Confessions of a CF Husband, and I just wanted to encourage you to continue praising God for whatever time you get with your little boy when he is born. He will be handsome like his big brother, I'm sure. I visited the NILMDTS site as well, and wish there had been something like that when my sister in law gave birth to my niece Emily at 23 weeks. My brother in law was in Iraq at the time and never got to meet Emily, and I think that they would have loved to have had wonderful pictures taken of her while she made her 3 hour stop here on earth.

I'll add you to my prayer list, and look forward to seeing how God uses this to bring more people closer to Himself.
Thank you for talking to my Mom. She said how precious you are and I told her I already knew it. It's just a reminder of what a wonderful group of ladies we have surrounding us. It's been a tough day but I always pray for you. You and Maddox are forever etched in my heart.
Thanks for lifting us up - we feel it.
Love you,

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