Baby Riley

Thank you for your prayers for Christie and her family today... little baby Riley Thomas was born today at 12:13PM but sadly he only lived one hour... He is now with the Lord Jesus. I talked to Christie's sister this afternoon and Christie and James were spending time with their precious little boy when we spoke. Please continue to pray for this family as they have just experienced the birth and death of their son. I ask that you pray for peace, for understanding, for healing for Christie's body, and for God's healing for their hearts. Thank you for asking Christ to cover them with the Father's love.

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." Deuteronomy 31:8


Laurie said…

Thank you for the update. I am so sorry to hear this and will be praying for the Lord to comfort them and bring peace and healing for their broken hearts. It is so sweet of you to lift them up and let us pray too. My prayers are for peace for you and your family, to not lose sight of the Lord and His promise to you. May the scripture you posted today plant itself deep in your hearts as you prepare to meet Maddox. ((Hugs)) and Gods Blessings to you today. He loves you so much.

Laurie in Ca.
Shane and Devin said…
I've been praying; though this was not the outcome I have been praying for, God is still good. (Hab. 3:17-18). I will continue to pray for you and your family daily, as well as Chrisie and hers.

I wrote about you and some of the other T-18 families that I have "met" on my blog today. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lift up the name of the Lord with you as you face your earthly circumstances with strength only the Lord himself can provide.

In Christ,
So Blessed said…
I am very sad for your friends' loss...I will be praying that God will sustain and comfort them in their grief.
I am deeply saddened for your friend and their loss of Riley. I pray for God's comfort to be upon them and that they will find peace, somehow.
I read your update and am happy to hear the date Feb. 5th. I will pray over the next 4 weeks that Maddox will gain weight and that everything else will be okay. I know the unknown is the hardest part, but you are hanging on to the promises of God and it will get you through this!
I pray that we will always choose the joy you spoke of in 2008 - it will be tough but we can do it with Christ who will give us the strength we need.
I will pray for your friend and will continue to pray for you and Maddox and the rest of your family. You are precious!
Emily said…
I am praying for Christie, James, and their other little boy as they weep for their baby son. And I'm praying for you and the toll this has inevitably taken on your heart. Know I am here. KNOW that.

Through my sorrow for this family, deep within my heart a little flame of joy burns for the way Miller Grace must be rejoicing with the angels over the arrival of her new friend Riley.

Asking God to keep His mighty arms wrapped around us all as we weep and look to Him for tomorrow...

Kara said…
I will pray for Christie and James during this time. I know this must be so difficult for them and for you. May God give you all the strength and comfort you need during this time of sorrow. Many prayers going up from OK for you! I also wanted to tell you how awesome that prayer pager idea is. We used to live in Houston and went to The Met, we never had anything like that but I have now suggested it to the people I still know at the church. I am sure God uses that ministry in a mighty way!

Anonymous said…
Praying....weeping....thank you so much for sharing....
On my knees,
jen in al
Jen in Al said…
Praying...weeping...thank you so much for sharing...
on my knees,
jen in al
Victoria Miller said…
Baby Maddox, you know you have been completely and utterly loved. How lucky you are to have been given these wonderful parents to be your guardians on this earth until you were called home. We will remember you always and always be here to comfort your parents as they will miss you so much. We know lots of other baby angels with Trisomy 18 just like you (including my own baby boy, Isaac) and we treasure you and know that "no child, no matter how fragile their life or brief their days, forever changes our world."

Victoria Miller
Trisomy 18 Foundation
Angie Luce said…
I am praying for them. Let me know if I can do more.
Anonymous said…
Our prayers are with you friends and their new son. I can't imagine the tremendious ups and downs as you watch your son being born and then pass away in an hour.
Anonymous said…
truly deeply sorry for your friends loss. Love to them, be strong, it will get easier.

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