34 Week Appointment

Just a quick update to let you know how things are going... We saw Dr. Rowe today and just did a scan to check Maddox's heart rate and my fluid level. The heart rate was good, but my fluid level was very low... a 6. Generally they say they want it between 12 and 20, but they don't start getting concerned until it's 5 or under~ we're getting pretty close to that. The good news is that Dr. Rowe didn't seem extremely concerned and said that because I've been sick for the last 2 weeks, that probably is playing a role.

I will have another appointment next Thursday to check Maddox's measurements one last time. He mentioned that he should hopefully be around 3- 3 1/2 lbs by delivery and that is what we are continuing to pray for at this point.

We are also praying that we will make it to the 5th of February, when I will be just 2 days shy of 37 weeks. From the check today, I am already progressing and my body is beginning to remember what to do amidst all the craziness. So, it sounds like we really could go at any point, but hopefully I can hold on and stick with the plan so our families can be in town... It's like Dr. Rowe said, God is the only one pushing those control buttons!

Thank you again for the continued prayers as we are within a few weeks of the planned delivery. We are doing well and are getting anxious to meet our tiny little addition... Deacon keeps asking and talking about "Baby Maddox" so it will be exciting for them to finally meet!

"He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes." Deuteronomy 10:21


Kim said…
I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog-I got the link from my cousin. I have also kept up with Miller Grace and Mary Grace's blogs. I am praying for your family to have the gift of time with your Maddox.
North Carolina
fellow blogger
Kim said…
Oh-is it just me, or does it appear that there is a hand cradleing baby Maddox's head?!! That gave me chills. The Lord is definitely holding that child.
Emily said…
Hello, gorgeous Maddox. :) Gorgeous is a boy word, right? Educate me on these things...

I'm so happy your appointment went well and will continue praying that you find peace and are able to trust that the Lord's timing for Maddox is all planned out.

Love you, girl!
Kara said…
Maddox is so handsome! I will continue to pray for your fluid level and his weight gain! You are doing good Mom!

Laurie said…
What a sweet picture of this baby boy, just beautiful. Prayers continue for you to have peace and joy and for Maddox to wait in the Lords hands until his birthday arrives. God holds you all in His mighty hands and loves you so much.

Laurie in Ca.
Angie Luce said…

I know that from where you stand February 5 can sound so close and so far at the same time! I remember being at that point, praying that God would help me make it to my scheduled date, yet praying even more than that, that God would bring her in His perfect timing. And He did.

Now I will be praying the same thing for you every day until Maddox comes. I love that Deacon is so excited about meeting his new brother. I think that will be one of the things that makes your heart the happiest- when you see the two of them together.

Much love,

So Blessed said…
Praying and lifting all your concerns to our Father...who hears us when we call on Him.
Tore - Pottstown, PA said…
Continuing to pray for you and your family. Your testimony is such a blessing, and I am thankful you have allowed me/us the opportunity to be a part of your journey. I know we haven't "officially" met but ever since I started reading your blog I pray for you and sweet Maddox and your family every day.

God is an awesome God and will do many wonderful things! I pray He gives you the desires of your heart!
Shane and Devin said…

What a great picture of little Maddox. I am continuing to pray specifically about your requests, and have several people at my little church praying too. God WILL bring Maddox at just the right time, and I am praying that His time will also be when it is best for your family as well!

Devin in Illinois
The Lenda's said…
Praying that Maddox will not be born until your family is there. Praying that your fluid increases. May you feel His peace surrounding you.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Kenzie! He is just BEAUTIFUL! i just love that we can peek in on our little ones! Praying over all of you and the precious requests you have made before the Lord. He has you all completely in His hands and is listening to every prayer! it will be so sweet seeing Deacon with Maddox! it is such an inspiration reading what the Lord is doing in your life! you can see how much you love the Lord, your hubby and your two sweet sons! May you continue to feel the Lord's presence in real tangible ways and that the peace that the passes all understanding be with you every moment! i don't know if this would be helpful but i have heard/read that drinking tons of water(more than the usual pregnancy amount if you are sick) will help build your fluid up and help lessen pre-labor contractions. i have a dear friend whose water broke at 21weeks and was able(by the grace of God) to keep replenishing her fluid by drinking an incredible amount of water and bedrest and delivered her son at 37 weeks! Just FYI. You are all so loved!!! Praying, Jen in al
juliekeefe said…
That image is priceless. I am praying.

Julie, by way of Emily Cassetty

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