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He is My Legacy

I was raised in church. It wasn't an option and we were faithful about being there. As I look back, honestly I don't ever remember not loving Jesus. In the Lutheran church there isn't an invitation like there is in the Baptist church, but from a very young age I knew I loved Him. I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit when I made bad choices in high school but thankfully as I ventured off to college, I fell more in love with my Jesus as my faith really became my own.

Dusty and I got married in 2002 and to be honest, our first few years of marriage were rough. Looking back we know that the Lord had us firmly planted in a new church with a new group of friends for a reason... they quickly became "our people" (and still are). They were such an encouragement as we navigated early married life together.

In 2004, Dusty's dad died suddenly and I remember actually freaking out. I was in a hotel for a district meeting with J&J and I was so devastated. I felt a panic …

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