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Tonight I watched my 3rd little guy, my 4th of 5 kiddos, really learned to ride his bike. His reserved demeanor gave way to excited smiles and budding confidence as we went up and down, and back and forth on the street for an hour. The sunset was gorgeous and although I was sweating much more than anticipated, it was a pride I felt for him that I won't soon forget. The scene a year ago this very Sunday night was very different. One year ago I felt a panic welling inside me.

This exact time is frozen in my memory. What we ate. What we were doing. One year ago this very moment I was acting calm but preparing for what could potentially be the worst. Honestly, looking back I never even entertained the thought that our home would actually flood. I just didn't. We took some precautionary measures and moved things upstairs. We videoed our home and took countless pictures, all for that long-off "just in case." Our neighbors next door and across the street gathered in our hom…

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