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Friends of the Grieving

Dear friends,

You know that precious young-married girl next door? The one that always wears her huge smile with whatever she has on and is always radiant?! You know that "older" mom from church with her 3 kids in tow? And of course you know your beautiful best friend. The one you talk to almost daily and share everything with?

She just lost her baby.

The baby was born too early. The baby was sick. The baby fell asleep in the crib and never woke up.

Are you dreaming? No, it's actually a nightmare. Their nightmare and yet you're devastated.

You're heartbroken for them and with them. Your sadness and grief for their loss feels overwhelming and it's not even your journey to walk. But it is yours to share. A burden that you can help carry while they trudge through a deep valley.

What do you do when you see them? What do you say? Do you bring it up? Is it better not to say anything? So much confusion and uncertainty make it scary... awkward... uncomfortable.


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