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I have seen so many videos regarding the importance of this election and many of them have been great... but either I haven't felt convicted to share them or I haven't felt that they are appropriate. This video, however, is one that is appropriate for all ages and has conversation from both candidates regarding their positions on life.

I know this is a very personal, very controversial subject, but as each day passes, I feel more and more strongly about the importance of who we elect... who will be the leader of this land. Dusty and I have had many conversations recently about LIFE. Yes, I do understand that this seems to fall under "religious issues", but life is not based solely on religion- it also pertains to the morality of a nation. Murder, theft, drugs, abuse... these are also moral issues, whether we have laws to condemn these acts or not. In our family, we feel that abortion also falls under this category.

After some extensive discussion about this, neither Dusty nor I feel that we will be able to one day stand before the Lord and explain how a president of our country was elected based on monetary issues and the economy over the essential issue of life. Now please don't think that I am suggesting that either of the two predominant candidates are giving adequate attention to this critical issue. I am also not suggesting that either one of these men are a perfect fit for the issue of life, or many other issues for that fact, that are facing this country, but as Ms. Kay Arthur has stated, we must vote for that person who most closely represents those morals and ideals we hold most high.

Many of you, like Dusty and I, have already voted. If not, though... consider this. Is it possible that we are standing idly by as the fabric of our nation is ripped apart? How do we one day reconcile our inactivity to speak up as millions of little ones are not given a chance at life... one like each of us was given? Are we saying that it is a "personal decision" for each woman when in fact none of these moral issues only affect the person making that choice? It is instead time to equip ourselves to help women feeling like they have no hope, no choice. Each of us, in our own world, can make a difference. Whether volunteering at a help pregnancy center, counseling with those struggling to come to terms with their new reality, or praying... we all can have a hand in turning this around.

If you feel led, please take a few minutes to watch this video for yourself. Life is a precious, precious gift.


"O LORD, God of our fathers, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you."- 2 Chronicles 20:6


Twinmommy2boys said…
You know I am voting soley on what the candidate feels about what I call moral issues. Abortion and the such. I feel very strongly about this as well. Thank you for putting it so beautifully.
connie said…
I also feel strongly that now is not a time to vote according to personality, promises about changes to taxes, etc. There is so much at stake right now as we help to select our country's leader.
Christine said…
thank you so much for sharing that video. It absolutely brought me to tears. I am praying fervently for tuesday. I know the Lord is bigger than this election.
JoeHill said…
I have been following your story for quite some time. I have spent many hours praying for you, and I have shared your story (and the others like you) with friends and family. I haven't commented before, but I felt I needed to today. I realize that my opinions will not liekly be held by any of your readers. And that's okay. I'm not here to change minds or insult beliefs. I'm just wanting to share another opinion. Those of us Christians that are supporting Obama this year also feel we are choosing LIFE. We are hoping for an end to a senseless war. A war in which thousands of soldiers and innocent men, women, and children have lost their lives. I believe these lives are just as precious to God as the lives of babies who didn't get a chance to live. And we are also choosing to vote based on values. We believe Jesus was serious when he commanded over and over again to take care of the sick, the poor, the children. We are voting against the greed and corruption among billion dollar corporations. Corporations in which CEO's bring home billions of dollars while those who are working for them do not make enough money to feed their families and do not have health insurance. I fully respect your decision to vote for the candidate that you feel will be best for America. But let's remember that God is not a democrat or a republican. God will be at work . . . no matter who wins.
Linda said…
I have been praying for you for sometime without commenting as well. This video brought me to tears. I have already voted for McCain/Palin and am praying that Tuesday is a day for Christians to rejoice. The lady that commented before me doesn't get the real message and she needs our prayers as well. I am pasting the link, and plan to send it to everyone in my address book. If it changes the mind of just one voter, it will have been worth the time. God bless you for your stance in our upcoming election, and may God give you peace as you patiently wait the arrival of baby Faith.
Kenzie said…

First I want to tell you THANK YOU so much for praying for us... for our family and so many other families that have walked through what we have!

Regarding this post, I appreciate you sharing your opinion and feeling like you can do that here. I want you to know that I have various friends that are not voting for the candidate that I voted for... I respect each persons' right to vote and am so glad that so many are choosing to exercise that right this year. I agree with you that God is not republican or democrat... that is something man-made and that two or more parties naturally come in a democracy.

However, I do feel that the war in Iraq is different. My husband grew up in and is from a military family and we both have many family members that have fought in this war for our country. Each soldier and their family made the choice to enlist, in peace or in war, and that choice is something that is never given to babies. Much of the military feels strongly about the good that we are doing in Iraq, and although I know each one would love to be home and safe with their family, they also feel that Iraq is much better off than in 2001-2002 when we first arrived. We are there, helping and defending many thousands of people who could not care for or defend themselves.

I know that there are many issues facing our nation including corruption, health/medical insurance, social issues, the war and the economy... my feeling is simply that the Lord is going hold us accountable for many things and defending lives of the unborn, in my mind, is at the top.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and thank you for praying for us!

Blessings... and YES, God will be at work, no matter the outcome!

My husband has always chosen the candidate who will choose the Supreme Court Justices who will use the Constitution as the basis of their decisions---because it will happen. Without respect for human life it seems that all else would go down hill as well.
Kathy said…

It's November 1st!!! Great job making it so far! What a wonderful blessing that little Faith has remained growing inside of you. I praise God for that!

I thank you for your post and also your comment that is just before mine. That is so well said.

I believe we all have to examine our consciences before voting. Life is a gift that must be protected.

I would also add that both the McCains and the Palins have loved ones serving in Iraq so, of course, they will want to end the war, but in an honorable way. They realize that if they simply pull out of Iraq there will be a blood bath. Are not Iraqi lives as precious as our own?

Our own friends and relatives that have served have come back telling a different side than what I read about in the paper everyday.

I thank everyone who serves our country and I absolutely believe we have been safe because brave Americans (and other allies) are fighting in Iraq. The insurgents would be just as happy to come here to blow up innocent US citizens.

I believe all of us will pray for whomever becomes president next January. We will pray for Godly wisdom and good counsel for him. I know that my HOPE is in Jesus, the giver of life, and not a presidential candidate.

Thanks again, Kenzie!
Prayers continue for your precious family.
Jeff Warner said…
Thank you, Kenzie!! I am sending the link to many ppl!
sumi said…
Thanks for sharing this, Kenzie.

To Jill: I respect your beliefs and your right to vote for the person whom you feel would serve this country best.

Something I'd like to share with you from my own personal experience however: I have lived in a country that went through a tumultuous change of government, much like Iraq has experienced recently. (Whether the US should have gone in or not is another matter entirely, but the fact is that they did and Iraq has been going through transition as a result.)

I remember how the national and international media cried out against the peace-keeping forces that were trying to stabilize our country at that time. I also remember being grateful that those forces were there, keeping negative terrorist organisations in check.

To leave Iraq on a scheduled time frame would save American lives, for sure. It would also, in my opinion, abandon the people of Iraq to those forces who would seek to get the upper hand whilst the country is finding its feet.

Don't always believe everything you hear on the news. I have lived through a period of history where the news organisations cried out one thing and my eyes saw another.
Devin said…
Whew. Great post, as usual Kenzie, and good discussion. I certainly respect Jill for her opinion, and glad that she took the time to voice it here. It is great that she feels as though she could share another opinion!

I believe as well that voting is a very personal choice, and there are many, many issues facing our nation that we must work on. I am not generally a "one-issue" voter; but I can honestly say that I could not, in good concience and knowing that I will have to stand before the Lord someday and give an account of my every action and decision, vote for a candidate that does not protect the most innocent lives in our culture--the ones that can not stand up and speak for themselves--no matter WHAT the other issues were.
Betsy said…
Thank you for posting your belief in such a strong but respectful way. We need more Christians who will not tip toe around issues and will say publicly what they believe in. Thank you. Your God given strength is an example to us all.
Dee Dee said…
This is profoundly done, and I thank you for sharing it. I hope you don't mind if I pass it on as well.
The things that rend our Father's heart should rend ours as well.
Susan said…
Hey Kenzie,

Just wanted to you know I'm still praying for you and checking in to see how you are doing.

I appreciate your boldness, and I'm with you 100%. That video says it all...

Blessings my sweet friend♥
Anonymous said…
How many innocent lives in Vietnam did McCain take? Isn't he trained to kill? He doesn't honor life.

Palin murders innocent animals for sport. Did you see the picture of her holding the bloodied caribou head? She's pretty twisted. She's not pro-life at all.

Do you eat meat? Animals suffer tremendously for you to have steak or veal or chicken nuggets. They feel pain. Is that ok?

Do you wear fur? Fox are skinned alive for their fur and left for dead. Is that honoring life?

What about the abuse and torture of animals used in medical testing? Why is that ok? Do you know what they go through?

Why can't a meth addicted young woman who found herself pregnant not be able to have a clean and safe abortion? Why do you find that so awful and not murdering animals for food? Will you raise that drug addicted baby? What if it's gay, will you give it rights and teach him/her to love openly? Or will you tell him/her they are sinful and damaged?

Christians only honor "some" lives, not all. Sad isn't it?

So Blessed said…
Thank you for this very meaningful post. The following quote accurately sums up my own personal belief:

What is morally wrong can never be politically right.

-- Lord Shaftesbury
Judy said…
I had made a decision awhile ago not to get political on my blog, but I changed my mind after reading your recent posts! It's too important! We have to be a voice for those who are defenseless! Thanks for your pro-life posts. I'm praying that they're changine hearts and opening eyes to the TRUTH!
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed at the number of "Christians" who feel it is their place to judge the decisions others make.

God is pro choice. He allows us to make decisions for ourselves and we must live with those decisions. I am pro life. Absolutely, 100%. This does not give me the right to imply that my moral compass is any stronger than someone who chooses to vote differently than I. We will all be held accountable for the choices we make. If you choose abortion, that is something you will have to come to terms with with your Savior. Not your country, political party or friend.

I believe the Holy Spirit works in all of our lives differently. Many of us have prayfully considered which way to vote and will still not choose the same candidate as one another. This does not mean we can tell someone else they are wrong. There is only one Judge.

Kenzie - I think you were very tasteful and respectful in your post. My comments are based on feelings I had after reading the comments left here.

Respectfully and Prayerfully,

Anonymous said…
Why are you so quick to judge when you have never stood in someone's shoes who has had to make this awful decision.

I had to do it for medical reasons and yet I feel like I am continually being slapped in the face. Have I asked for forgiveness? Absolutely. We did we felt was the "best" decision at the time.

God has forgiven me but it seems everyone else has to constanly throw my "sin" in my face.

If I knew yours, which I don't but know you have it, I surely wouldn't throw it back in your face.

I agree this is an important issue but why must Christians always sound so judgemental?

And yes, in case you are wondering, I am a believer. A follower of Christ.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure if your comment was directed to me (Bonnie), but if it was I appologize and I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying.

I believe your decisions are between you and God. As are mine. He is the only judge. He offers forgiveness if we ask it. I hope you find comfort in the fact that you made the best decision you could at the time and because you have the forgiveness of your Creator. What anyone else thinks of your decision is their issue, not yours.

I feel the same way about the voting in this election. God has allowed us the free will to make decisions, we cannot assume just because someone votes different that they are somehow immoral.

I am sorry for your pain.

Kenzie said…

I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't me that posted the comment following your first one. I am very sorry for the person's pain who did face that choice... We too faced that choice about one year ago and simply put, our choice was different... however, I too am sorry for this woman's pain.

Bonnie said…

I wasn't sure who it was who commented, I just felt bad because it was obvious they were hurting and I wanted to appologize if it was my comment that caused it.

It is so hard to convey true emotion or feeling when commenting - especially when there is no face behind it. I think I have only commented on a blog of someone I don't "know" a couple times in my life. I often have something to say but worry about offending. I guess it reminds me to be more tolerant of other points of view and the ways people share them. Ultimitely I think we all mean well.

I wasn't logged into blogger when I commented before, but I will make sure I am so whoever reads this can have a face with the name.

I am praying for you, your family and Faith Claire, thank you for sharing your story with us - it is beautiful to see God's work in progress.

Anonymous said…
All I can say over who won the election is PRAY for this country!!! Poor innoncent babies will die. I've got twins n we thought one may have downs which they r indentical so both would of should I of killed one n taken chance w other!!! NO WAY!!!! They didnt ask to be born its not their fault! Aborition isnt birth control! Where are the morals of wait till marriage?!!! I'm very sadden that Obama won!!!
Is this the last days????
By the way both my twins are happy n healthy 8.5 months old! :) Prayer works!
Jenifer said…
kenzie, you are a literary rock star, my friend :) thanks for posting your views on the election - while the outcome wasn't what we would have prefered we are confident that God works in all circumstances for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose - and no matter what people may say (or type) we KNOW that one day the TRUTH will be revealed to all creation and one day EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord... every last one of them - and that is the rock solid truth on which we stand - despite the winds of "change", despite those who mock and despise us, especially when things don't make sense... He does.
love you, girl!

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