Long Haul

Well friends... a decision was made this evening... I will remain in the hospital until Faith Clare makes her arrival. We're here for the l-o-n-g h-a-u-l...

This has been a tough decision and one that wasn't taken lightly, by us or by my doctor. She spent the day debating what would be best for everyone and ultimately decided that our goal is to leave the hospital with a healthy baby girl. With that in primarily in mind, she felt that the safest and most sure way for that to happen was to keep me here.

The plan right now is pretty simple- any more bleeding and we will be ready to take immediate action. I have been on antibiotics and IV fluid, but am now "wireless" except the intermittent monitoring during the day and night. I am free to move around the room as needed (... gosh, I don't know what to do with all this excess space!) and am getting my 3 square meals a day. We discussed how long this hospital stay could be, since I'm a day shy of 35 weeks, and she said that if nothing changes she won't officially induce until 38-39 weeks (basically a month away). However, she doesn't feel that we will go that long and at this point, if things progress we won't take any measures to stop labor. She will be checking me a few times a week to monitor any progression and will be watching the fairly regular contractions.

Invariably this new living situation will add some additional stress to our "home life"- Dusty being a full-time working dad, managing Deacon and his schedule and getting up here to see me- but he is completely on-board and is already starting to make some plans. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and the amazing support that he continues to provide as we enter these last few weeks. It has definitely been a hard year and there is so much on his plate but he is incredibly capable and completely agrees with the plan to ensure the best outcome possible~ our Faith Clare being healthy and coming home with us when we leave the hospital.

Deacon and Daddy did get to come up and visit tonight and we had an awesome time. Deacon was in a great mood and I explained to him that the next time I came home we would be coming home with Faith Clare. His eyes just lit up and said, "she's coming home with us?" Oh, that precious face and that sweet innocence... if only I could bottle it up!

I have to say that we are SO THANKFUL for all of the comments and texts and especially for the prayers that are being sent up to our Lord. I love hearing all of the stories of your precious babies and how well they did, NICU or not, nursing or pumping! Thank you for the wonderful encouragement... it has given me such a renewed hope for when this little missy arrives.

If you would, please continue to pray for the things mentioned previously, and also for patience and a smooth transition to life in the hospital. I know that I will be fine... of course my mind and heart are just at home with my boys. Please also be praying for my little sister Karli, who is 39 1/2 weeks pregnant with their first child... also a baby girl. This is so hard for my family, especially my parents, as they feel torn as to where to be. All of my family is out of state in Nebraska and we are down here in Texas... just a short 14-hour drive away!

Thank you again for the prayers and so-needed encouragement! We are trusting our doctor, as she greatly understands what is at stake here... and we are trusting our God, who knows exactly what is ahead. We are so excited for the blessing of this little girl and can't wait to see her face... sometime soon.

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."- John 1:16


Emily's Blog said…
I spent 4 months in the hospital this past summer, with nothing but a feeding tube to show from it. Atleast, you will be leaving the hospital with a beuatiful baby girl, who will be a miracle. I pray for you constantly and know that you and Faith are in God's hand and HE knows what HE is doing and what will happen.
Remember to trust in Him and everything will work out.
JuJu - said…
praying for all of you i know you Mom is so tron - it is really hard to not be able to be with all of your family during these times.
kristi in St Louis said…
So sorry to hear about your extended stay, but God has been in control from the very beginning. I have sme family in your area I could probably "loan" you if needed!
Laurie said…
Okay Sweetie,

Whatever it takes to get Faith here in your loving arms, safe and healthy, then I am all for it. Your doctor sounds like a good one. I will be praying for you that the time passes quickly for all of you as Faith develops to her fullest for her birthday, whatever day that will be. I just know in my heart that God is putting the "final touches" on your little princess as her big day approaches. "She's coming home soon"!! Hang in there Kenzie and keep trusting the Lord in everything. I am trusting Him for you too. I love you girl.

Laurie in Ca.
If I could, I would fly down and hang out with you! WOuldnt that be fun!
THinking of you, you can do this. Im so glad Faith has made it this far, and you are in a safe place. Make it fun!
He knows the exact moment of her first breath. Praying for Him to fill your days until that glorious moment arrives. That His peace will reside in your home during this time.
Vanessa said…
Praying your hospital stay is not too stressful!! Faith will be here and healthy soon and this will all be worth it!!
Continuing to life you in our prayers for a safe delivery!
Anonymous said…
I have never posted but I just wanted to let you know that I had twin girls born just shy of 35 weeks. I was also worried about not being able to nurse.... they spent a week in the NICU, I just pumped for them while in the hospital and I thought no way would they take to the breast after being a week old but they did! I went on to have an 8 month nursing relationship with the both of them so it can all work out. You might have to work a little harder and have a little more patience but it can work! Good luck with the birth and the after! enjoy!
The Smiths said…
Praying for you and Faith!

Love you!
bri said…
Standing in prayer for you and your family.

Father I am lifting up this sweet family to you and asking that you would bring a comforting peace about them. Fill the hospital room with your presence. I pray that the stay in the hospital would be one that deepens their walk and relationship with you Lord. Let their be a light in the dark on those days that are far too long and stressful. I am praying Father, for a healthy delivery of Faith Clare, and that she would be able to go home to live with her family without any set backs. Thank you Lord that you are a God of many MIRACLES and you are watching over this dear family of 4.

mrsrubly said…
i am so happy that 1 decision was made for the both of you and lil missy! boy she's going to be stubborn lil thing isn't she? continued prayers going up in the heavens. you have a lot of prayer warriors lifting you and your sweet precious family. please please if there's anything i can do, let me know. what hospital are you at?
zanesmommy said…
I must say I wish that I could have seen Deacon's face when you told him that Faith Clare would be coming home. It made me cry. For our Zane is almost three and our Micah was not brought home with us. Which at just over two, he understood that Micah was there and then was not. Now, I am sure his reaction would be the same as Deacon's. However we (I) am struggling with what direction to go with our family.
I continue to pray that God shows us another miracle. Which is so good for my heart. I will continue to check on how you are doing. Pray for your ENTIRE family. NICU babies are wonderful. Zane was a 29 weeker. I pumped for 6 months, after 3 months because there was too much for him) and once he was home from the hospital breast feed until he was about 19 to 20 months. Praying for your sanity while in the hospital.
Melody said…

I am sure that a lot of thought and prayer went into this decision, but the truth is God already knew. He knows Faith's story, just as He knew Maddox's story. I'm thankful that for now, she is thriving in your womb, and I rejoice for the day that she will be in your arms. Try to soak up as much rest as you can.

I will be praying for you and Baby Faith, and the specific requests you mentioned. I will also pray that God gives Dusty extra strength to care and protect his family- he is a great husband and daddy, and I can hear your love for him through your words. I pray that Deacon does okay during this time, and gets to welcome Baby Faith home in good time. I pray that you sister has an exciting birth for her first born, and your family feels at peace about who is with whom, when!

Lots of prayers going up on your behalf, Kenzie. We know our God is faithful to those who are "patient in affliction," so hang in there!
Elaine said…
We will continue to pray for you in CA.

I read your story and it reminds me so much of ours two years ago..

I had an extended hospital stay and ended up having my precious baby boy at 37 weeks. My little one at home was under two at the time.

God knows exactly when your little girl will be born.. I know the hospital stay is rough, I just kept trying to remind myself why I was there and it was all okay.

I pray that you can get rest while you are there and Hubby and Deacon do well. Funny thing is I think my time away when my Grace was so young is what bonded her and Daddy so much. I was so proud of my husband during that time. I really felt I went through that while God was working on him. He got to see our church family come together and he really saw the power of Christ through my bedrest.
People came and did our laundry fed them, let him go to work, watched her, prayed for us.

You are an amazing women of faith and I have enjoyed following your story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said…
I am a lurker, but I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your little baby. I just know things will be just fine!

Kirsten said…

What a blessing to read the update. It has been a long road, but keep the image of Deacon's excited face in your mind - it will all be worth it. We are praising God that Faith Clare is safe and growing in your belly. We will continue to pray for all of you. What can we do to help? Do you need some good books to read in the hospital?

You are such a blessing to the nurses and doctors. They see your light shine and your faith in Jesus and it touches them. They may not say it, but you (and Faith Clare) are making an impact on people.

Praise God for you and your growing family. Love and hugs!
Laura said…
Praying for you....just getting caught up on all the adventure at your house! Praying for peace and when it is silent in your room for fear to be gone. So proud of you and can't wait to see sweet Faith Clare. Sending love...
Cathy said…
Praying for all of you!
Judy said…
Continuing to stand in the gap in prayer for you guys! Including your sister! How fun to have cousins so close in age!
JJ&K said…
I've been lurking on your blog for a while and praying for your situation. I am the mommy of a preemie (now 8 mos old) and I spent some time in the hospital prior to his birth as well. It wasn't easy and was full of ups and downs and I was so eager for him to be born...but after a long NICU stay, I wish he could have stayed in longer. Even at 35 weeks, it's so much better for them to cook on the inside. Mine never took to b-feeding so I am still exclusively pumping...and it isn't so bad. If you have to go that route, buy the Medela Freestyle. I'm praying that God leads the hands and minds of every doctor carrying for you and baby Faith.
Tricia Moran said…
Hi I commented once before and wanted to say you've been very much in our thoughts and prayers since Nate asked us to pray for you a month or so back. I think I told you that I was on bedrest (with a three year old little girl) at the time for a total of 18 long weeks. Some at home, some at the hospital. It certainly was a lesson in both patience and faith. I know where you are at. I too only wanted my baby to be safe and healthy. All the hard work paid off - he was born at 35 and a half weeks at almost 7 pounds, breathing well. He nursed fantastically from the get go. They also say that girls are much stronger preemies than boys so you have that on your side. Outside of some reflux issues he was a happy and healthy baby and is now a happy and healthy six year old with a total zest for living. I pray that everything will go as it is meant to and that you will have a safe delivery and bring home your beautiful little girl as soon as possible. Hang in there. We are praying for you.
With love, Tricia and family (N.VA)
Nancy said…

I am praying for you and Faith. Also I will remember Dusty in prayer.

God is faithful and will be by your side always.

I can not wait to see Faith. I love the picture of her face it is so clear. She looks somewhat like Deacon.

God bless you
Devin said…
Sweet Kenzie,

I will be praying specifically for all these things. I know this time is difficult for you--I can't imagine how much so. The Lord is right by your side, and He will walk through this with you...carrying you, when needed, of course!

Love you girl....praying almost without ceasing for you, Dusty, Faith and Deacon.
So Blessed said…
Wherever you are, Kenzie...you are a blessing to so many. Your precious family is a beautiful, living testimony that shares your faithfulness to our loving God.
My prayers will continue for all of you as you wait for the birth of little Faith Clare.
Angie said…

Goodness gracious, i hate this. I am so thrilled that Faith Clare is going to be in the best situation, but I hate that you are going to have to be away from your guys so much of the remaining time! I will be praying that as soon as she is ready to face this world, God will let her come. I will especially be praying for you and Dusty that God will ease the stress and fill you with joy even in the middle of this less than optimal situation.

Much love!
Kathy said…
Dearest Kenzie,

Prayers continue from Michigan.

Wish I was close enough to visit, fix a meal, help watch Deacon or something!

Praying for you and baby Faith, resting and waiting. Praying for God's perfect timing. Praying for a quick (now that you are at the hospital) and easy birth for both you and Faith! Praying for breast feeding to go smoothly. Praying for Daddy and Deacon at home, growing closer to each other every day.

Praying for your sister and her little girl and birth, and for God's peace for your family. You cannot be two places at once.

Praying the timing will be perfect so they will be able to be with both their girls and new grandbabies!

May the Lord bless and keep you and hold you firmly in the palm of His hand,
Anonymous said…
praying for time, no bleeding, no contractions, & precious little Faith Clare to stay nice & growing in you.
Much love & prayers from TN
The Pelhams said…
Maybe you don't want to, but will you be able to vote today?? I'm assuming you are a conservative, and I know we need all the voters we can!! Thanking the Lord that Faith is able to stay put for the time being and can continue to grow get stronger everyday!
connie said…
Yeah, I just decided that when I pray, I'm going to ask for a nice, uneventful, BORING month for you, and that FC will surprise us all by staying put till she's fully done. I know by this point, we all want to just see her, but I think you'll never have lots of rest or "boring" again for awhile. So I hope someone finds you some good books. And that you can watch the election coverage as you are praying from your room.

HEY. How do you vote in there????
love, connie
Allmykids123 said…
I'm sure that they time will fly! Knit a blankie or do some scrapbooking. I will keep praying for your health and that little Faith Clare is healthy and safely in your arms soon.
Les said…
I picture God's hands, and you, baby Faith, Deacon, and Dusty all safely held in His hands. You have been on my heart to pray for. My sweet Luke would have said it just like Deacon! He looks like a little boy that everyone loves everywhere he goes :)
AmandaHoyt said…
We are praying!!! Take it easy and remember that the Lord Jesus is watching over you and your family every second of the day.
Hey Girl,
Checking on you tonight. I prayed for you so much today. I know it's hard being away from your boys but I feel so much better that they are just keeping you in there til your sweet girl is in your arms!! If anything at all happens they will be right on top of it ready to do what is needed. I know Deacon is so excited, he is at such a precious age. Just remember either way, in four weeks or less you will have your sweet girl, on your way home and we will all be shouting praises to our Lord and Savior. I sure wish I could "pop in" to see you. Know you are in my heart. Call me when you have a free moment to chat and when things are not hectic. Love you friend!
Dawn said…
Sending prayers and love your way. I know everything will turn out wonderfully! Stay strong!

Emily said…
Oh sweet friend,

You've been on my heart so much today. I had just said to Matt, "Oh boy. I wonder if Kenzie will go into labor for sure now!" when I was watching election coverage :) :) and there was your comment! Keep your eyes on that gorgeous little prize, sweet friend. You're going to meet your third sweet baby and your very first princess in no time! I love you so much! :)
Michelle M. said…
Praying for you and your beautiful little girl tonight!
Jill said…

I just love how God wants time alone with you once again. No distractions right - just you and God! I will be praying for you as you wait on Him for Faith Claire's perfect delivery date.

Sending many prayers and blessings your way!
Anonymous said…
So you will remain in the hospital...for a healthy baby!!!
I will still pray you and hope everything is all fine.

By the way,did you the massege I left on your facebook?I'm really sorry for taking so long to write you back.
Wifeof1Momof4 said…
Praying for the rest of this journey for you and that everything will continue to progress well.

I'm sorry you will have an extended stay in the hospital, but once you deliver Faith Claire, this time I hope will become a sweet memory ... Reflect today on Romans 8:28 .. ALL things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose ...
Jackie said…
Praying for you, for little Faith, for Dusty & Deacon.
Trusting the Father to keep you all in His care.
Jackie Carl
Kelly said…
I'm happy to know that you and Faith Clare are safe and being monitored so closely! Praying for you and your family in this stressful time.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kenzie ~
I have followed your blog and have prayed for you and your family many many times. Please know that I will continue to lift you up and sweet Faith, as well as your boys at home.

I also wanted to offer a suggestion for you regarding nursing. I noticed that you said you are on antibiotics, and I would like to suggest eating yogurt or taking probiotic suppliments (with the blessing of your dr, of course) and the reason is this: with stress, lack of sleep and the administration of antibiotics, your floura can get messed up and you can be at risk for thrush. You do not want thrush, trust me! I had it with both my children -- they are eight years apart, so I didn't put two and two together until I had it a second time. If your intestinal system is getting messed with by the antibiotics, you can grow yeast, which is basically what thrush is. It gets passed between mother and baby each time you nurse, so it can be tough and time consuming to get rid of.

I wish the best for you and will pray that you are able to nurse baby Faith without difficulty and that it would be a sweet time of connection and peace.
have a lovely said…
I have just stumbled onto your blog...what a mighty awesome God we serve!! I must sit down with a box of tissues and some time and read through your story...if thats ok?

You mentioned that you were in Texas and that your family is 14 hours away...oh how I know that feeling! What part of Texas do ya'll live in? We are from Tyler, Texas and have lived at least 19 hours from home for the last 4 years...there are days I know my mom longs to put her arms around me...on those days I just remember that God is strong and in his strength I am growing stronger too.

Many blessings on your newest miracle on the way!!
Thinking of you this morning Kenzie. Praying for you and Faith.
Love you,
Danielle in MO said…
I will keep you all in my prayers!
Karen Z said…
Just thinking of you this morning and prayed for you as I took my morning walk. Praying for Dusty too as he continues to go to work and take care of Deacon. You will all be home together again soon. We serve a mighty God who has brought you so far!!
Jennifer said…
Just wanted to let you know that my 35 week preemie celebrated her 7th birthday yesterday. She came out screaming and did not spend a day in the NICU and came with me from the hospital. She also nursed like a champ from the get-go. I'm praying for you here in Arlington Heights IL! ~~~Jennifer
Kathy said…
Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words..

In prayer for you as well...

Life continues

Blessings, K
Baby be Blessed said…
Thank you for sharing your journey with us...we are praying for you!

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