Celebrating October

It dawned on me today that the next time I return home, we'll be a family with one more little addition! October was busy and filled with lots of excitement... excitement I captured mostly from the couch! So, here are some pictures to mark our last month as a family of 3 (plus a sweet baby in Heaven)... Here's to celebrating October!

Happy 3rd Birthday D!

A Pirate Boy's Birthday

His choice dinner- Cici's Pizza

Mama & Deacon

Daddy & Deacon

A Toasty Pirate Breakfast

After Dusty's Deacon Ordination (my one night off bedrest)

Kenzie, Dusty, Brent & Jess

Mama and Faith Clare at 34 weeks

"...their sorrow was turned into joy and their mourning into a day of celebration..."- Esther 9:22


Elaine said…
Great pictures. The birthday boy is adorable....
Emily said…
Aww!! What a great October and what a beautiful family. I can't wait to see its newest little beauty. :)
Vanessa said…
Your family is so beautiful!! You're truly blessed!!
Jenifer said…
girl! which hospital are you in? i will bring you some sweet tea as soon as i can :) how are you? (well, duh, besides the obvious) :)
we are praying for sweet faith clare! can't WAIT to meet her - in a few weeks... :) love you girl! big hugs from the cranes!!

AmandaHoyt said…
Beautiful pictures! Still prayin' for you and Baby Faith Clare.
Anonymous said…
Hey Kenzie-
I haven't seen you that prgo in a while. YOu look great and your hair looks awesome curled. I love you Morgan
Christa Mc said…
LOVE seeing that belly! you look fantastic! :) miss you so much and excited for your new neice to come into the world soon! congrats to dusy - what an honor! love y'all!
boltefamily said…
You look AMAZING Kenzie! You have wonderful family and I am so thankful for each of you! You are never far from my thoughts girl!
checking in on you. You look so beautiful pregnant! It's all belly which is perfect. You just look great. Deacon is such a happy boy. Thanks for sharing the pics. Praying for you every day.
Love you girl,
Iric said…
What a great family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find that your hair is curly now. I like it!It looks more beautiful than before! You know Kelly often says:"Oh!Your mum is beautiful !!!" hahaha..I'm so happy to see the pics,and hoping you are doing good in hospital! I will email you tomorrow.
Betsy Levenson said…
What an adorable pirate!! As angelic as that precious boy can look, I do believe he made a great Birthday Boy Pirate! And you look incredible...nothing more to say about that. You have done such a good job taking care of yourself for Faith Clare. I continue to pray that your pregnancy will last as long as as needed for Faith Clare to be able to enter this world healthy and strong.
Theta love, Betsy
Laurie said…
Love these pictures Kenzie and you look so GREAT with Faith Clare in the last one. You are both beautiful, inside and out:) Can't wait to meet your princess and share in your joy. Take care and know it won't be long now before you take her home for the holidays!!!! I love you girl.

Hugs, Laurie in Ca.
mrsrubly said…
you look stunningly beautiful. deacon is just handsome as he can be. i admire you for standing 110% behind your husband and going to be with him in what appears a very important event! i hope all is well with you and lil missy!
Lovin the updates....Im getting excited!
HeatherinRochester said…
ive been reading your blog for a few months now but never posted. you dont know me- i found you through suzies blog. i just want to say, these are the first photos ive seen of you and you are BEAUTIFUL! wow- just stunning pregnant. :)
Devin said…

You look great, you really do. I hope you are feeling as well as you looked in those pics today...

You know what? Cameron has that same red #14 shirt! Just another one of those similarities between the two!

I wish I could come and sit with you in the hospital today, and just be a good friend to you. Know that I am lifing you in prayer daily, my friend. It won't be much longer now! :-)
Dawn said…
You look great -- all tummy!

Cathy said…
I love the pictures. Thank you for letting us see your world for the last month. Praying for baby Faith!
Anonymous said…

Congratulations on the new niece!

Aunt Laura
Hey Kenzie. I've been praying for you and keeping up with yall through your blog. Best of luck in the hospital and can't wait to see your precious miracle!
Ellen Gillespie
Kathy said…
Great pictures, Kenzie!

I certainly have to agree with all the other comments - you are a fabulously beautiful pregnant Mama!

Love the great pictures of you and Dusty at his "inauguration"! Now it would seem you have two Deacons! : )
Loved the pictures of your adorable little Deacon. Maybe he will star in the remake of Johnny Depp's pirate movies...

I saw your aunt's comment about having a new niece! Congratulations! What a wonderful answer to prayer! Now your family can be with your sister and niece and then be with you! Thank you Jesus!!!

Hope you have lots of visitors this weekend. Prayers are continuing for all good things for you and Faith.

May God bless and keep you firmly in the palm of His hand,
l e a h said…
Happy Birthday, Deacon!

Lovely to see such happy folks in these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

l e a h
Jill said…
Happy Birthday Deacon!

Praying over Dusty's Deacon calling!

You look amazing Kenzie!

Congrats on your precious neice! God is blessing your family with many precious miracles.


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