Prayers for Annabel

Tonight my heart is heavy. I was prepared to recount my stories of "survival" at home with three little babes, but instead I come to ask for your prayers. Prayers of survival for a precious girl that has graced my home and overwhelmed my heart. Survival for our amazing girl Annabel.

I talked with a friend yesterday who informed me that Annabel was admitted to her local hospital for an infection. When I spoke to her again last night she told me they were being transferred here to Houston. Annabel is pretty sick... in fact, she is septic. They were hoping the infection was only in her peripheral line but instead they discovered it was in her entire bloodstream.

Annabel is a beautiful, amazing girl with full Trisomy 18. She has overcome immeasurable obstacles and has thrived beyond every prediction for her life. She is loving, full of life and smiles, and has not only captured my heart by the hearts of my children. We love her to pieces and are asking for your prayers.

We trust that God has each of her days counted, just as He does ours and we are asking Him for healing for her body beyond what we can imagine. Right now we pray more specifically that the antibiotics she is on will begin working immediately. We are also asking for rest, peace and patience for her amazing mama Cathy as she continues to lovingly care and advocate for Annabel. Above all, pray as the Lord leads you.

Thank you for being on your knees for this precious child.

"Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them."- Matthew 19:13


connie said…
Perfect verse, Kenzie.
Anonymous said…
Cathy said…
Thank you Kenzie for this post. You do write so beautifully. WE loved your visit and I am sorry it was so crazy. All the treats you brought have been enjoyed in the last few days and will continue to nourish and entertain us. She had a better day yesterday and I am praying today will be even better. Continued blessing to your family through this wonderful holiday season.
bambi said…
You amaze me Kennie!
How I wish you were a part of my family/circle of friends. My prayers are definitely sent up for Annabel and her family!

I continue to be amazed at God's grace and love that shines through you. A single mom of four, so many of your posts sound 'just like me', especially the ones on guilt, others judgments, frustrations and more. What I wasn't so blessed with during those years was your knowing faith, trust and belief in Gods plan. I loved/love Him above all else, but my children come such a close second.

So many of you wonderful moms who have suffered what must be the worst loss one can know, yet go on to love, give, care for others without showing bitterness and anger; I hold special love and prayers in my heart for each of you, your families and Kenzie, you for showing me all ot this. Thank you.
Kathy said…
Kenzie, I was so excited to see the picture that Cathy posted on Facebook of you, such a busy mom of little ones, taking the time to visit our sweet Annabel at the hospital. I know it meant so much to her.

As I join you in continued prayers for Annabel, please know how much I have prayed for you, your challenges, sorrows, triumphs and joys. God definitely picked amazing women for this journey that you all are willing to share and then He used the internet to connect all of us.

May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family during this season that we celebrate His first coming.

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