Day 4- Laugh & Let Go

We took Doodle to his first Husker football game this weekend and we were prepared for it to be rough. Yes, he just turned five, but the game was about an hour and a half away and kick-off wasn't until 7PM so we knew that it would be late... by all standards.

I am pleased to say that on all accounts of the night, D did fabulous! He was a great fan, cheering and having fun even though we were crunched in seats and we stood the entire game. There was minimal complaining and besides the halftime walk we took to meet some friends when he stated, "we need to go home right now because I. am. tired.", he made it well past midnight. I was impressed and it was wonderful to spend some quality time with just him. We has a blast and the best part was the amount of laughing we did!

D is such a funny, silly, witty boy and I saw a side of him that was pure joy. We were laughing as the older lady behind us gave him a five every time the Huskers made a good play. Laughing as he talked about the Aggie band formations and "how cool" they looked. Laughing when he took off his Adidas jacket at Subway, at midnight, so that everyone there (all Aggies) could see his Husker jersey and the signatures on it.

It is interesting because as I look back on the night, he has modeled my point beautifully. Laughing is awesome! It is awesome... even when our team doesn't play well. Even when things don't go our way. Even when we are unhappy about an outcome.We can laugh. And then we can let-go.

It is not a novel idea here, but man this has stretched me lately, including today. Instead of always "teaching" my children by redirection and consequences, breaking things up and reminding them of their manners, being respectful, being obedient... maybe I could just laugh. That's right, I said LAUGH. No, not AT them... but sometimes just letting things go. Letting go of things in their lives, and in mine.

Crazy idea but it has helped my stress level significantly. Is spilling milk, bumping heads, breaking Legos, falling down, or even arguing funny? Usually not... but often times when the situation allows, I laugh about it and then don't seem so bothered, neither do they. Learning to laugh through things we don't like- accidents, problems, bad circumstances- is a great skill to equip my children with and it can start now. We can clean-up messes, ice ouchies, rebuild creations, and band-aid most things. Laughing, learning for the next time, and then letting-go has been a huge help to all of us.

So, I'm off with this lesson because there is some laughing left to do today.

Day 4) Laugh, learn & let go.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."- Proverbs 31:25


crystal said…
Kenzie--I swear I just love you girl!!!!--Can I just tell you I am in this same season of life that you are in and in is CRAZY!!!! I am loving your posts and I keep coming back to read I AM NOT ALONE!!!! --I have four--my oldest is eight, we adopted a boy and a girl from Guatemala --they are four and three and we just had our miracle baby boy seven months ago :) I LOOOOOVE it but it is crazy and at the end of the day I am tired! --My hubby travels a lot --so much of the time I truly feel like a single mom. I am not saying that to complain but just that I am in a very busy season of life now ;) I am sad because I stopped blogging and haven't quite found my mojo to start again! --But you have inspired me I am going to start! --Thank you sooo much for your beautiful writing, you have a gift. And a huge huge huge heart for Jesus and I just love you girl just love you!!!!!! :)

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