A Picture of August

August has been filled with many hot days, restful afternoons, trips to the pool, and playing around the house. As Faith Clare continues to grow (as does my tummy), I have realized how big my "little" boy is getting! Deacon is growing so fast, talking so much, and constantly entertaining us. August has definitely been filled with trying times, hearbreaking times, and tearful times... but it has also overflowed with joy, peace, friends, laughter and lots of love! Each day I am so thankful for what all three of my children and my precious husband have brought to my life~ the joy, the excitement, the heartache, the fear, the pain, the prayer, the trust, the faith, and the overwhelming love. Here are some pictures to celebrate our August!

"... Love one another deeply, from the heart."- 1 Peter 1:22


Rebecca said…
He is such a cutie pie. YOU are such a cutie pie. Yay! :)
Devin said…

All of those pics are so cute....but that one of you is great! You look so very good. Amazing! Miss you tons....I am going to email you this morning. :-)

mama said…

Its been amazing to read continually about your blessings, the good ones and not so good. Your august looks like it was simple, fun and just the sort of thing that makes memories!
We are so glad to get to know you and your sweet family.
Cathy said…
Looks like a great August! Can you ask Deacon if I can lick the bowl also? The picture of Daddy and Deacon ready is so precious. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of the Stanfield's life.
Prayers to you and your pregnancy.
Melody said…
Great pictures! Deacon is absolutely precious- I love all the pictures of him. I couldn't pick a favorite.

Faith Claire is sure cute too...all tucked tight in a ball in your tummy. So sweet!

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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