As you know this last month has been quite eventful. Between the first hospital admission, Hurricane Ike, the hospital again, and now finally home, I wanted to keep you updated with what life has looked like in the Stanfield Home.  Here is a brief snapshot of this past month through pictures.  

I am so thankful that through everything the Lord continues to remind me that His ways are perfect.  I am reminded that just as He is the Creator of the world, He is also my Creator... the One who knows me intimately and knows just what I can handle.  
Mama at 26 weeks, the day before being admitted to the hospital
Hanging out at the hospital in our suite!
Deacon & Mama playing at the hospital
Deacon enjoying some yummy Chick-fil-A icecream
Deacon at his friend Allie's house making cookies for me while in the hospital
Papa, Mimi and Deacon visiting Mama and "baby Faith"

Deacon's first week of preschool- 
SUPER excited about his surprise box from Ms. Kim & the girls

"In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth."- Genesis 1:1


You are one of those beautiful pregnant women, Im always a house, but I love being pregnant!
you look great.
Love the new look on your blog too!
Kenzie - you look so precious!! Your family of four is beautiful and almost makes me cry. I love the new header. I am glad Deacon liked his surprises. We loved shopping for a boy - the girls would have bought most of target if we could have:) I had both yelling to me at the same time "mommy he would LOVE this!". It was hard deciding.
I have been wanting to call you for a week now - I will....crazy life right now but I look forward to getting caught up. So glad baby Faith is holding steady. Just sit back and enjoy the rest of it -we know we blink and it's gone.
Love you SO much!
Jennifer said…
Love the new blog look! SO CUTE!! You & baby Faith look SO cute too by the way! Love you! :) ~Jen
Walker said…
You are pretty as ever, little mommy! :)
Thanks for the update!
Laura said…
So beautiful! Praying for peace and a patient little baby Faith.
Laurie said…

I love all the pictures and I just can't get over your peaceful and beautiful smile:) You bless me. I am so thankful you are at home and praying the next time you are in the hospital will be Faiths due date birthday!!I am looking forward to meeting her, she is going to be gorgeous like Deacon. Praying all is calm until we meet her. Asking God to pour out His blessings on all of you. I love you and love the new look on the blog.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Wifeof1Momof4 said…
You look so cute! Thanks for the updates! Continued prayer for you and Faith!

Nice new look for the blog too!
Emily said…
Oh sweet friend, you are beautiful inside and out. It inspires me so much more than you could ever know just to watch you walk this road. The Lord is good and He is working through you in such an awesome way. I love the new look of the blog. The header couldn't be more perfect. And seeing your picture just below them made me smile as I saw you as the mother of three. :) So awesome. I love you and I am so very, very thankful for you!
boltefamily said…
I love the new blog Layout and header! It is perect! You are looking great and I am so thankful that things are going well. I love you and am praying for you!
The VW's said…
Love the new look of your blog! It's precious!

Praying for you and baby Faith!
walkingbyfaith said…
I LOVE the pictures and I'm so glad and grateful that you and baby Faith are doing well.

Love & Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Wow! What an eventful time!! Praying the rest will be slightly less eventful as you plan for the birth of your wonderful new baby!!

Jill said…
Love the new look and so thankful you are doing well and Faith is staying put!

Praising God for all that He has brought you and your family through.

All for His glory! You are a living testament to that wish of our Savior's heart!

Blessings to you and your precious family!
Cathy said…
Kenzie, You look great! Also so does the blog. Thank you for sharing your past month in pics with us. Deacon is so precious. Praying that Baby Faith and your journey.
Kirsten said…

Yay! It is wonderful to see that things are going well. You have been in my prayers daily, but I haven't had a chance to check the blogs. It is beautiful!! Your three little ones are precious.

Thank you for sharing each step of your journey with us. It makes it more bearable for those of us who are a few months behind you. You are a reminder that we can not only get through this, we can thrive. How amazing.

Blessings and love,
Karen Z said…

I've been thinking of you and praying that God keeps you and baby Faith protected in his loving arms until her due date. It's good to hear that Deacon is enjoying school. You look great - hang in there!

Connie said…
My favorite is the one of you and Deacon playing in the hospital. It's so good to see pictures of you. Wish I could see you in real life!
Kirsten said…
Thinking of you today. You are beautiful and you make gorgeous children. Deacon is so cute I want to smother him with kisses.

Enjoy your last few weeks of one-on-one time with him before Faith arrives. It is going to be awesome!

Love and hugs,
M said…
Kenzie, it was great to get your email. I love the new blog layout with those precious babies. I enjoyed the update and pictures. Praying for you as you get ready for Faith Clare!

bethany_herself said…
You are so beautiful!! Wow, I hope I look like that if I ever have kids. :) I love your new layout. All of your children are beautiful. I'm praying for your family.
With love in Christ
Bethany Ingebretson
Me said…
I have been reading your bolg on and off for quite a while. I have never left a comment before however, I want you to know that you inspire me to be a better person. All that you have gone through and you are still able to defer to God as he always has a plan. I went to church for the first time in years today because of you. Thank you for reminding me that all is the way God has made it. I forget that and have forgotten that for quite a bit of time. Thank you-- Good Luck with the baby and God Bless!! Kathy
l e a h said…
Hi Kenzie,
I'd lost track of you and your blog for over a month...and MckMama reminded me of your web address for this site. Glad I got to stop by here and see that all is well. Deacon is as handsome as ever, you all look so happy, and the blog is beautiful.

Praying for you in the Pacific Northwest,

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