We just received the test results from the FFT done this morning and they were negative... very good news as the contractions have mostly subsided today! I'm still on the magnesium sulfate and they just moved my IV site to a new location to prevent infection. Hopefully we'll get some good news tomorrow morning when I see my own doctor and she'll discharge me sometime Tuesday to be on bedrest at home.

Many of you have mentioned the steroid shots for Faith Clare's lungs and I wanted you to know that I received both shots, one Wednesday night and the other Thursday night. She continues to do well and seems to be as active as ever, which obviously makes us really happy. I know she's a fighter and is going to be a tough little girl, giving us a run for our money sometime soon!

Deacon is doing great with Dusty's mom and is enjoying the undivided attention... something I can worry about "altering" at a later date. Dusty has done a great job juggling work, time with me and time with Deacon so I'm especially grateful for him and his constant support. Again, we are so thankful for all of the support and the prayers for peace, comfort, reassurance and protection! We know the Lord hears each and every one and we feel very confident in His plan for all of this.

"I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am greatly encouraged; in all our troubles my joy knows no bounds."- 2 Corinthians 7:4


I have been thinking about you and praying often. I am glad things are looking better with negative test results.

I will continue to pray for you and Baby Faith, as well as your boys - all three.
Anonymous said…
I was lead her through a few different blogs. I'm an addict! I am wondering how far along you are? I know this is not your first rodeo! I was on the mag sulfate...yucky, yucky!!!!! I delivered my girls at 29 weeks and they were sick. I'm lucky and blessed that they are healthy, happy 5 year olds. We have endured some complications along the way but all simply have made me stronger! I will pray that your contractions STOP! God Bless you and your family!
leslie ruth said…
It has been an honor and privilege to lift you and yours up in prayer this weekend! Thanks for sharing your journey and letting us know how we can enter into it through prayer...
Mandi said…
jackie said…
Thank you for the update. I am still praying. I have been reading your blog for months, long before Maddox was born. I have prayed for you all along since I first started reading.

I don't think I have posted until these last few days w/ your recent troubles w/ contractions.

You are precious & I admire your strength & faith you have in God.

Jackie Carl (Marion, IN)
The VW's said…
Great news! What a blessing! I'll keep praying!
Angie said…
How fantastic! Kenzie, I know God had his hand on you and Faith Clare, and I pray that He will continue to give you strength for each day until He says it's time for her to come!
Krista said…
WONDERFUL NEWS!! I will continue to pray for you, Faith Clare and your entire family!
Mandy said…
That is the best news I have heard all day. So glad for your negative results. I have that same test every two weeks when I carried my triplets and always held my breath awaiting the results. They made it to 36 weeks and I am praying the same thing for little Faith. Keep us posted. I will be praying that you stay uplifted and encouraged as you are on bedrest.

God bless,
kari j said…
Praise God for the test results! I'll be praying for you and baby Faith, as well as those boys of yours!
Take care and continue to praise God as you are! ;)
kari jackson
Beth said…
I was thinking about you guys all day and praying off and on because I didn't have access to my computer to check in with you guys. Praise God. He is so Good!
Christa Mc said…
this is great news! amen for answered prayer!!
Rebecca said…
Thanks for the update, Kenzie... still praying.
Carla Burlando said…
Glad to hear that things are looking up for little Faith. I've been praying for you. We don't know each other but we share a bond. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Leanne said…
I am praising the Lord, Kenzie. You and Faith continue to be in my prayers. Love, Leanne
Praising Jesus for some good news!! Love you girl
So Blessed said…
Wonderful news..thank you, Jesus. Continuing to pray that Faith Clare stays safe and sound right where she is and that only in His perfect timing will she come into the world to meet her precious family!
Melody said…
Hooray for miracles along the way! Great news! Will continue to pray for your family.
Cornelius Crew said…
I found your blog through CF Husband's. I'm so glad that the test have been good thus far. I will be praying for you tonight!
Wifeof1Momof4 said…
Good news ..will continue to pray.
Laurie said…

We usually hope for positive results and this time negative is so good. I am thanking the Lord for answering the prayers of the multitudes praying for your family. He is so very good and loving. My prayers continue for safety and comfort as Faith continues to develop fully before her birthday in December. I love you and am so thankful the Lord is orchestrating your family to run smoothly as this has taken place. He is confident and proud of you too!!!

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Lori Haynes said…
Great news! Will continue to check in in hopes of more good news. Every day is one step closer! Thanks for sharing your journey.
Jennifer said…
Praise the Lord! God is good!!! Still praying for you guys....
Wonderful! You will have plenty of bloggin to do on bed rest:)
Just wanted to give you some encouragement-I went in to the hospital at 26 weeks contracting like crazy, got the steroid shots, etc and hung on until 29w6d-and my triplets were home within a month with NO preemie issues whatsoever! Keep cooking!
-Sara Porush
Laura said…
Praying...peace and rest for all of you.
Jill said…

I am friends with Jennifer Mills, and have been praying for your situation since Jennifer posted about your sweet little girl. We will continue to pray that the contractions will cease and that you will be more comfortable.

I think her name, Faith, is just perfect.

Praying for you-Jill
Kathy said…
WOO HOO! Praising God for this wonderful news!!! Hope you get off the drugs and back home (on bedrest!) soon.

Prayers continue from Michigan. May He continue to keep Faith close to your heart just as you are close to His.
Lizze said…
Congrats on the negative outcome. ;) I'll go back to sending positive thoughts your way now. ;) lol
babyrndeb said…
so glad the FFN was negative and that your contractions are slowing down. Keep in mind that Celestone gives you contractions now that those shots are done hopefully things will continues to slow down. Try to remember to enjoy each day that you are pregnant-one more day means one more closer step to maturity. Sometimes it is hard to hang in there one more day but that is really all we can do anyways - we can't change yesterday nor can we fix tomorrow...just be thankful for today.
you continue to be in my prayers.
Cathy said…
Praising God for the good news and results. Glad for her being active and praying that those contractions stay far away.
Heidi said…
I found your blog through CF Husband and you've been in my thoughts and prayers this weekend - we have a 23 week preemie so we understand a bit of how scary the bedrest and hospitalization is. I'm so happy to hear the test was negative and I hope you'll be able to head home to have many, many more weeks of pregnancy to enjoy.
Just Me said…
Great news! Praying the contractions stop completely and you are back home soon. Tell that sweet girl that she will meet her amazing family soon enough, but for now she needs to stay put for a while :o)

Take care.
Continued prayers to all of you,
milehighmom said…
Wonderful! Will continue praying for you and sweet baby Faith.
Undomestic said…
So glad to hear that the contractions are slowing down. Praying for continued health for all of you!
Melissa Roark said…
Just found your blog through a friend and I am touched by your journey. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you and I am keeping you covered in prayers.

Melissa Roark
age 34, married to Mike, mom to Brendon, age 3.5
Indianapolis, IN
terri c said…
So glad for the good news and hope things stay settled down. I know bed rest can be so hard especially with a young child at home, but I know you'll have lots of encouragement and prayers as well.
Kenzie, Dusty, Deacon,

Blessings to you and your family. I will be praying for you and your beautiful little girly girl. Thank you for your beautiful example of faith.

Susan from Barrie, Canada
Walker said…
Praise the Lord Kenzie! This is Wonderful news!
Anonymous said…
I've been praying for you! It is so amazing to see God working. Continuing to pray!

JuJu - said…
just caught up on what has been going on with you and your sweet family -
just know that you have a sister in Christ in North carolina on her knees - pleading the power of the blood of Jesus over you, your body and your precious baby girl -
i am standing with you in faith for that precious baby girl to arrive at her appointed time.

rest in the Lotd and I know that his joy will be your strength and I pray that his peace floods every fiber of your being -

His faithfulness reaches to the heavens and he alone is our source:)

Love and hugs to you my dear sister and recieve the love this was sent with in Jesus name:)
Kirsten said…

Praise God!!! What wonderful news. We have been praying for you and your entire family. God has answered. Thank you for the updates on the blog - I'm so thankful to have an Internet connection again.

We were already excited to meet with Faith Clare (not this early though), now we are even more excited to see her - closer to her due date. She is precious and clearly a fighter.

Loving and praying for you,
Darlene said…
Praise be to God. Thank God for this wonderful news.
Still praying in PA,
Jen in Al said…
oh, Kenzie!!!!! we just got back in town and have gotten up to date on what has been going on! we are praying for no more contractions until she is good and ready to make her arrival! Praying your verse for you! Love and Blessings, jen in al
KYnurse said…
I have read your blog since before Maddox was delivered. Being a labor and delivery nurse I am so thankful that your FFT was negative. The Mag is horrible so hopefully not much longer. I'll keep you in my prayers. May God bless you and give you strength, and keep that beautiful baby girl where she belongs right now.
Amy said…
I, too, was diagnosed with preterm labor and cervical changes (shortened and dilated) at 26 weeks, hospitalized at that time, received my steroid shot on Wed night and then Thursday night. MY FFN was negative on the first hospital admission and they never repeated it after that. They said it wouldn't change the management and I wanted to be at home and not in the hospital! I delivered a healthy baby boy at 36 4/7 weeks! It took a few hospitalizations, bedrest, terbutaline pump infusing in my leg for months that kept the contractions at bay, a home contraction monitor, weekly trips to the perinatologist for ultrasounds to check cervical length and the baby, but I did it and I know you can, too! God bless you and I will continue to pray for you!
I've been out of the "blog-reading rhythm" over the weekend so I just read on CF Husbands blog about you and Faith. I know that the Lord is holding you in his hands. My prayer is that he keeps you calm, safe and that the med's will do their job. I know baby Faith is a fighter. Remember, F.A.I.T.H.= Forget About I, Trust HIM!

Love ya and am praying for you,
mrsrubly said…
the stanfields'~~~~~my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you are heading down this unknown road. my prayer is that Miss Faith stays put! that she is right where she needs to be. tight in mommy's womb. i pray that Deacon is understanding when mommy comes home and on bedrest. i pray that bedrest is very restful for you kenzie. i pray that your body will obtain a great amount of strength and so will Faith Clare. take care my friend. keep us updated. god bless you sweetie.
Stacy said…
Praising God with you for your test results. Will continue praying that little Faith Clare stays put inside for as long as God will allow...hopefully another 7 weeks, but we'll be praying for term!

Hang in there. I know how hard bed rest can be. I know God will continue ministering to your heart all of His Truths and love. Know you are being held before His throne daily.

In Christ's love and grace,
Susan said…
Hey Kenzie,

Just getting caught up, we had a vistor over here last week, Gustav!!

Anyhow I'm back up and running now.

I was soooooooooooooo surprised to read the news about your contractions!!

I was so blessed you got an answer to your prayers, NEGATIVE.

I'll start praying extra hard for Faith Claire!! And for you too Mom.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Thanks once again for blessing God in your storms. You are such a godly example to all of us.

Keep holding on my sweet friend♥
Allmykids123 said…
Yay!! So glad for the negative test results. I'll keep you at the top of my prayer list. Please keep the updates coming! :)

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