One Year... and 32 Weeks Later

I had my 32-week appointment this morning, as well as a full biophysical profile ultrasound to see how li'l miss Faith Clare is growing. God continues to answer our prayers for safety, health and protection as she looked strong, active and full of life. Her measurements were great, right on track for where she should be, and weighing in at 4lbs 5oz. That seems big to me at this point, but as the ultrasound tech reminded me, when on bedrest the baby gets most of the caloric weight because I am "inactive." I suppose that was a nice way to say it... yep, she said it but really didn't need to... the scale is showing it too. Maybe I should take part in MckMama's Not Me... Monday's so I can say "I definitely did not eat three big brownies in a row yesterday because they tasted so good!"

As Deacon and Daddy waited outside the room after the ultrasound, I heard a nurse ask Deacon, "Are you going to have a baby brother or baby sister?" I paused and waited to hear what he would say. His words were sweet reminders to me today, exactly one year after this blog began... one year after getting up the courage to share our difficult journey... He replied "I'm having 2 baby sisters." Dusty said "No D, mommy is just having one baby." He said "Yep, just one baby sister. Her name is baby Faith. We have a different baby too... a baby in Heaven. His name is baby Maddox." It did my heart so good to hear him remember... to know that even as the weeks pass and we get closer and closer to meeting our little girl, our little boy is still on his heart. I pray it will always be that way.

So here we are, one year after this blog began on the winding road to meet Maddox... and 32 weeks into anticipating the arrival of our Faith Clare. We are so blessed and so thankful. We continue to covet your prayers for these remaining few weeks... November was my goal and it is quickly approaching on the calendar. Let's see how long this little girl will hold on...

"...I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior." Habakkuk 3:18


bri said…
I want you to know I came across your blog from Angie's blog and have a heart for mother's experiencing or who have experienced pregnancy problems. I myself have three children that have passed on to be with the LORD and my heart is to pray as He gives me the power to do in times that my sisters/brothers need my faith. SO tonight I am praying for you and believing with you and your family for a healthy delivery at the appropriate God appointed time!

Bri. Texas
Christa Mc said…
amen sista! grow baby grow!
Im so glad you have made it to this point, this safe point. Now you can just enjoy and grow...both of you:)

Love you.
Laurie said…
Oh Kenzie,

Deacon is just the sweetest little guy with such a tender heart. I am so thankful Miss Faith is doing so wonderfully, taking on the extra calories for you:) Such a blessing for a good report here and you can count on my prayers to follow you to her birthday in November. So many blessings being poured out on all "my girls" at the end of this year, as the beginning was so hard.
Be blessed my friend and hang in there just a little bit longer. Soon you will hear your princess cry, announcing her arrival!! Pure Joy.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.
PS. This little girl is going to turn Dustys heart to mush.
AmandaHoyt said…
The tears started flowing as I read Deacon's precious comment about his baby brother and sister. I'm so glad that Faith is doing well.
Our prayers continue daily for you and your family.
In Him,
Devin said…
Of course you know that I am praying daily. I loved hearing Deacon's sweet words of his little brother. What a reunion that will be when they are able to play together in heaven!

Love you girl, so glad little Faith is doing so well. It is truly an answer to my prayers and once again, shows how good the Lord truly is to us!
Wifeof1Momof4 said…
What a blessing. Praise God for all He has done and continues to do in your life.

Deacon is precious .. glad to know he remembers too ... Maddox is in his heart.
Keisha said…
How sweet that he remembered! Precious!
Hang in there, Girly!
Corie said…
I love when my kids talk about their brother...does my heart good also. Thankful all is well.
karina said…
What a precious gift for him to remember his brother. My daughter is named after my grandmother. My grandmother told me just before she died that she was praying to live long enough for my DD to remember her. Grandma died when my DD was 3.5 years old. One day when she was 6 she asked me, "Mom, why do I remember grandma? I was so young when she died." It was such a blessing to be able to tell her about God's faithfulness in answering Grandma's prayers.

November is fast approaching!
babyrndeb said…
I am so thankful that you are still pregnant :) Take the time to enjoy each day - for each day your little girl gets that much stronger and healthier. You will soon be able to hold her in your arms and love her bunches.
Kathy said…
Thank you for sharing your exciting news. God is so good to answer our prayers.

November is a great month to have a baby! Hope she "hangs in" til then but good to know she is on her way to five pounds all ready! Woo hoo!!!

Prayers continue!
Me said…
Kenzie- I pray for you and your family everyday. I have so much to thank you for because I truly believe that without you and your blog I would not be the person am I today. I would not have returned to church and returned to a loving God that was just waiting for me. I know that God brought me here and that you are the person that I needed. I know that He works in ways that no one can believe and that He has a plan. Keep that little Miss Faith safe and don't worry about the brownies, I have eaten three in a row and not been pregnant so at least you have a glorious excuse!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I got such goosebumps to hear Deacon's response about his babies. Wow. What a blessing that Maddox is near to his heart!! And--girl--I'm impressed! Three brownies!? That is quite the control. I'd for sure have eaten four:)

Love ya!
Kara said…
I so love Deacon's comment to the nurse about his brother and sister. It made my heart smile :) I am continuing to pray for you and Lil' Miss Faith! Can't wait to see her!
Cathy said…
You have instilled such love in precious Deacon. He will never forget his little brother. He has a sweet, sweet heart. REjoicing that Baby Faith is progressing well. Also for your stength and health as you bring her to this precious world. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. They are heard and bring me such support!

I know we don't know one another but I came across your blog from a friend of mine's blog. I was and am profoundly touched by your amazing faith and such positive outlook on life. It reminds me that there are much more serious things in life to worry/stress, etc about and that each day is TRULY a day given to us by our Lord. I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I really admire you for your strength. I too have a 2 yr old little girl named Isabella and we are expecting our second next Summer (I am 6 wks along). It makes me realize that I can't "control" what God has in store for us so not to worry about anything. I can't help but stress that this baby I am carrying will make be okay, I hear all these sad miscarriage stories and I get so nervous. Like I said, I know God has a plan but my mind can't help but race and think about all the possibilities. I wish you and your family all the best and enjoy having your little girl, the dresses, bows, pink, it's all so fun!

Lindsay Skaff
Such great news Kenzie! 4lbs is so awesome!! You are such a good mommy! Deacon is so precious.
I love you friend,
Vanessa said…
With tears streaming down my cheeks I am feeling so blessed to follow your journey and amazed at your faith! You have been an inspiration to me on my hardest days! May baby Faith continue to grow and do well!
Betsy said…
Kenzie, I haven't written in a while, but I continue to read your blog and pray for you & Dusty, Deacon, Maddox and Faith. Deacon has an incredible heart! How precious he is. And I am so glad to hear that Faith is growing stronger every day. Do NOT worry about what those cursed scales say! There will be plenty of time later to starve yourself! haha Just keep doing the great job of nurturing that you are. Theta love,Betsy
Billie said…

Yeah, on baby Faith! I am glad she is growing and you are eating 3brownies!! You only can do it while you are prego (and not feel so guilty) so you might as well! Funny you tell the story of Deacon, he had told me the same thing at church 2 weeks ago, I have been meaning to message you to tell you the story but haven't had the time. He was so excited about his baby sister (he did tell me he was having 2 babies, but one was in heaven). He is such a sweet little boy and what a cutie! Thanks for keeping us posted you are in our prayers!

I'm Tara's sister.
Laurie said…
Hey Girl,

Just stopping by this morning to send you some LOVE and HUGS!!! Time is getting short and you will be meeting Faith face to face soon. I love that she is gaining weight and doing so good. Just a little longer Kenzie and bed rest will be a thing of the past:)!! I love you.

Laurie in Ca.
karina said…
Thanks Kenzie for your sweet reply. My burden for my niece is heavy and I hope that that somehow makes her burden lighter. I have been reading Angie's blog since that first weekend when we learned of the T18, which led to MckMamma's blog and to yours. I have shared them with my niece. She is a baby Christian and I want her to know and see how God can work through the really hard things of life to deepen our faith and our relationship with Him.

I have talked to Laura (of String of Pearls) about my niece and am strongly encouraging my niece to call Laura herself, for I know that ministry will be such a blessing to her during this journey.

I, myself, have experienced infertility and loss (as you probably read on my short little blog) and I feel so inadequate to know or understand what she is going through, but I will do anything I can for her to help her along this road to find Jesus' arms wrapped around her. And to point her fiance to a relationship with Him.

Thank you for sharing of yourself.
blessings in Christ, Karina

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