Happy Birthday Deacon!

Happy 3rd birthday to my precious boy Deacon!

Baby boy, you have brought so much love, joy, laughter, and excitement to our lives over these past 3 years... You have taught us about patience outside of ourselves, constructive and creative discipline, and the importance of consistent follow-through. You have showed me how to slow down and enjoy each moment... You have taught me that life is always beautiful through the eyes of a small child and you have exemplified the biblical principals of trust, honesty, innocence and unconditional love. You have showed me that forgiveness is necessary and amazingly simple. You have taught me more about the art of negotiation and fighting for what you want than any school class or work experience ever could. You have demonstrated a wonderful ability to be able to laugh at yourself and impart that laughter to others.

You are a fun-loving, feisty, competitive, compassionate, gentle, sincere, honest, friendly, outgoing, laughter-filled, playful, crazy-dancing, train-truck-plane-loving boy. You love to say the blessing at dinner, to pray for your friends and family at night (especially baby Faith), to learn, dance and sing at church and to tell God that we are so thankful. You talk often about your baby brother Maddox, "in Heaven with Jesus," which absolutely blesses my heart and you are getting very excited to "be a good big brother" to baby Faith Clare.

You are our precious first-born and we are so thankful for all that you bring to our lives... you are an absolute treasure! Thank you Lord for the blessing of our big boy... for our Deacon!

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him."- Psalm 127:3


mrsrubly said…
aww! happy 3rd birthday Deacon! YOU ROCK i know you will be a the best big brother any brother/sister could ever want! hope you have an awesome day!
Mamma_of _five said…
Hello Kenzie I have been following your blog for a long time now, I am a mom also I have 5 children:)
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Deacon he is a very , very cute little man! He will be a Terrific brother for Faith , wishing you and your family all the best:) love Tawny *hugs* all the way from British Columbia, Canada!
I come to your blog nearly every day, and today, I will actually leave a comment. Birthdays are so special, especially when they are celebrated for an adorable little one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON!

Smile really big for the camera so mommy can post come oh-so precious birthday photos in the next few days. All of us in blogland love to see your cute little face. Happy birthday!
M said…
Happy Birthday Deacon! What a blessing you are!
Oh my goodness what an adorable baby.....all that hair!!! I want to sqeeze him!
Bobbie said…
Happy Birthday Deacon. I hope it is extra specially wonderful for you!!
boltefamily said…
Happy Birthday Deacon! I know you will have a great day! You are such a blessing sweet boy!
Michelle M. said…
I've been following your blog for a while, but I am not sure if I have commented before.

I wanted to wish Deacon a happy birthday and tell you that he shares it with my son, who is also THREE today! Can you believe our boys are three?! I sure can't. I am going to do a big post tonight for his birthday- if you are able, please check it out.

Have a blessed day!
Kathy said…

You are such a happy and handsome young man! What a wonderful big brother you are to your little Maddox and new baby Faith!

May the Lord continue to bless you and know that He listens so carefully as you say the blessing, give thanks to Him, and pray to Him.

Please tell Mommy thanks for the wonderful slide show that really allowed us to watch you grow into the amazing little guy you are today! I know you are helping to take care of her while she rests to help Faith grow. We all thank you for that.

Praying in Michigan for your whole family!
Laurie said…

You are your mommy and daddys first treasure, a gift from God. I love the way you carry Jesus in your heart at such a young age and you know who He is. Thank you for blessing your parents so much and being such a bright light in their days. You are one special little big boy and loved by so many. You will be such a great big brother to baby Faith just like you are to baby Maddox. Have the best birthday today sweet boy.

Love and Kisses, Laurie in Ca.
Karen Z said…
Happy Birthday Deacon!! You are such a special little boy and God has given you such a wonderful family. I hope you have the best birthday ever.
Happy Happy Birthday Deacon.
connie said…
Happy birthday, Deacon! What a sweet boy you are; we can all understand why your mommy and daddy are so proud of you! You are a real blessing!
So Blessed said…
A precious blessing indeed...

"Every good and perfect gift is from above."

James 1:17
Jennifer said…
Happy Birthday sweet Deacon! You are such a precious boy!!
**Love the pictures of the journey through his precious 3 years of life!
Love ya!
bookworm said…
Happy birthday, Deacon!
(He's exactly 2 months younger than G!)
Vanessa said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It was so awesome to see the pictures of him growing and changing!
Stacy said…
Kenzie-Glad you are doing so well and that Faith has nestled in and hopefully making herself comfortable for a couple more weeks, at least! :)

Happy Birthday to sweet Deacon! His pictures are precious.
Kirsten said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON!!! Thank you for the smiles you bring to your mommy and daddy. It so fun to hear stories about you and see pictures of you growing up. Enjoy your special day!

I love all that hair as a baby - so cute!
Iric said…
Happy birthday Deacon!!!
A big boy hum?
Have a good time!!!!!!!

BY the way,Kenzie,check your e-mail please.
Kara said…
I missed this yesterday, but Happy Birthday Deacon! 3 year old boys are so much fun!
The VW's said…
Happy Birthday Deacon! What a precious gift from God you are! And, what a handsome boy too!
Tanya said…
Happy Birthday, Deacon! What a great smile he has!
Devin said…
Happy Birthday, sweet Deacon!

Great pictures Kenzie....is he not the cutest thing or what? :-)

Love you girl....

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