This past week has been pretty good... lots of ups and a few downs. I am getting more and more excited to see our baby girl and the "nesting" instincts are definitely kicking in. I am excited to be off bedrest in a couple of weeks so that I can hopefully get a few things done before she arrives.

This week has also provided us many laughs... all thanks to Deacon. Dusty had a great time with Deacon at his Fall Field Days at preschool on Friday. Apparently there were lots of fun things to do for the kids; they had sack races (which I didn't know 2-year olds could actually do), pumpkin rolls, a hayrack ride and several games. It sounds like Deacon did a great job and was super interactive, wanting to do everything. Now... if you know Dusty or I, you also know that we are somewhat competitive!! Dusty said it was hilarious because he saw some of the "genetic traits" come out in Deacon after some of the games... particularly the pumpkin roll. After he finished, and supposedly won, he whispered to Dusty... "I was blazing fast!"

Another smile? His "fighter pilot" costume arrived a few days ago, thanks to Ita, and yet... for some reason he really didn't want to put it on. He was ridiculously excited when the box came, but as soon as the costume itself emerged he informed us, "No... I said I want to be a fighter pilot when I get BIGGER... NOT NOW." We looked at each other and laughed, and still he reiterated "I said when I'm all grown-up." Maybe he is reconsidering and will wear it just for "practice" because at dinner yesterday he asked me to be his co-pilot. I'm sure the enticement of candy will do the trick!

Some antics from today?? On the way home from church this afternoon he told Dusty that his sweet tea (yes, daddy lets him get sweet tea- a treat only when they are together!) with his kids meal was really yummy. Dusty said "it was really good, huh?" He relied... "yes, it made Jesus really happy." Dusty thought he knew where this was going because Deacon always says now that Jesus is in his tummy (as opposed to his heart, which he used to say), just like Faith Clare is in mine. Dusty asked him, "You mean it made you really happy!?" Deacon said, "Nope, it made Jesus really happy... he was sick and coughing but now he is haaappppyyy!"

And the most funny to me? This morning, after his bath and my shower, I was drying his hair while he sat on my lap on a stool in the bathroom. I had some black terry cloth pants on, my shirt not even remotely covering my tummy, and he was rubbing my knee. I turned off the dryer to see his sweet face looking at me... He said, "Mama, you look like a BIG COW!" I immediately fall apart laughing, as I had just been looking at my stomach in the mirror and thinking how big I looked. Through the laughter and a few tears running down my face, I asked him why he said that? He just kept rubbing my pants and said... "you just look like a big cow with black pants." OH MY GOODNESS! He really does get just how I'm feeling these days!

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy."- Job 8:21


AmandaHoyt said…
I'm so glad you've been feeling better and have been laughing. I think laughter is from Above too.
Hugs and prayers,
connie said…
Kenzie, these are the BEST stories! Your little boy is so verbal, and so FUNNY!!

Sounds like you are feeling well these days. I'm so glad!
love, connie
Anonymous said…

This was awesome. Thanks for sharing Deacon's wonderful stories. I love you guys.

Laurie said…
What a blessing to have Deacon and his sweet sense of humor getting you through these days, he is so darned cute!! Faith is looking so beautiful in turquoise and I am so thankful to see that she is growing so great. It won't be long now and please take it easy even when you get off bed rest okay? Why you ask??? Because I said so and I am a MOM!!! I love you Kenzie.

Laurie in Ca.
PS. Cows are beautiful.
Emily said…
Oh Kenzie, Matt and I are laughing WITH you. :) What would we do without these sweet babies to keep us laughing??

For the record, I think you look marvelous!
Vanessa said…
LOL!! You must be feeling ok to have been able to laugh at that! I would have been crying my eyes out as I agreed with him:) I love seeing the beauty of a pregant belly!
Jaclyn said…
This is hysterical! He is precious and these laughs just made my day! :)
Christa Mc said…
lauging out loud! what a hoot! he is just hilarious!! ;) I am hoping that he has a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY tomorrow! ;o) we sure do miss his cute little self!
Darlene said…
Big Cow with black pants??? oh, my, goodness. I am in stitches. That is priceless. Love seeing that big belly, girl!

Hi sweet Kenzie,
Laughter does a soul good and I am so happy to hear you are having some! Deacon is so precious. His age brings one funny thing after the other, I love that age. The honesty is hilarious.....Allison said to me when she found out I was pregnant "mommy I just thought your belly was full". Too cute. BTW - you look fabulous - wish I could see you.
I also was able to get caught up on your last few blogs - you are on a roll sista! Thank you for such though provoking posts, they were so good. I am sorry I missed e-mailing you on Maddox's 9 months birthday but I think of him all of the time and know my precious girl was celebrating with him - and that does my sould some good!
I love you friend and continue to pray for you and sweet Faith Clare!
Kirsten said…
Precious, precious, precious! He is a crack up. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy laughter more now than ever before. Hugs to you!

Sweet words from a precious boy....and you do look great!
Angie said…
how hilarious! i absolutely love this stage, because there is always the possibility that something outrageous or funny will come out at any moment. Can't wait to meet Deacon one day!
Lynnette Kraft said…
Dear Kenzie,
I just found your blog through another (I wish I could remember where - it's funny how that happens!). I'm so glad to visit. I'm just in love with your precious children. Deacon is adorable, Maddox is absolutely precious and Faith, well, I'm excited to see a picture of the real her. :)

I was touched by your story and would just like to say, from one mommy who's hurt to another, I'm truly sorry for your pain.

I've lost three children to birth anomolies (anencephaly, diaphragmatic hernia, CHD). If you'd like to know more about my family, come and visit me at my blog. I'd love to have you visit. :)

Thanks for sharing your story. Your pictures of Maddox are a treasure. I'm so glad you have them to remember his sweet face. You have a beautiful family.

kari j said…
what a little character! that is hilarious! and of course all us moms can relate to the "big" feeling during pregnancy :) yay, soon she'll be out here though!!
take care,
Elaine said…
Little boys, aren't they funny...

I was on bedrest like you with my last. It took me a whole week before he came. Have fun nesting.
Iric said…
SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for sharing.....
how can a 3-year-old boy say these words..........hahahahahaha!

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