Prayer with Legs

These last few weeks Dr. Young has continued to preach from the Book of James. The sermons have been incredible for me. He has spoken so many things that the Lord has used to touch my heart and remind me how blessed and thankful we are, even in our current circumstances, as we push on and seek joy without our precious second son.

Last week Dr. Young spoke on James 2 and faith and good works. It has always been something that has left me a little uncomfortable because I KNOW that we are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection... but I also know that works play into this equation and I could never fit it just right. Kind of like a puzzle and I couldn't get that little piece in correctly... I kept looking at it, studying it... but it never seem to fit and without the piece, the puzzle was incomplete. Well, thankfully he cleared that all up for me two Sundays ago.

He spoke about how we are justified by our faith in Jesus Christ and how our salvation (spending eternity with Him in Heaven) is sealed in that moment. But, if we truly want to live the life Christ is asking of us, our lives must bear fruit. We must live according to His Word, allowing our lives to reflect the love He has for us, through works. Works are the outward demonstration, or fruit, of our intimate walk with him, living according to His will and His Word... without those works, our faith is essentially dead. "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." James 2:26

Dr. Young then began to give an example of this and spoke about how often we tell people we are praying for them... that is AWESOME! Everyone loves to hear that they are being prayed for and lifted up to the Lord... However, sometimes the Lord calls us to more than just prayer. He calls us to take action based on the knowledge that He has given to us about a certain need or certain situation. Sometimes, in those situations, when we tell people that we are praying, but know instead that there is more that could be done, we aren't being obedient. Faith is obedience and as Dr. Young put it, sometimes "prayer without legs must be an abomination to God." He has given us the wisdom and insight to see a need, and yet many times we chose to ignore it.

Well, I am here to tell each of you, personally, individually... that you have been obedient to the call that the Lord has placed on you. You have faithfully prayed for our family...but your prayers have also had legs. You have brought meals. You attended the benefit for our family in memory of Maddox. You have helped us financially with medical and funeral costs. You have donated in Maddox's memory to NILMDTS, The Trisomy 18 Foundation, the March of Dimes. You have sent gifts. You have sent cards of loving, encouraging words. You have commented on this blog. You have called. You have emailed. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY SURROUNDED US~ and all we can do is thank you.

There seems to be no possible way to individually thank each one of you, and even if it were possible (as I told some of my friends), words wouldn't be nearly adequate. We are so grateful for your support, for your love, for your friendship, the financial help, the meals, and most importantly for your prayers! A speaker recently stated, God is not good because of my present or lasting circumstances, He is good because He is faithful. Let me tell you... He has been so faithful to us and we are blessed.

Interestingly, that same speaker also said this: God is more interested in changing my heart than changing my circumstances. As much as I prayed that Maddox would be healed this side of Heaven, my Heavenly Father knew that instead of changing Maddox's condition, He could simply change my heart. It was a win-win. Maddox would spend eternity with Him, and I would be renewed... and for some reason, He knew that Dusty and I would be found faithful to walk this road He has laid out. He gave me a new heart for those hurting and grieving over the death of a child. He gave me a new heart for precious children with special needs. He gave me a new heart for everyday miracles... He gave me a new heart to be totally dependent on Him! I pray that He will continue to find me, to find each of us, faithful in our walk forward with Him.

"The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?"- Proverbs 20:24


Emily said…
I think I'm going to plaster that verse all over my house, my desk at work, and my car! :)

But anyway, wow! What a powerful entry this is! I love the mental picture I get of "prayer with legs" and the way it stirs my heart to act on the little nudging reminder in my heart to pray so often. While you were in labor, I caught a glimpse of how so many of our loved ones must have felt about us when Miller Grace was born. So helpless and unable to offer anything of substance to help you aside from prayer. Humbling at best.

I received your amazing announcement in the mail and put it right in my Bible... not something I would normally do, but just needed it close by. You inspire me every day. Thanks for that. :) Your prayer has legs, too.
Chelle said…
I have kept up with you and your family, even posted a prayer for all of you on my own blog. I know that we have never met, but feel like I know each of you...
Thanks for this post and for being a witness to HIM that prayer heals hearts and minds.
Continuing to ask for guidance and healing for you and your wonderful family.
Laurie said…
"God is more interested in changing my heart than changing my circumstances." Kenzie, this is so beautiful that through your heartbreak, He has given you a new heart. It is a beautiful heart full of surrender and grace. You minister to my heart so much and Maddox is a very special little miracle in my heart. It has been such a blessing to walk this journey that you have so openly shared with all of us, and witness your faith and trust in God being walked out. I continue to pray for your marriage and family, asking God to give you the desires of your heart for your faithful walk. I believe that He will!! I love you guys and pray for Deacon too. You bless me.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Anonymous said…
Dear Kenzie, I've followed your blog for the last few weeks. I came about it in a 'round about way. I lead a GriefShare group - and I appreciate how you have shared your grieving heart but also how God has brought healing. Praise Him! God is using your experience in a powerful way. You are a gifted writer too. We experienced trauma in my grown daughter's life 2 years ago. You described the help of the believers as "prayers with legs". She describes the help of the Body of Believers as God's hand in a glove reaching out to meet our needs through His people. It truly is a gift from God. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
In Him, Carolyn W
Anonymous said…
Dear Kenzie, I have a postscript . . . The way I finally understood "faith without works is dead" is a description that I once heard: When a person collapses and the paramedics come, they check for breathing and a pulse. The breathing and the pulse are just indications that the life is there. Good works are not the life itself, but just bear witness that the life in Christ is there.
-- Carolyn W
petebon5 said…
i feel that my prayers alone didn't even the touch my thoughts of sending your precious family a meal or a card or anything. those are the things that i want to do for ya'll. i don't have your e-mail address or home address. i am sorry. your story has giving me dif outlook on my life and my children! it's truely has been an inspiration to me. i thank you and still continuing to pray for ya'll. bonny
Michelle said…
Hi Kenzi,

I want you to know that your testimony has made such an impact on my life. Your faith has had legs. Weak moments as well as those stronger moments. To clearly see how God has changed your heart. It is such an encouragement for me not to fear what the Lord has in store to change my heart but rather to (in a way) look forward to it because it will draw me closer to him, show me more of Him and make me a better servant. I'm also reminded that it is a joy to serve our Lord and trust that every good or "bad" thing is from His hand because he loves us.

Praise be to God in the highest.
Shane and Devin said…

Wow. What an amazing post with such truth behind it. I love the verses in James, but they are very convicting! A lot of times, I used to catch myself saying, "I'll pray for you...." and then, just like that, the thought would slip out of my mind and I would forget about the hurt that someone else was going thru. Thru my trials, though, I have discovered that Christ has changed me in that area. I know, now, what it is like to be absolutely surrounded in prayer when I needed it the most. What a difference it made for me. Now, you can be sure, when I say those words, I MEAN them.

I love the illustration of prayer 'with legs'. So true, and so acurately describes when someone goes beyond prayer to physically reach out. Love it.

You do realize, that you are also describing yourself, and your journey, in this very post? (I KNOW that was not your intention, but it happened anyway! :-)) How many 'legs' have gone out from your life and touched sooooo many others? You'll probably never know this side of heaven.

Love ya girl, and praying for you--and I MEAN that! ;-)

Susan said…
Dearest Kenzie,

Oh my, this was just incredible! You are just one amazing woman of God.

I want to apologize for taking so long to finally get your book in the mail I promised. It's on the way now.

Thanks for sharing all the many wonderful things the Lord continues to teach you.

You have such a beautiful heart, after God~
Chelle' said…
Great Post Kenzie-I have been learning that same lesson over the past three years as I've struggled physically (and to a much lesser degree) as your family.

I pray for you as you continue to experience all the Lord has in this moment.

I find myself reciting often- "Him plus ANYTHING is better than EVERYTHING without Him."

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