Another Update on Mallorie

Please continue to pray for sweet Mallorie and her family. They continue to be in the hospital and are taking each day as it's own.

Mallorie was removed from the ventilator just over 24 hours ago and is breathing pretty well without it. Her airway continues to need suctioning and the secretions today tested postitive for bacteria, so she is on another antibiotic. Please pray for reduced swelling in her airways and complete healing so she will have an easier time breathing. Please pray that her infections will clear and that she won't need to be put back on the ventilator, as each time she is put back on she has an increased risk for further complications. Please pray that the IV nutrition she is receiving will continue to give her strength and help her healing.

Connie and John continue to be SO THANKFUL for each prayer lifted to the Lord on their family's behalf. I can speak to the Lord's incredibly presence through all of the prayers that you spoke for us, so I know how amazing it is to feel that peace in the midst of great uncertainty and fear. THANK YOU for continuing to pray for them in this time of need.

I would ask tonight that you also speak a blanket prayer for all the children in hospitals throughout the country that need the Lord's presence... for their families, for their peace, for their healing. Connie continues to speak of other little ones that are going through such difficult experiences at the hospital and how they greatly need prayer. I can't imagine how terrifying it is for families walking through these valleys right now... I am sure that it is overwhelming to be surrounded by such worry, for your own child and for others, each and every day.

Psalm 73:26- “My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Isaiah 40:29- “He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might, He increases power.”


The VW's said…

Thanks for your compassion for other families! I will pray for Mallorie!

Thanks for leaving a note on our site! I have been so touched by your story and the other's, that I had to share them! I've learned a lot by reading from your sites, especially that God is good and that His grace is abundant!

I will continue to pray for your family! God Bless You!
Jen in Al said…
Praying for sweet Mallorie and her family! Praying also for all the children in hospitals and their families. having only had my precious ones spend a limited amount of time in hospitals i can only imagine how hard that must be. thank you! jen in al
Julie said…
I'm praying too, as well as still praying for healing for you and your family.
petebon5 said…
lifting their Malorie's family and the other children in prayer..i really feel like i've been keeping the Lord busy w/ prayers these last few

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