My Boys

I wanted to post a few pictures of my boys tonight as I sit here and remember why I am so blessed in this life... and why I look forward to life eternally with Christ.

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long." Psalm 25:5- Deacon's verse


Jessica said…
They are precious!
Chrissy said…
Such beautiful boys they are!
Julie said…
So sweet, thanks for sharing.

Still praying for your family each day!
Laurie said…
Beautiful boys Kenzie, and so very precious. I am praying for you each day that peace, joy, hope and love are full measure for the day. Your heart is beautiful and your writing blesses me.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
petebon5 said…
what such handsome men you have kenzie. continued prayer for the STANFIELDS. have a good day. well as to be expected. thinking about you....
Anonymous said…
My precious Kenzie,

I love seeing your boys too! They make me smile.

Devin said…

That little Maddox. He is just so precious.

Deacon is such a little cutie pie! I think you're gonna have a real looker on your hands someday :-)! Watch out girls.... (LOL)

I have been working on emailing you back--sorry for the delay. I have some really good news to tell you though, after finally visiting my new niece this weekend. I promise to get it to you soon!

So sweet. Love you Kenz!
Jen in Al said…
sweet handsome boys!!!!! so precious! Love Deacon's verse! How did the Lord give it to you? praying for you daily, jen in al
Kim said…
And what beautiful boys they are! How beautifully and perfectly put that they are blessings to enjoy here and also one to keep your eyes focused ahead for. I'm so glad God gave you Maddox. What a special person God has used to be a special mother.
I bet it is such a blessing to know you-I know I've been blessed just "knowing" about you through this blog. What a heart you have for God and how encouraged I've- and others have been who know "Maddox's story" through your eyes. Prayers for comfort and showers of blessings for you and your family.
Emily said…
What gorgeous men you have in your life. :)
Your boys are gorgeous. You are blessed and I am blessed to know you. Praying for you.
Love you,
Jaclyn said…
What beautiful baby boys!! I just love Deacon's hair!! So, so precious!!!

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