4 Month Birthday & Arrival to Heaven

Isaiah 43:1- “And now thus says the Lord, your Creator, and he who formed you, "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.”


Laurie said…
Thinking of you on this 4 month birthday Kenzie, and praying for you.
It seems like just yesterday and yet an eternity too. Such a sweet and precious little boy that is never forgotten in my heart. May your weekend be blessed with peace and joy.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.
Rebecca said…
Wow, Kenzie... in some ways I can't believe it's been that long. I know you miss your sweet baby.

Thanks for sharing those photos with us. Both your boys are beautiful.

Devin said…
Sweet Kenzie,

Thinking of you, and praying for you EVERY day, but especially today.

How can four months go so fast but still seem like only yesterday?

Love you girl, and on my knees for you.

M said…
Praying for you and admiring you in your walk. PRECIOUS boys!!!

Michelle Horton
Autumn Walton said…
What a beautiful little boy, Maddox Donald. And a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing such a precious little boy with us. We are grateful for Maddox and for his faithful family. Thinking of you today and lifting you up to the Father. Always remembering our precious little boys together in paradise.

Thoughts and Prayers
boltefamily said…
Happy 4 month birthday sweet Maddox!

Praying for all of you on this day and always!

Much Love,
Corie said…
Thinking of you and praying for you. Can't wait to meet Maddox some day. Much love,
Melody said…
I had been thinking about you all day, and decided to check in...I guess God had a reason you were on my mind and heart.

Praying for you, as you celebrate Maddox's 4-month birthday.
I have been thinking of you today. What a precious boy....Happy birthday sweet boy.
Chrissy said…
Thinking of you on this day of rememberance. Praying for you as I share them same joy and pain. I love you Kenzie!
Lezlie said…
Remembering precious Maddox today. Love you all!
Angie said…

I love these pictures. Thank you for letting us remember with you. I hope today is filled with sweet memories of your time with him, even through the pain of the loss.

You are so important to me, and I thank God that he brought you into my life!!

Michelle said…
Thinking of you this day and all it holds for you.

Lovingly praying
Emily said…
He always makes me smile. :)
Laura said…
Such beautiful pictures...praying and sending love.
Deb D. said…
Maddox had such a brief contact with this world, yet eternal impact.
Thank you for sharing him and yourself with us. Those of us who have followed you for all this time have been changed.
God bless you, dear faithful woman.
I have thought about you all weekend. I love looking at pictures of Maddox...what a precious boy he is. I hope you know how much you and sweet Maddox mean to me. I thank God daily for bringing you into my life.
Praying for you always.....
With love,
Cathy said…
Praying for your entire family on this 4mths. We know heaven is wonderful but even more so with all these special angels lately. Thinking of you Kenzie!
Cathy & Annabel
Tamara said…

I just sat and looked through your site and am completely overwhelmed! You and your family are so very precious! Little Maddox is such an incredible site to behold and I am so touched by his birthday video. I will be praying for your sweet heart this day. Maddox, I would like to sing you happy birthday... “Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Dear Maddox... Happy Birthday to you”! Thank you for your open heart Kenzie, what a testimony your life is! You Are A Blessing!!! Tam
Its hard to believe its been 4 months... Some days feel like 4 days, some days feel like 4 years.
Thinking of you.
I just love you precious pictures.
Andrea said…
Hi Kenzie-
It's so beautiful to see how you are living out the Scripture, Isaiah 49:15 (one I've always considered a rhetorical question). Through these posts it's wonderful to see how clearly how God has written Maddox's life - his earthly and heavenly one - on your heart...a profound example of how God must view us.
Kirsten said…

Thinking about you today and praying that you are doing well. Maddox is so beautiful - thank you for sharing these special photos. I imagine the weekend was filled with mixed emotions. I pray there were moments of sunshine and smiles. God bless you and your sweet family!

Keeping you in prayer,
boltefamily said…
Just wanting you to know I am thinking of you guys and praying for you today!

Sara said…
Thank you for sharing your beautiful little boy. I ran across your blog from a link from another mommy of and angel. I have a daughter that shares a birthday with Maddox. She was stillborn on January 23, 2001.

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