Superbowl Top 10

So my little Superbowl getaway was awesome, relaxing, and completely fulfilled it's purpose... time away with my hubby, time to myself, and time to be with adults!

Dusty and I had a great time together! It was wonderful to see him with so many business associates and his players... to see how he is respected and appreciated for all that he does.  It's a side I don't often get to see because of my own "job" so it was fun for me to be reminded up close of how hard he works to support our family.

There were several cool/fun/funny moments so I'll list the Top 10 of my Superbowl Weekend (in no particular order...)
1. Hearing all the crazy comments about Dusty's beard.
2. Watching a hilarious old, white couple dance to a live performance by Outkast... "back it up!"
3. Hanging out with Andy Dalton and his fiancee Jordan. They are awesome and so fun!
4. Sleeping in one morning until 11am, having brunch, napping, taking 3 hours to s.l.o.w.l.y. get ready.
5. Awesome breakfast/lunch/dinner with my hubby.
6. Watching a live concert with Usher and his dancers, while standing next to Nastia Liukin.
7. Riding around in a stretch Range Rover... crazy smoke & strobe lights included!
8. Thinking people were taking pictures of *ME* when in fact Chuck Liddell (UFC fighter) was standing behind me and getting mobbed by old men.
9. Taking down bags of breastmilk daily to the concierge desk to be put in the hotel freezer :)
10. Hanging out with old and new friends- the Kolb's, Casey's, Nalley's, Ramer's, and Dalton's.

Jordan and Andy Dalton
At a Pepsi signing with the Dalton's

Whitney Kolb & I at the Friday Night Lights Party
At the Usher Party

Kylie Casey and I at Usher
"Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him."- Psalm 62:5


Wow that looks amazing and you look beautiful! So glad you had this time away from your children to spend with your husband. I can see through your blog how exhausting these last couple months have been for you. I am sure it was great returning to see your kids though, its always a reminder how much you love them after being away for a couple days. God Bless!

Laurie in Ca. said…
I can feel the relaxation in reading your words Kenzie and I am so happy for the two of you to have a great get away, alone. It is so important to do and remember who you are without interruption:) Praying it filled you with new energy and much needed rest. Love you girl.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
Devin said…
Aw, sweetie! You look great in those pictures and SO very happy. It's is such a wonderful blessing to have a busy household and family--but so nice to be 'just the two of you' every once in a while, too! I'm glad you enjoyed and were able to renew and refresh!

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