This article was a huge encouragement to me and I thought I would share. My friend Christine introduced me recently to imom.com and I went there to sign up for daily emails. They are great reminders of who God is calling me to be through this journey of motherhood and they have tons of helpful tips. Encouragement for me and encouragement for my children! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Mona Lisa’s Secret for Mothers  

How could they have missed it!?  After studying the Mona Lisa for hundreds of years, art historians have discovered microscopic numbers and letters painted in Mona Lisa’s left eye.  Just when they thought they knew most of what there was to know about this legendary work, something else has come to light.

What about the priceless treasure in your home?  Have you lived with it day after day, but are still overlooking the intricacies that make it unique?  You might be thinking, “I definitely do not have a priceless work of art in my home!”  But you do.  It’s your child.

In the hectic pace of our days, we can overlook the wonderful, special, little things that make our children one-of-a-kind.  We can lose sight of them because we are so focused on the glaring things they do wrong, the habits that drive us crazy, or the good things we just get used to and no longer see as special.

So today, examine your children closely and lovingly with our strengths and weakness assessment.  Then try to develop these 7 characteristics of successful parents so that you nurture the unique specialness of your child.

"When he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts."-Acts 23:11


Andrea said…
Thank you for posting this, Kenzie. I so needed to hear this today - one filled with more correction than compassion for my children, and especially, my daughter. I am definitely guilty of forgetting what I love specifically about each of my children and this is a good reminder to examine these treasures more closely.
Tanya said…
Thanks for the link and inspiration!
Christine said…
Oh girl, I am so glad you like imom. I love each of those links everyday. Glad you are finding them as good as me.
Anonymous said…
My sweet Kenzie: Thank you for posting this and giving me the opportunity to get to know our little Scout better. He is so precious to me as he reminds me so much of Dusty when he was a baby. When I hold him, it takes me back to the joy I had when I would hold my Dusty. I love you all so much!ITA

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