What are we gonna call her?

A few funny things Deacon has said over the past 24 hours, just to remember where we are...

"Mama, now that baby Fef is getting bigger, what are we gonna call her?
"What do you mean, D?"
"Are we still gonna call her baby Fef or are we gonna call her big girl baby Fef?"
"Well, I'll probably just call her Faith Clare, but you can call her any of those!"
"Yeah, I think I'm gonna call her either Fef Cuar OR big girl baby Fef... she IS getting bigger you know!?"

"Deacon, I'm gonna call Ita, do you want to talk to her?"- (Ita is Dusty's mom's "grandma" name)
"Why you gonna call Ita? She's not your son... she is Daddy's!"

Oh, and how could I forget this one!
"Mama, do all big girls wear undies like that?" (referring to my less-than-full-covering bottoms). A-w-e-s-o-m-e! No more being in my room when I'm getting dressed buddy!

And one that could lead down SO many interesting roads in the future... just a few minutes ago he asked, "So mama, how did God put us together?" Sweet boy... asking so many questions. Lord, give me wisdom!!

I pray that I will always speak with wisdom, and that faithful instruction will be on my tongue. (Proverbs 31:26)


Laurie in Ca. said…
Love it Kenzie!!

Aren't some of the questions brain stumpers? This guy is getting big himself. So cute and so sweet. It sounds like your home is buzzing with much joy:) Love you girl.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
Corie said…
Oh the joys of mothering! I think I am stumped more then I am not now! Funny stories to treasure. Hope you are alll well.
Anonymous said…
He is just one of the sweetest little boys. I have a 3 year old daughter and her little mind is always going to same way! Aren't they just amzing:)
Teresa said…
Love these. My son is 12 and used to say the same thing. Once he asked me why his great-grandmothers teeth came out and his did not. Needless to say he was holding her teeth and chomping them together. He said his wanted to be able to take his teeth out. Love them, they grow up too soon. We now have our new addition who is 15 weeks.

AHHH . out of the mouths (and minds) of our babes ... her is too prescious as are his quesions! Cherish every moment - eventually (all too soon) they stop asking all the questions because they know everything - and my No It All is only seven!!! *sigh* Have a blessed day!

Rebekah and her girls!
OMGosh, don't you just love this age. What a cute conversation! He is one smart little cookie!
Jane said…
I am having an absolutely horrible week. Like one of my worst weeks ever. Thank you so much for making me smile and making my week a little more dealable! :)
Oh I loved this. The questions are flying around here too. I love the verse you gave. I really need to pray that. I have been tested with my four year olds questions lately. I just want my answers to be faith filled.

Thank you, Have a blessed night.
Carla said…
Its amazing what kids come up with sometimes. My five year old , who is always thinking about strange and random things is always stumping me with his questions...particularly about God. I love it. Keeps me on my toes :) I love those random moments where we have the opportunity to be intentional in our teaching those little hearts.
Looking forward to following your precious family as you enjoy this new season of life and rediscover Gods purposes for your life. God Bless you as you treasure those fun little moments.
Kathy said…
He will definitely be keeping you on your toes! Adorable! Good to write down the Deacon-isms! You think you will remember them all, but of course, we never do.

One of my favs from my kids is being asked "What today is it, Mom?" and then "What doin?" for the day's schedule. I cry when I hear their little voices on video tapes. Yes, I am a grandmother (an adorable 19 m.o. little guy, otherwise they would be on DVD, right? Ha!

Now I watch videos of him on YouTube and we Skype. Who knew?
I have to hide in the closet to get dressed now too...another rite of passage as a parent..hiding from the kids! Underthings are just so much more...umm....different from what the kids wear that it's the first thing they look at! I love how easy blogs make it to document the important things.....like all the cute stuff our kids say. 'Fef', now that's cute!
Deb D. said…
I have a crush on your precious little boy! LOL! I mean, if I was 3, I would ! :-) Thank you for sharing his sweet questions and conversation. They are honest and sincere and innocent. Oh, the charm of children. They DO make the world such a bright and happy place to live. God bless you and Dusty as you faithfully and intentionally raise them in the truth, love, grace, and mercy of the Lord.
tennis said…
This is off the subject by i have been following your blog and remember reading when Faith was haveing digestive problems. Can you tell me what probotic you used as my grandson is have some trouble and I think it may help him would just like to know the brand you used. Thank you so much I love your writing.
Kenzie said…

Yes, you're right- she was having lots of digestive issues. We even went to a pedi gastroenterologist and they also recommended the probiotics. Our brand is called Baby Jarro-dophilus and it is specifically for babies through 4. It is in a powder form and I tried several different ways of giving it to her (mixing it with breastmilk in a bottle until she started refusing the bottle- UGH!, mixing it with formula) but what has worked best in mixing it with a little bit of warm water and giving it to her in a syringe. I'm not sure where you live but we bought ours at Whole Foods... I hear they also sell it at HEB and Central Market.

GOOD LUCK! It is miserable to have a baby with tummy issues.
tennis said…
We bought some today and will give it a try. He is such a sweet boy but just uncomfortable.
Kenzie I also want you to know how much you helped me when we were going thru the loss of our 40 day old grandson. My daughter had twins at 26 weeks, Carson and Cooper. They were both born with numerous problems, heart, breathing, crainal bleeds you name it. Dear sweet Cooper lived 40 days and amazed the doctors of his strength but his hills were just to many to conquer. t was and still is the sadest day of my life and to watch my daughter hold her baby and tell him he does not have to fight anymore was heartbreaking. But that night they put them together and we all knew something special happend. From that day Carson never looked back and amazed the doctors with his progress. He went home 90 days later on no meds, no heart machine,and no breathing monitor. He is two today and continues to amaze everyone.
Just this April she gave birth to another boy and his time of birth was 4:11AM now what is weird is that Carson and Cooper were born, April 11, (4-11). What are the odds of Brooks being born at 4:11 and the twins birthday 4-11. I truly believe it was a sign from Cooper and Brooks is almost a carbon copy of Cooper.
I do believe people pray for miracles and dream of angles and we had both.
So thank you for helping us with a fussy baby and dealing with the loss of a baby. Your writing truly helped me many days as what you were writing was exactly what I was feeling. You are an insperation.
My daughter's blogsite is
Will let you know how the probotic's work..Thanks again for all your advice.
I just know Cooper and Maddox are running and playing and living a beautiful life until we can join them.
Janie said…
He is so adorable - reminded me of my own son, Layne, who is now 20 - at about age 3 he twisted his foot jumping down a flight of stairs (of course!) and said "Mama, I hurt my foot wrist!". Priceless, to this day we laugh about that one. You are so wise to blog and have all of this written down - I need to go back 20 years and remember everything adorable thing said by my 4 boys and write it down somewhere! I am Chuck and Christine's aunt Janie! Keep blogging!!!!

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