Seeking Prayer

Dear friends and prayer warriors... I am seeking prayer tonight and in the days and weeks ahead for three precious families. Two of the families I have come to know because they are in the final weeks of expecting beautiful little ones also diagnosed with Trisomy 18.

~Please be praying for The Paige Family: Leah, Ryan and their unborn son Christian. This is their first child, a sweet one they have longed and prayed greatly for. Please lift them up and seek on their behalf God's peace, comfort and rest in the days ahead. They are nearing their due date... Leah is about 35 weeks along and I know the waiting is so difficult right now.

~Please also pray for The Zuckero Family: Karen, Troy, their two daughters, and their unborn son. Their little one is due in September and they are also seeking God's will in this uncertain time and for Him to reveal His plan in all of this. Please pray for peace, assurance, and for the Lord to guard their hearts and minds as they approach their due date.

The other family we are seeking prayer for are friends of ours and clients of Dusty's.

~The Tillman Family's infant daughter Tiana will be in surgery tomorrow morning at 7am to receive a Berlin Heart, hoping to sustain her tiny body until a real heart becomes available. Please pray for the 11-12 hour surgery tomorrow, for peace for her family, for strength for her little body, and for God's love to absolutely surround them.

This has been a long road for each of these families and we know that there is still much more ahead... more difficulty, but also so much joy. I ask that you join me in praying for that joy and peace over each of these families. Also that they will cling to their faith and the promises of our sweet Lord.

Thank you for praying! God is SO GOOD and we trust Him in all things... seen and unseen... understood and not.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." - 2 Corinthians 4:18


Leslie said…
Im my prayers..Your family is beautiful!
petebon5 said…
as always you have have a prayer warrior within me! ttys!
Laura said…
Praying for those families as well as your own...hard to watch others walk this road. You are a sweet friend to them. Thinking of you today...hope you are feeling well and full of peace as well as hope.
ITA said…
I am praying! ITA
Susan said…
Hey Kenzie,

It was so good hearing from you!! I was out of town and I've missed some of your posts.

I loved the one below...

Please know you can count me in to pray for these precious families.

I know how near and dear to your heart those who are walking down the path you've been.

You are such a source of comfort to many.

Thanking God for the unseen~

Stacy said…
Kenzie-I have just read through your most recent posts. Your love for the Lord, your strength in Him, your compassion, your faith, your peace comes shining through in brillant hues. Thank you for your beautiful posts, for sharing your pain, your joy, your lessons, your family with us all.

I came across your blog through the mommies who attended the Deeper Still conference. I began blogging around that time and fell upon all of your blogs and have been touched by each of you and your journeys. My heart aches for each of you in the different stages of your grief and pain, but know that this journey is so much biggger than what we can see and God is so faithful and holds us tightly.

Our 4th son, Joshua was born Aug. 14, 2002 with Trisomy 18 and went home to the Lord on Dec. 11, 2002. He was such a gift to us and I, too, wouldn't change the past for what God has blessed us with in the many gifts in seeing life through HIS eyes, growing our Faith and for our sweet Joshua-even though our time with him was so short.

Our 6th child (after 5 boys) was a little girl-named Faith. I will be praying for Paige family, the Zuckero family and the Tillman family, as well as for your family and your preganancy-your little girl-Faith Claire.

I have your blog listed on my sidebar...I hope that is ok?? Please let me know if it isn't. You are an inspiration to me and I wanted to share you and the other Deeper Still Mommies with others!

In Christ's love and grace-Stacy
Laurie said…

You know I am praying for all three of these families. The updates on Tiana today have been amazing and such an immediate answer to prayer. I am praying for the family who lost a loved one and donated their heart to Tiana. Praying for your sweet Faith Clare every day too. May you be blessed as you continue to bless me.

Love you bunches, Laurie in Ca.
OH my heart is heavy for these families. I will definately be praying.
Love you sweet Kenzie,
the link for the zuckero family doesn't work for me could you e-mail their page?
Thanks friend
Kenzie said…
Kim & others-
Sorry the link wasn't working... I didn't realize. I fixed it and it should work now :)

Love lots!
Jeannie said…
Hey! I am not sure if you will remember meeting me at Deeper Still outside at lunch. I have been following your blog for awhile and just wanted to say thanks for sharing the request about Tiana. I have recieved such a blessing in being able to share their journey of Tiana's miracle. The Lord carried our family during my heart transplant(FEb 3,2007) and I have been able to offer encouragement to them. ( only the Lord could have arranged all of that) Thanks for being faithful!
Jeannie cpjeanniesjourney

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