Colorado Escape

Our "Colorado escape" was an awesome trip with my immediate and extended family and I am incredibly thankful... God was SO abundantly evident! To be totally honest, I was really worried about this trip before we left... not due to possible family conflicts or that Dusty had to leave early... but because it was the first major event that was planned for our whole family after I found out I was pregnant with Maddox. So exciting in the beginning and then so devastating after the diagnosis... So much has changed, and yet God continues to be present each step of the way.

Everything was booked and ready to go at the end of August last year and we couldn't wait for the big trip!... Then as the end of September came, the thought of this getaway vacation was excruciating. As we began to come to terms with everything about Maddox the trip quickly moved from the painful forefront to a very remote part of my mind.

We made it through many months without giving much thought to the trip, however, as we settled into March and April of this year, I really started getting panicky when I thought about this escape. My parents booked us our own cabin and put my sisters' families together because we were supposed to have a 4-month-old with us on the trip. As we got closer and closer to leaving, and I was getting more anxious, I finally asked my sister Morgan (with her husband and 2 kids) if she would switch places with us. Of course they thought it was great! I only told my parents that I was sick over the thought of going and being in a cabin by ourselves. Thankfully by the time we arrived to Colorado in the afternoon of the 4th, my heart was finally calm. Thank you Lord for answering such specific prayers! He knows just what He is doing!

Below are just a few of the many pictures taken during our 8 day trip to Colorado. It was absolutely amazing as we spent virtually no time in Denver and went straight to the Diamond J Ranch in Meredith, CO (located about 1 1/2 hours/40 miles from Aspen). Breathtaking country and a wonderful place for us to talk to Deacon specifically about God's Creation!

"Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."- Romans 8:39


Christa Mc said…
AWESOME!! it looks like y'all had SO MUCH FUN! and it is just beautiful there! what a wonderful family vacation :) wish i was there!.. do i count as family?? ha ha!
Corie said…
Glad you had fun in Colorado. The pictures are beautiful. I can understand the anticipation of it all. We have a trip in October that is similiar. To bad we could not meet while you were here.
bookworm said…
Beautiful pictures, and I'm so glad you could enjoy this time with your family.
Look how cute you are with your little belly Kenzie.

Love ya,
Anonymous said…
We are so glad you picked one of our favorite pictures, too! What a blast we all had. I personally, can't wait to go again!! Love ya,Mom

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