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Yesterday was a wonderfully eventful day! For the first time, after months of emails, blog comments, and phone calls, Kim Summons (Mary Grace's mom) and I met. She came from the Dallas area, I came in from Houston and we both met in Austin for the day.

I can't explain how amazing it was to see the face of this precious mother I have connected with so deeply. Her face, her smile, her spirit... it was just as I imagined and yet, so much more.

We had an eventful day as we spent a couple hours talking over lunch and "catching-up" on family and how everything has been going. Then, as we were on our way to check out some of the town, we were rear-ended. We both looked at each other and honestly couldn't believe this was happening to us. Amongst the frustration of waiting for over 2 1/2 hours at a local Whataburger for police to appear, we enjoyed lots of laughter. We decided we must be in that somewhat unlucky, small percentage of people that these things happen to.

After the police spent about 4 minutes with us, we decided we were in great need of some relaxation. We ended up at a nice mall and spent some time getting pedicures as we continued to talk about plans for the future, our sweet babies Maddox and Mary Grace, and the way God has continued to work in our lives.

Several hours later we were off to dinner to spend some more quality time. It is amazing how two little babies that lived such brief lives can connect people like Kim and I for life. As we both imagined, there is so much more we have in common than simply our tiny children in Heaven.

As I got in my car on my way home late last night and looked at the beautiful angel Kim gave me, I couldn't help but thank the Lord for the way He continues to work in my life. He has blessed me with so many wonderful people that have completely surrounded us these past 8 months... But to stand face to face, arms embracing with glistening eyes, with a mommy that truly knows this uncharted water is something just beautiful and something only God could work out.

I am so extremely grateful for this day, for this mommy... for the many mommies that I know that have walked this journey of great love and great loss. I love you each so much and am so blessed for knowing you through our little children.

"If you then know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"- Luke 11:13


Cathy said…
I am so glad that you got to spend sometime together in person. That is incredible.Sorry about the wreck but sound like you made the most of the time together. You are two beautiful girls with two beautiful families. One day when I get to Houston, if you don't mind Annabel being with me I would love to buy you lunch. In our thoughts and prayers.
Cathy & Annabel
Emily said…
Okay, Kenzie, we're even. I've met the amazing Kim Summons once, too. But I better NOT hear about another meeting without me until we're all together. Got it? And um, when that time comes, could we please NOT involve the police?!

Seriously, I love y'all and I'm only a tad bit jealous. :)
Christa Mc said…
so happy for you kenz.
Laura said…
Looking forward to the day we can meet with flooding eyes....I love how small God makes this world. Hope it was good for both of your hearts....Sending much love!
Yvette said…
I am so jealous and I agree with Emily, ABSOLUTELY no more meeting girls on the side until we're all together!!! Seriously though, I am so glad ya'll were able to get together - I long for the day for that we can all be face-to-face and embrace each other with so much love that has built up over these many months of friendship. I will be eternally grateful that the Lord sent each of us to each other.

I love you, Yvette
Hollie said…
I wanted to say "Hi". i found your blog through Jennifer Mills and I live in the Atlanta area. Your family is precious and I check here often and am amazed by how encouraged I have been by your blog. I'm praying for your sweet family!
Laurie said…
I love this, I just love this. How good is God? And you look like sisters, I am not kidding. I am so happy to read that your hearts connected face to face. Your sisterhood goes so deep in the Lord. Love you Kenzie and I am so happy for this meeting, fender-bender and all.
Thanking the Lord for Maddox and for Mary Grace.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Corie said…
How Great Kenzie! I know this amazing feeling and often have to remind myself that my 2 friends who have walked with me through this journey are really "new" friends although it seems we have known one another for our who life. I am SOO glad you had someone who could UNDERSTAND it all.
bookworm said…
So glad you could meet in person (and a bit jealous--wish we didn't live a country away!)
boltefamily said…
I too am a bit jealous..look at how many people want to spend time with you and Kim! I am so glad you had that opportunity though! Some days I think the only thing that pulls me through is knowing that there are other moms who understand and are walking this journey alongside me. Who knew we could ever be so thankful for the internet and making friends from afar!

Love you!


PS- You girls totally look like sisters!
Angie said…
Well, I'm doubly jealous b/c I'm going to miss out in June too! But I am so glad that you had the chance to spend the day together. That is so wonderful, and I know that one day I will get to meet you both in person as well!

Also very glad no one was hurt in the accident!!


Anonymous said…
I already know that you are an amazing person, and easy to be with. I loved reading this. God has been good to you, and provided you with just what (and who) you needed. More proof that He loves you so dearly, as if sweet Maddox wasn't proof enough!
love, connie
Andrea said…
Hi Kenzie-
Glad to hear the Scripture was an encouragement - God is good!

So good to hear how God uses these circumstances to draw us closer to one another - has anyone commented that you and Kim look like sisters?


His grace and peace,

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