I want to share a HUGE praise tonight... I received a text from Connie just a few hours ago that said they were heading home from the hospital with sweet Mallorie!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who prayed for this amazing, precious little girl and her family! I am so thrilled to say that I was able to visit them this past week and it was truly something I will always remember. Besides the fact that this family is absolutely tremendous and Connie has been a constant support to me, Mallorie showed me in each and every way that these special little babies are completely compatible with life! As she opened her eyes to look around, lick those beautiful little lips and manage a slight smile, each moment I spent with her reaffirmed that God has a perfect plan for each and every life! She is oh so beautiful and her life is a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness as He works through her parents, siblings, medical staff, physicians, Christian friends, and faithful prayer warriors. Thank you for becoming part of her story and for being that to this family!

"Therefore I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing praises to your name."- 2 Samuel 22:50


Chrissy said…
Oh praise the Lord! Thank you for posting to let us all know!
Devin said…
Hey Kenzie,

I got on here this morning to leave a comment about the tears post below, and found this post--how WONDERFUL! Thank you for updating us, and Praise the Lord!

Now, onto what I came here to say....I was reading last night in a book and found this--I almost flipped when I saw it, cause I had been thinking about your post and what you had said about being sad. The book that I am reading doesn't have anything to do with the kind of loss that you and I have suffered, but I believe the author's words are still appropriate, and very helpful:

"....tears are tools that help us heal. I once read that tears are the body's way of washing away toxic chemicals. Tears cleanse the body and soul. When we hold them back, we dam up an emotional stream that needs to flow for the heart to stay pure.

Even Jesus cried. When his friends Martha and Mary wept over the death of their brother, Lazarus, Jesus also wept (John 11:35). His rough carpenter's hands wiped the tears from his cheeks.

As you review the hurt you've suffered, you may need to cry. Disappointment may have taken a toll. Go ahead and weep. It's okay. Grieve over your disappointments and losses. God understands. As you cry, imagine Jesus wrapping his strong arms around you. God loves you and desires to heal your hurts."

Isn't that amazing? I know the Lord brought me to read that just for you. Well, and maybe a little bit for myself too. :-)

Also, in my devotions this morning, I came across these verses:

Psm. 33:21-22: "In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in You."

Once we have cried those tears, it is time to rejoice in the Lord, and put our hope in Him. I know you continue to do that everyday.

Love ya girl, have a great day today! (And give that little Deacon a sticker for me for his very FIRST verse! You've GOT to post that....)
Michelle said…
Dear Kenzie,

I've been following your blog for a while. I weep with you even though I do not know you and probably never will meet you (here on earth that is) I pray for you often.

Thank you for the update on Mallorie. We have been praying for her.
Angie Luce said…

Amen to that!! I am so THRILLED that you got to see Mallorie and Connie!!! I'm definitely jealous (in a good way), but I am so glad that you were able to see face to face the precious little girl that I see in my heart.

God has answered all of our prayers for this family. I am so thankful!!!

jen crane said…
hey girl,

thinking of you and your awesome family... let's have lunch soon. thanks for being so transparent in your blog - your honesty inspires me to be more real.

i love you, friend!!

Mari said…
Hi Kenzie - I'm here from Chelle's blog. I am so moved by what you write. Friends of ours went through something similar and today it is one year since their son was born and and then entered heaven. I've been praying for them and will pray for you too.
Chelle' said…
Kenzie- I love the new layout. And I love that you stopped by my blog.

I know the few people that read my blog are praying for you daily just as we are.

Love and Prayers-
C-U-T-E new layout!!!! I love it!!! Way cute! I noticed Lezlie's is new also. See ya tomorrow! :)
Lezlie said…
Love the new layout. It is so YOU.
I am praying for you.

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