Stop and Wonder

"Stop and Wonder"... That phrase has been on my mind this week as I drove by the church several times and noticed that it was the title for today's sermon. Wow... stop and wonder.

What could it mean? Do most recognize it as an invitation to actually take a breath, pause and think about the reason we are celebrating this glorious time of year? What meaning does that phrase hold for me and so many others out there as we are walking through or anticipating a great loss of any kind? Is it an acknowledgement of all that has been this past year, all that is in this moment, and all that will come this next year? Those could all be appropriate. But what about these... Am I to stop and wonder (dwell on) what the Lord will bring in early 2008 as we await Maddox? Are my friends that have lost little ones to stop and wonder (dwell on) when the pain will be washed away? Are we to stop and wonder (dwell on) when God will fulfill this dream or answer this prayer? I believe that asking and anticipating are okay, but in this situation, I know without a doubt the answer is a resounding NO (Matthew 6:33-34)... yet, it is so hard sometimes not to go there. It is hard not to dwell. It is hard not to ask why or when... but I know He is telling me, whispering at times, to ask another question instead. "WHAT?" I have heard it loud and clear. Okay Lord, then... What am I to do with these circumstances? What kind of greater faith are you calling me to? What do you want me to open my eyes to see? What kind of blessings are you waiting to pour out upon my family? What promises do you want me to claim? What do you want me to focus on today? What do you want me to share?

So in the beginning when the "stop and wonder" made me do just that in my heart, the "stop and wonder" now, as I knew at the outset in my head, really means to Stop! and wonder, or marvel, at the beautiful, majestic King that was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. I am to be acutely aware that we are celebrating the redemption of the world... this child was sent to Earth, fully man, yet fully God. I am NOT to stop and wonder if we will make it to February. I am NOT to stop and wonder if I will see this child alive. I am NOT to stop and wonder about the induction, or delivery, or problems on ultrasound that we might have to fix, or if we will hold our dying child. I am NOT to stop and wonder how I will get through 2008. All of those are probably valid questions and definitely things that I think about... but Christ isn't calling me to stop and wonder about those things, to dwell on them or get upset or anxious about them... He knows the plans he has for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and my family and He WILL reveal the answers to those questions in time. So instead, in this time of celebration and praise, regardless of the circumstances each of us are in, we are reminded not to stop and dwell, but to stop and marvel at the glory of Him.

It is difficult to wrap my head around something so wondrous as the God of the world coming in the form of a little child. A little child, a baby, just like any other... like my Deacon when he arrived, and soon like my Maddox... the only difference is that He came as the child of God so that in the suffering and pain of little and big people alike, He could take it all away. We could all be with him forever! We would never again have to leave this world and wonder~ and I am more thankful for that promise right now than I have ever been before. I don't have to wonder where my child will be, if he will be in pain, if he will be complete, if I will see him again.

There is no doubt that through scripture and various other accounts from Christians over time that Heaven is as real, probably more so than this place I currently call home in Katy, Texas. Don Piper, in his book 90 Minutes in Heaven, speaks of his time just outside of Heaven's gates and says "In those minutes- and they held no sense of time for me- others touched me, and their warm embraces were absolutely real. I saw colors I would never have believed existed. I've never, ever felt more alive than I did then. I was home; I was where I belonged. I wanted to be there more than I had ever wanted to be anywhere on earth. Time had slipped away, and I was simply present in heaven. All worries, anxieties, and concerns vanished. I had no needs, and I felt perfect."

That is where I am going. That is where my children and my husband will be going. That is the perfect place in which Jesus Christ came to send us... in the form of a little child He came so that each of us might have life everlasting with Him. What a way to calm my fears and help me focus on today... whether my Maddox makes it to this world without taking a single breath or he makes it longer than anyone could anticipate... his destination to live forever in Heaven was sealed through a baby who entered this world the same way over 2000 years ago. Now that makes me stop and wonder!


Emily said…
Ohh, thank you for this. Thank you. :)
Laurie said…
What a beautiful truth the Lord has planted in your heart as you carry little Maddox so close to your heart.
I am praying for you as Jesus' birthday is celebrated, our promise of our future with Him forever.

Laurie in Ca.
Karli said…

This is exactly what we should be doing this time of the season. That is what Christmas is for to "stop and wonder" about Jesus' birth. Driving to work today I heard the song "Mary did you know?" and all I could think about all day was the verse that says, Mary did you know, when you kissed his face you kissed the face of God." This is truly something to "stop and wonder" about! Thanks for those beautiful words of inspiration.
Thank you for this entry. It helped me end the day on a good note, a note of wonder and awe at our Savior Jesus Christ who is our best friend. You are always on my mind and it was good to hear sweet words from you today.
Sisters in Christ,
Angie Luce said…

Wow! As I read this, I found myself saying "Yes! That is exactly right!" You put it so beautifully. We are to put our focus on God-to dwell on Him. Instead, our first reaction is so often to do exactly the opposite- shift our attention to the problems and "stop and wonder" about them until we make ourselves sick. Thank you for writing this. You touched my heart.

Love in Him,
Betsy said…
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Betsy said…
Kenzie, as you remind me to stop and "marvel" at the promise of everlasting life with Him the little baby born so long ago brings us, I also "marvel" at the beauty of YOUR heart, "marvel" at YOUR strength, "marvel" at how God is already using YOU to testify to His glory and peace and I thank God for YOU!

Christmas Blessings to you and your family. I am praying for you!


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