Prayer and Purpose

As many of you have probably seen, specific prayers from Angie and Nathan Luce were answered yesterday as they welcomed their sweet Poppy Joy at 10:30 in the morning. God granted them time with her as she lived on this Earth and they also got to share the miracle of her birth with those friends and family around them. In the Lord's perfect timing, he took her home to be with him after only 3 hours of life. As I write these words and tears continue to fall for them, I ask that you PLEASE continue to lift them up in prayer for an overwhelming peace to overtake them. My heart breaks for their loss and, although as mothers of these babies that are deemed "incompatible with life" we are expected to know that death is the definitive outcome, I am still somewhat shocked that their time was so short with their beautiful little girl. I grieve the loss of this little baby that I never got to meet, partly because it is a stark reality to my optimistic picture for our future (and faith in our Lord), but mostly because Angie is my friend. Since I have found out about their joy and loss and their December 1st, 2007, that will remain etched in their memories forever, I haven't been able to get them off my mind. That is the Lord reminding me to pray... and praying I am.

My prayer list has continued to grow... I am praying for these girls that are pregnant with me and await the same undetermined outcome. I am praying for the girls that have lost their precious babies and are walking a road that I don't yet know. I am praying for family and friends as they walk this with us and cry our same tears of pain. I am praying for friends for many different circumstances in their lives- life with newborns, life with multiple little kiddos at home, life considering adoption, life with financial problems, life with school difficulties, life with family conflicts, life with job uncertainty... pretty much just life in general. And that is just it... this life, right here and now, is what the Lord asks us to live. He asks us to live it with perseverance and determination and joy and love and resilience and friendship and so many more countless things... but ultimately with faith~ faith in Him who created us. Faith in Him who gave us breath. Faith in Him who decides when to take it away. And faith in Him who came to give us the eternal life with God the Father. Prayer is the way to make all of that happen.

Prayer is so valuable, so precious, so intimate. It is our way of being able to know this God of ours that loves us so much. As I heard in a lesson taught by a High School Pastor this morning and revisited God's plan for each life, I was overwhelmingly reminded of our two purposes here: 1) to know God, and 2) to make God known. And so here I sit, thinking about how simple that sounds. Yet, in its complete simplicity, completely profound. Do I know my Lord as intimately as I would like? Am I spending the quality time with him, undistracted from the outside world? Do I have his promises inscribed on my heart? Can I see him clearly working in my life? Those are just a few of the many questions I have about me knowing my God. And then we get to making God known. Am I a reflector of God's love and grace in my life? When someone cuts in line at the grocery store when I have a cart full of melting food and a melting 2-year-old, can the person one aisle over know that I am a Christian? Do I communicate His purpose in my life? Am I being effective in leading others to a fulfilled and meaningful life in Him? Maybe most importantly, am I being an example of Christ's sacrifice and unconditional love at home to Dusty and Deacon? ~These are all questions that I need to answer and continually evaluate as I grow in wisdom, faith and years. It is a lifetime commitment to Christ, these two purposes for which I was created.

As we continue on this journey to meet our precious Maddox, I would ask that you continue to pray for wisdom in the decisions that we will make over the next two months. We have decided that we will be going to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center with Dr. Rowe to deliver, as we feel that they have given us the most options and the most hope. We will begin to make more specific plans for delivery and after delivery in the near future and we definitely need the Lord's guidance as we walk through various scenarios. We also pray for our spirits to continue to remain high and that we can have a wonderful Christmas season as a family, as Deacon is beginning to understand a little bit about the holiday season and the reason we celebrate Christ's birth.

Thank you for praying... it is humbling to be able pray for so many of you!

"Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear." Isaiah 65:24


Laurie said…
Hi Kenzie,

I am praying for you and your family as the Holiday Season is upon us and Christmas draws close. I pray for your hearts to be protected and lifted up on this road you travel that is becoming much too crowded. Asking God to bless and keep you safe and grant all of your requests as you wait to meet Maddox in the new year ahead. Praying for all the couples who have walked before you and who are walking with you. Your babies have stolen my heart and I love each one special. God hold you and your family close to His heart in love.

Laurie in Ca.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful post. You are right....prayer is an honor. I am honored to pray for your family. God is faithful....I know this, because He has stayed with me in VERY dark hours.

Take care.
Emily said…
You bless me. Over and over again, you bless me.
bambi said…
I don't think you ever need to worry about others knowing Christ, through and because of you. Your expressions of faith and love are so poignant and beautiful.

Ditto to what Emily posted.
Prayers for you, the family and all your new friends you share this trial with.

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