Speaking LIFE

What an amazing reminder today from a wonderful and gifted Pam Thompson... speaking words of LIFE into our children!

I trust you. You are amazing. You are talented. You are beautiful. You can do it buddy! Keep trying sister, I know you'll get it. You are so smart. You are so creative. I love how your mind works. I love how sweet you are to your sister. I am so impressed with your coloring job. Thank you for being such a BIG helper. That was a great response baby! Good try, let's do it again! Wow, I'm blown away by your kindness. You are such a selfless friend. I care so much for you. You light up my life. You make my heart overflow. God has given you such a sweet spirit. I love how much fun I have with you! Your laughter is infectious. You are such an independent thinker. Great job cleaning up. You did a wonderful job getting dressed and ready this morning. Thank you for being so responsible. I respect you. I greatly value your input. I love watching you grow and learn. God has given you an amazing mind. You are a joy. You are so fast! You can do anything you set your mind to. I love your confidence. I love your determination. I love your work ethic. I love how loyal you are. I love spending time with you. I treasure you. You are such a GIFT to me. You bring such wonderful life to our family! God sure created you special! I LOVE YOU!

So many days I get caught up on all the rules- on the obedience, respect, honesty, loyalty, manners, kind words, gentle spirit, sweet hands, controlled tongue that I forget about the other side of parenting my child. Not that we don't have fun around here because heaven knows we have a blast, but there are times when I do feel like I am constantly "reiterating" the rules. "Obedience first time. Is that respectful? Did you speak with a controlled voice? Are you treating your sister with kindness?..." The list could go on and on. YES, we are called to raise children that honor and respect the Lord and I truly believe without them being able to honor and respect those around them, that will never be first-nature in their relationship with the Lord. However, there are many times when I'm so focused on them "acting right" that I forget to speak the words that truly bring LIFE into their little lives.

We all thrive on kind words, ones from the heart and that are spoken personally and with love. Not one single day goes by that I don't tell my children that I love them, that I don't pray over them, that they shouldn't feel that they are loved. But truth be told, some days I'm distracted. Some days I halfheartedly glace in the direction of the "BIG RED AIRPLANE" that Deacon is pointing out in the sky and respond "uh huh babe, that's awesome" as I continue driving along listening to the radio. Pretty? no. Honest? yes. That's life and we all get busy, overwhelmed, frustrated. But in the midst of life are we speaking those words that truly reach the HEART of our children? I know many days pass without a very intentional word of LIFE spoken into my two babies... and into my husband for that matter. Let's all practice a few words of life... I know it could revolutionize my home. How about yours?

"This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it."- Psalm 118:24


mrsrubly said…
your are such an awestome mother! what a great reminder tonight looking for those positive things in our children. as well as the discipline part. thank for posting this.
Tanya said…
It was a great message, wasn't it? I loved how she talked about taking a discipline moment and turning it positive by saying "You are such a kind friend. Right now, you're not acting like yourself." Expresses disappointment but still reminds your child that they are loved and unique.
Brody's Mom said…
Love, love, LOVE this post! It is on-point and really hit home with me. Starting today, I will be intentionally speaking more words of life to my son AND my husband!
Thank you!!
Corie said…
Thank you....I needed that. Always a good remeinder. You have been on my heart a lot...praying for you and even more on Saturday.
Michelle Jamie said…
I enjoyed that! This book I'm reading by Carolyn Mahaney addresses that. The whole book deals with Titus 2. VERY CONVICTING and life changing. There is also a book I've read called "everyday Talk" that addresses how we speak to our children.

Thanks for the encouragement!
Kathy said…
Great post, Kenzie! We all need to hear words of encouragement! It works!!!

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