9 months

Faith Clare turned 9 months yesterday and her personality is in full bloom! This girl is definitely happy, smiley and a snuggler but she also knows very much what she wants, at such an early age! One of her favorite activities is following after her brother and being wherever he is- pulling up on the couch to touch his feet, trying to play trains on the floor with him (which always ends with a wrecked track and slimy wheels), and laughing uncontrollably when he does everything in his power to make her smile. She loves to be tickled, to read books, to give "fives" and to play on the floor. She is crawling all over, pulling up on anything possible, chewing on the closest thing to her mouth (including her fingers...or yours!) and is just figuring out how to wave hello and goodbye.

I would never pretend to tell anyone that she is an "easy" baby... and in about 2 minutes you would discover it for yourself! She is a mover and is constantly on the go. She is rather demanding and definitely lets you know exactly what she does and does not want in her day. She has a high-pitched scream that she uses to express pure joy (SO fun!) and pure disdain (...NOT so awesome) and it literally makes you cover your ears... or at least open the windows in the 100 degree Houston heat to let the sound escape. She is my precious girl... full of life, laughter and fun and she brings us great joy. I pray for her each night that all of these qualities, some fun, some frustrating, will serve her well and help her clearly discern right and wrong and stand up for what she believes. I also pray they will help her find her place in serving the Lord.

Here are her stats:
16lbs 8oz (10%)
28 inches (75%)
FOC 45cm (75-90%)

(Thank you Christa and Angela for the pictures!)
And my Deacon... well, just a little something funny. As the doctor walked in for Faith Clare's appointment, Deacon asked our pediatrician "...I wanted to know- can you come over to our house and play with me??" Our doctor is A.maaa.zing and smiled and said "I would Deacon, but I hate to commit to that because I am soooo busy! What would we do though if I came to your house?" To which his reply was "You'd play trains and cars with me!" There was a short lull as he chuckled and then D piped up, "and my mommy said you have a little boy." He said he did and showed us a picture of his precious 15 month old. D said "hummm, okay... I guess you can bring him too!"

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."- Hebrews 11:1


Jennifer said…
How fun is this age! I love it! She is so so beautiful :) And Deacon is just too funny! Bless your family, Kenzie :)

Oh, and question, is Faith Clare her full first name? Like Mary Jane? Or is Clare her middle name?
Melvin said…
wow,great pictures....
thanks for sharing...
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9 months!That's crazy. She is so precious and sounds like such fun!!
Hope to see you soon.
Kathy said…
Great healthy baby visit! Loved that Deacon asked the doctor to come over and play. Sounds like you are blessed with a very nice pediatrician!

Can't believe Faith is all ready nine months! She is beautiful and I love her personality!
bri said…
WOW she is SO beautiful!!! I cannot believe she is 9 months old already! unbelievable how fast they grow!

Love your little man D... He has such a sweet spirit about him!
Katy said…
She is just adorable and her brother just handsome. What beautiful children you have and thank you sharing them with us!!


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