Standing Tall

This is a much happier face than I saw early this morning. When I opened the door to her room at 6:30am, the smell of throw-up overwhelmed me immediately. Both her and her bed were covered... Needless to say we didn't make it to VBS but instead spent the morning cleaning up the mess. However, look who I found standing in her crib after her second nap this morning (yes, 2 naps before noon!) I can't believe she's getting so big!

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
- Philippians 4:13


Jaclyn said…
she is so beautiful Kenzie! I can't believe how big she is!

I hope you are doing well.
By the way, i love the prayer from your previous post.....i might have to borrow it :)
purejoy said…
awww, how beautiful she is!! even better, not covered in vomit!!
i walked in on my two who were sleeping together (age 2 & 3) and they were BOTH covered. gah! one in the shower with the hubs (the not throwing up one) and the puker with me in the tub. clothes and all. poor guy.
i hope she's feeling better. she sure looks better!
Debbie said… do you keep from squeezing her to pieces? Deacon too?
Devin said…
Throw up: gross!
Faith Clare: Cute as it gets!

Such adorable pics, Kenzie! I love her sweet little smile! (And, seriously, HOW is this girl old enough to be able to do this already? ACK!)
Hannah said…
What a cutie!
Cathy said…
oh how I would love to come see that smiling precious face very soon. I hope she is better.
bri said…
Oh my goodness! Such a sweet cutie-p'tootie! I love when they first start standing. So precious! It's the getting back down that usually is rough :).

Such a precious family Kenzie!

Bless you all!
Aww man, there is nothing worse than throw up in the crib.....bleck! Now that my kids are older, there is one thing worse....throw up on the pillow. The pillow is pretty much a gone-er at that point! Glad she woke up happy.....
Sugar and Spice said…
Hi! I have a childrens accessories website, and Iam donating a portion of all my sales from now until Aug. 5th to the string of pearls!
I hope it will help you and your baby somehow! If you would let your friends, family etc. know Id really appreciate it! I want to get it out to as many people as possible! :)
oh my she is precious!!! I miss you!
Too cute..what a precious picture...

so glad that I stopped by....My blog reading has been so little the last few weeks...but have a few free days to catch up.
chadandnikki said…
Beautiful girl. Even after a rough start she's still happy and adorable.
Kathy said…
Oh! I would love to wake up to a cute face like this every day!

Sorry your little Faith was ill but she obviously recovers very quickly! Praise God!!!
Carol said…
Kenzi, I am the grandmother who ask you about the proboticts when my grandson, Brooks was acting like you little girl with reflux. Well I am back to tell you what has happened to our family and ask that you pass his name along for prayer. We finally got frustrated and took him to the hospital for an IV for fluids as we were afraid he was getting dehydrated. They did a routine chest x-ray and found an enlarged heart, did an echocardiogram and found his heart was not wired right. His conditon is known as ALCAPA a very rare occurance and happens maybe 1 in 300,000 births. His heart was pumping at 8% and had a 5 hour open heart surgery the following day. His progress so far is good but we do not know the damage to his heart and are hoping it will repair in time. We need alot of prayers right now for Brooks and Lauren and Andrew. again her site is
Kirsten said…
She is so beautiful!! What a blessing to see her happy, smiling face. Hugs and love.
Melvin said…
So cute!!!
pictures are awesome..
thanks for sharing....

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