A Million Thanks...

A million thanks to all of the servicemen and women that are deployed abroad or are serving our country domestically. We are so grateful to each of you and to your families that sacrifice so much to protect us and allow our families the freedoms that we celebrate, take advantage of and often forget. Thank you also to those families who have made the ultimate sacrifice and have watched a loved one give his/her life for our country. WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO THANKFUL! May God find you faithful in your calling and bless you tremendously...

"The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.'"- Genesis 12:1


Anonymous said…

thank you so much for this post! My son just turned 20 on Easter Sunday and joined the Air Force in January. He is in training for Security Forces and this is probably the hardes thing I have done so far in my journey through this life. When I read tributes and thank yous to the troops and their families from men and women who are truly grateful, my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness and gratefullness for their appreciation!! I have probably cried more since January than ever before, yet watching God do miraculous things in the heart of my precious son...Learning to trust God in a whole new way for a journey I never expected to walk!!!
Bless you and thank you for tribute and respect for these brave men and women!!

In His Grip,
Sandy B
Great post....I love your blog...
Devin said…
Amen, and amen!
Kathy said…
Amen Kenzie! Well said!!!

Sandy B. please give us your son's name. It would be an honor and privilege to pray for him.

Anonymous said…

Bless you for being willing to pray for my Benjamin...What a gift the Lord gave to us when he gave us the privilege to pray!!! He will be graduating in July and will be stationed in California at his first AFB!!!

Bless you and thank you,
Sandy B
Kathy said…
Kenzie, thank you again for this post.

Sandy B., Benjamin will be remembered in my prayers. Wisdom, safety and God's guidance will be asked for, as well as peace for you and family.

Yes, it is a privilege indeed. God bless!
Cathy said…
Kenzie, Thank you for this post. I should have posted something, shame on me!
Hoping that your family is doing well. I will be in Houston as of next Wed. (check in day) and surgery Thurs. I am really praying that this maybe the time we can meet face to face. No stress though, if it is meant to be one day it shall happen.
Kathy said…
Kenzie, Hoping and praying that you and Cathy do manage to see each other in person! Admittedly I am a bit jealous but so very glad for you two to have the opportuntiy to meet in the flesh!

I would also like to share that Cathy has a handsome young son, Tyler who is also serving in the military! Another young person to pray for while he serves his country for which we are all so very grateful.

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