Sweet friends, I know there are many people in need of prayer right now... I think most of us are needing prayer in one area of life or another... but as I approach you in this moment, I would ask that you specifically be in prayer for some precious babies in a fight for their lives. Please petition the Lord on their behalf~ we know He hears and we know He heals.

I would also ask that you please pray for some of my most treasured friends as they are currently pregnant and about to give birth to sweet babies... babies following the loss of a previous child. I can assure you that it is extremely emotional to be preparing for the birth of a child after having one leave to be with the Lord, so I would ask that you keep Hannah, Emily and Kim in your prayers through these upcoming hours and days.

Thank you for praying and lifting up others you might never know this side of eternity...

"Save me, I pray..."- Genesis 32:11


Laurie in Ca. said…
Oh Kenzie,

I am with you here. I have hardly been able to think of anything else. I just found baby Jonah this morning and he's on my list at the top with these two others. Huge clouds of prayers are being lifted up all over.
Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
mrs boo radley said…
Praying for those who are walking through the valley.
Thank you sweet friend for your petition. My heart is so heavy right now for so many....
I love you!
Kathy said…
Thank you for making us aware. Praying along with you.
Nikki said…
They will both be in my thoughts.

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