The Houston March for Babies

Thank you SO MUCH to all the donors, walkers and prayer warriors... from our family to yours!

Today was a day filled with so much purpose and the Lord was ever-present, as always! The weather forecast looked miserable last night as I stared at to see that there was an 80% chance of rain/thunderstorms starting at 6am. I prayed last night against the bad weather, as did many others... and against all "predictions" (statistics/odds... we know all about those!) when I woke up this morning and peered out of the blinds, there was no sign of rain. On the drive in the sun rose and shined brightly! What a beautiful way to begin this day honoring 4 special little people!

The Fox Family, The Stanfield Family, The Galbincea Family

The walk, the official Houston March for Babies, went of wonderfully! We were the largest family team present (about 35 people) and we were all excited to get going. The walk began at 9am and we didn't get farther than 50 feet inside the starting gate when we all saw the banners. Oh my goodness... they took my breath away! It was very emotional to say the least... Our 3 families with our 4 precious children's names and information were on huge banners for all to see. Through the tears and swarms of people all I could think of was "this, THIS is who/what/why I'm walking!" It was amazing and undoubtedly the best part of the day.

The 5 mile walk was great... definitely the most enjoyable 5 miles I have ever trekked. We arrived at the finish line in great time, enjoyed lunch with friends and family and then began to make our way back to our cars. As I was driving away from the University of Houston campus, with my precious 2 year old already asleep in the back... all that remained constant in my mind was how thankful I was!

I am so thankful for the life of my Maddox. I am thankful for this journey we continue to walk. I am thankful for God's promises and for the time I was able to spend with Maddox. Today was one of reminiscing about all of the wonderful places I got to take him, all the things I got to tell him, and the way I prayed for him, long before his arrival.

I am thankful for my precious friends Rachel and Brooke and their families that walked with the same purpose today. I am so grateful to be walking in memory Andrew and Noah, and in special honor of Hannah. I am thankful for the Lord's promise to their families as well... for His strength and peace and sustenance. It is such an blessing to have friends that can truly share the joy and the pain.

I am thankful for all of the sweet, dear friends and family that walked with us today. I am thankful for their love, for their words of remembrance, for their hugs, and their availability to be there when needed. I am thankful for their strong desire to be part of something that means so much to our family... to so many families...

Most of our walkers- missing a few...

I am thankful for each and every person that donated towards our $5,000 goal. With matching funds, we just exceeded $7,000... How incredible! I am thankful for each one standing shoulder to shoulder with us to remember our babies and to help families that will come along behind us on these rocky roads. Each donation, from $5 to $500, has made a tremendous impact and for that we will always be grateful!

And I am thankful... oh so thankful... for each of you prayer warriors. Those of you on your knees, in your cars, in the kitchen, on your porch... those of you praying for each of our families have made all of this possible. You have made this less-trodden path bearable. You have made these stormy weeks and months sun-filled with your continuous prayer for God's hand of strength and protection and healing. You have allowed our family to see the Lord work in a way that have would otherwise not been possible... He is working through each of you. I am SO THANKFUL!

As I pulled Deacon out of the bath tonight, I looked into his blue eyes as he just smiled. I sat him on the counter and gave him a big hug. I told him how very much I loved him, that he was so wonderful and such a big boy today, and that I was so thankful that God had given him to me. He smiled this huge, beautiful smile and said "I walked for baby Maddox today." I said, "Yes, you did and you were such a good boy. Maddox loves you!"... He paused for a moment and said, "That was nice." I couldn't agree more... boy, that was nice?!

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."- Acts 20:24

Click HERE to see more pictures of today!


boltefamily said…
So glad your walk went well! I know it was a fantastic day for us as well!
petebon5 said…
kenzie, i am so glad that GOD has brought you into my life (also Brooke) i admire ya'lls strength faith and trust in the Lord. i really do look up to both of you. thank you for all your hospitality yesterday and making me feel like a part when i was very late! i would have walked it ten fold! it was such a honor to do this for these 4 special babies and their families! sisters in christ guys rock!
Jaclyn said…
I am teary looking at that huge banner with Maddox's name. How wonderful. I am sorry i couldn't make it. My dear friend delivered her beautiful baby boy yesterday at 3:08 and i couldn't help but to think of you walking for your sweet Maddox.
I will send you an email so we can figure out the t-shirt situation :)
Love the pictures!
I am so glad the weather cooperated!! I was praying for you all & was thinking of you all. I so wished I was there...what a special memory! The pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing!
Susan said…
Tears of Joy!!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us!

Remembering Maddox with lots of love today♥
Tears of joy for me as well. Im so glad your day went well, and the weather was nice.
how wonderful to see Maddox's name on that banner, brought tears to my eyes.

Wish I could have been there with you Kenzie.
Cathy said…
Kenzie, I am so glad God gave you such a beautiful day! I can just see Maddox smiling down on his family. Thank you for the support you provide to me and the pictures you shared tonight.
Cathy & Annabel
What a great day! To God be the glory!
Angie Luce said…
How wonderful!! I love it. So glad the day was perfect in every way.

love, angie
Angie Luce said…
How wonderful!! I love it. So glad the day was perfect in every way.

love, angie
Melody said…
Seeing Maddox's name on the banner brought the sweet tears for me too. I continue to pray that all the money raised nationwide goes to productive research and new findings to save these precious babies.
The VW's said…

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your day! What a wonderful way to remember your sweet little ones! May God continue to show you His mercy day after day! Your family is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing your story and faithfulness with the world!

Laurie said…
I am thankful for you Kenzie and for Maddox and for all the love and wisdom that has come out of his life. My contribution to the day was a prayer for good weather and I am thankful it was a good day. I love the banner for Maddox. "Just an instant", so true and yet look at what God is doing and continues to do with that moment. Bless you this week Kenzie and may the Lord shine on all of you extra this week.

Love, Laurie in Ca.
Ashley said…
Hi Kenzie.

You don't know me, but I happened to stumble on your blog from Google..when I was trying to find images from the March on Sunday.

Anyway, I stopped in my tracks when I got here. The song Glory Baby by Watermark was playing and that song has a lot of meaning to me. Four years ago I had twin boys, Brock and Brody, who were born to soon and passed away shortly after. For months after I couldn't sleep and I would go out to my car, turn that song on and be by myself. It's that song that helped me feel better.

Anyway, now that I've written a novel here..I just wanted to tell you that I remember coming here months ago and praying for you and Maddox. Glad that y'all had a fun time at the march and we will see you there next year!

Laura said…
What a special day to honor your sweet Maddox and help so many others. Thinking of you today.
Dear Kenzie,
Having the image of you hugging Deacon and him saying "that was nice" just brings tears to my eyes. Especially having a visual of you hugging your sweet Deacon being the Mother of 2 boys and how in those moments, Maddox is so with you, so much a part of your family and death can never seperate you or his big brother from him. I praise Jesus for Maddox's existance and difference he has made on this earth.
The walk looked amazing, your support looked amazing, BTW YOU look amazing - you and your girl friends are just beautiful with your radiant smiles. Maddox's banner brings tears to my eyes too. I am glad you had such a beautiful day - God is glorified in you all!
Thanks for sharing your day.
With love,
Anonymous said…
We love you guys so much. I love all of the banners and especially Maddox's banner. Thank you so much for writing about the events of the day. Jess and I wish we had been there.

We continue to pray for all of you. God is faithful.

Brent & Jess
Devin said…

What an amazingly wonderful tribute to all the babies gone to soon. I'm glad it was a really great day for you. Maddox's banner was well as the others.

You look GREAT in the pics, by the way.

Praying always,
Simply beautiful Kenzie. Love the banner in honor of Maddox.

Tamara said…
My boys and I got on your site tonight and my youngest son Joey, 5years old, wanted to tell you that he loves you and he is sorry that little Maddox died. You are an inspiration to many and to me, even though we walk a very differnt path. A vessle used for Chirst no matter the wear and cracks is beautiful! what a beautiful vessel you are! Tamara Cochran

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