My WHY... (and a Giveaway!!)

Some things have changed around here in the last two weeks and I am very excited about this new journey! And these recent changes have prompted me to some thinking... (something that I feel I probably don't do enough of, at least regarding the long-term). I've been settling in on my why. It's simple really. Why do I do some things and not others? What is it that drives me? What motivates me to be confident in who and where I am right now?

What I've realized is that everyone's why is different and clearly your why is often determined by so many varying factors. Are you married, dating or single? Do you have 1 child, 8 children, or none? Are you comfortable with your daily/weekly workload or would your prefer to cut back? Do you have free time and if so, what do you do with it? What are you saving for? Or do you spend too much? What are you giving to? Or has your "generosity" not been tapped into? What stirs your heart and makes you eager with anticipation? Who is at the foundation of your life? What is it all worth and what are you willing to do to make something happen?

What's new for me is a job. Crazy huh? I'm a working girl again... and I love it! I love it for so many reasons but my #1 reason is because... dah-dah-dah-daaaah... I can still do it at home, while being a mama. Not likely, you are probably thinking... but, I assure you, it is in fact something I can do here. And the best thing is that this job opportunity, this timing, gets at the very heart of MY why.

My why: I am married to an amazing man and we have 3 children here, 1 in heaven. I, for the most part, have been comfortable with my workload (Dusty says it should really be called "overwhelming", but I am good with comfortable!) around here managing the majority of the household responsibilities as well as the kiddos. I haven't noticed a plethora of free-time in the past 6 1/2 years so I can't really speak to what I would do with it. But, being honest, oftentimes I feel like I could do so much more besides "the daily routine" and I have been longing to figure out how I would ever mesh a career and still be able to be home. Plus, in regards to what we are saving for... well, we aren't saving for much of anything. In fact, that area has taken a major hit since we decided for me to be home for the last 5 years. I pray almost every day that the Lord will find us faithful in our decision for me to be home and that He will honor this sacrifice of the "financial abundance." One income is hard for most everyone, impossible for many... And yet we are giving where we can because that is what stirs my heart. And what makes me eager with anticipation? The thought of building something great for my family, and us leaving a legacy of hard work, dedication and perseverance only through strength in the Lord. And because of that, my heart lies in the ability to create that legacy for a child who has none because he has no family. Adoption is at the very foundation of what stirs my heart.

So that's it. It's simple really. My why...

"To be a giver... to my world, my family, and to a child somewhere who needs one. 
To love well... MY world, THE world, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
To treasure life and live it with purpose and meaning! 
To leave all of this as a legacy..."


And regarding this job? Well, it's amazing. And it's my why that drives me. It can be full-time or part-time as I see fit. It's about growing a market, growing myself, and coaching others to do the same. It's about a belief system in my company and those above me, in my incredible products, and the knowledge that I am right where I am supposed to be at just the right time. The market is untapped, the earning potential is staggering, and the opportunity is unlimited. Yes, indeed, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." (Phil 4:13)

Think about your life and your why. And as you do that I want you to ponder a few more... think about your when and what is between you and your goal? How will you get there? Could this be for you? What are you pouring in to and are you creating a lasting legacy in and for your family?

I shared my goal and that's where I'm headed.

As a thank-you for all of the incredible support and love over the past 4 1/2 years in this blog world, I want to offer a giveaway for the first time ever!! I have been asked to do giveaways before but have never accepted so I am thrilled to do the first giveaway ever with my own products!

I want to invite you to take a 1-minute skincare assessment on my new website. There is no obligation to do anything except spend one minute answering 8 questions. Once you do that, enter your email address as the last step (I will get an email that you did it- only comes to me) and you will be entered to win up to a $200 skincare regimen that the doctors personally recommend to you. All entered will be assigned a number and next Sunday (5/27) I will draw and announce a winner. Just think, if you win you will end up with the most beautiful skin of your life... for free!

1. Go to
2. Click on Customize Your Routine, Start Solution Tool, Start Consultation
3. Complete assessment.
4. Enter your email address to receive a copy of your personal recommendation and be entered for the contest.
5. Winner announced Sunday, 5/27/12 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."- Philippians 4:13


How fun and I did it :)

I was kinda bummed out though because I really struggle with overly dry skin. Like it looks like my face is peeling all the time and I didn't really see an option for that. Although I could have just done it wrong...

Anyway I sure do love your family!

Kenzie said…
Vanessa, I'll email you! We will figure this out... for real :)
Heather said…
Filled out the survey and I was impressed with the results...although I am pregnant and it says to come back afterwards for a new routine :) Thanks for the chance!
I love your "Why"

anno said…
Hi Kenzie,
I just thought I'd throw in a word of caution. I got caught up in an MLM/network/dual marketing company when my kids were little too. I was told I could work it around my family, but that wasn't true. I lost basically a year of my youngest child's life because in order to maintain an illusion of making money, I had to work the business non-stop. We ended up in $8000 debt due to this business that was supposed to allow me to make money not lose it. I've since learned that 98% of people who get into an MLM scheme will lose money. Instead of being able to stay hoemw ith my babies I had to go back to full time employment and put both kids in full time day care so that DH and I could pay back the debt that I had incurred.
I know at the beginning of being involved in MLM it is very exciting and the possibilities are endless, but that it not true...the work is endless and the spending is endless but that is about all. I would encourage you to research MLM companies before putting any more money into this business.
I know this sounds very negative but I have to say that my experience was very negative and it took years to heal the financial and emotional scars that being involved in an MLM caused. I am far from being alone in that as MLM does leave huge scars with anyone who gets involved, except those at the very top of the tree.
I would hate for anyone else to go through what I went through, and that is why I am speaking out.
Kenzie said…

Thank you so much for your concern! I really appreciate it and want you to know that I fully researched this company called Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. They are the creators of Proactiv and have created a new company with various skincare lines to address the most common reasons why people see a dermatologist.

The brilliant thing about this company is that the products are tested both clinically and in the marketplace when it was sold in high-end stores (Nordstroms, Macys, etc.) and won various clinical skincare of the year awards. PLUS, I don't have to carry any inventory and no delivery, home parties or the such SO my investment is very minimal.

My husband was very leery in the beginning too but as I spent a great deal of time researching the products, company and the industry, we were both very much on board when I signed on as a consultant.

I definitely know that this isn't for everyone but the way that R+F is structured, anyone really can make money- be it a few hundred dollars a month or several thousand if you want to build a team and grow... which is what we plan to do here because the market is wide-open here and honestly, most others cities in the country. And we have great direct access to all those that are doing well and succeeding in creating their own business from home.

Thank you again so much for sharing your story... I'm so sorry for the hurt and deep heartache that it caused your whole family. I can imagine that with your experience you definitely want to share the pitfalls of such companies.

Have a blessed week,
Jami Miller said…
I know that you prayerfully considered this and I am so excited that you are able to blend your mommy duties with being able to work at home. R+F is a fabulous company and they are changing history in direct sales. It is so unfortunate that there are companies out there that are not as ethical, but I suppose it is that way with many companies direct sales or not.
Elizabeth said…
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story and your sweet little Maddox. We lost our little Ryan this March.
Much Love,
hi,, just visit this site,, have a nice day :)

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