It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming...

Monday was somewhat heavy and I still can't get it off my mind.  I woke up, got ready and dropped the little 2 off with a friend.  I made my way to church where a girl I worked with, someone I would consider a friend, was being celebrated. Normally celebrations are fantastic... but Monday there were tears. Lindsay was being celebrated in this life because she has graduated to her eternal one with the Lord.

This graduation was not of her choosing. She had so much life ahead and a precious young daughter that she did everything for. She couldn't have imagined that it was her time. Her family still can't begin to comprehend the tragedy. And yet, in this crazy, sad, fallen world... somehow the Lord knew. 

The service was emotional, both funny and heart-wrenching. But the message- WOW- the message. It was just amazing and the phrase that was used, borrowed if you will, was from the famous Pastor S.M. Lockridge. His sermon, used one Resurrection morning decades ago, was entitled "It's only Friday, but Sunday's coming..." and it spoke deep into my heart. It encompassed my life, especially 2007 & 2008, but can still be where I live today.  I know in large part it encompasses your life too.

The fundamental message spoke to hopelessness, despair, tragedy and fear. It spoke to disappointment and even to death itself.  We, today, are living in our Friday.  Things aren't ever as we imagine them. Marriages, as desperately as we cling to them, still fail. Jobs, which provide us security and purpose, evaporate. Expectations we have of family or friends or even strangers never seem to hold their weight and people don't come through. Parents die. Spouses die. Even our children die. There are far too many of us that have lived through these things... And then as you begin to think more about it, each of us will encounter a complete undoing ... all because it's only Friday.

Just like the Friday that God gave up His Son. On that awful, sickening, terrifying day when death truly did win.

The redemption for each of us, however, comes on Sunday. And Sunday's coming...

Sunday is where all of my hope lies. That beautiful Sunday when I will see my Savior face to face. I will hold my Maddox again. When I will hug my father-on-law, my grandparents, and sweet Lindsay, whose family is just beginning their Friday.

Sunday is the blessed assurance of what we will inherit.
Sunday is the reason we can survive with hope and joy.
Sunday is why we wake up and put our two feet on the ground.
Sunday gives us everything our hearts desire but our hands can't grasp... because in reality death didn't win. God did.

"It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming..."  Don't despair or give up hope. Tragedy strikes and fear takes over, but remember that today just might be your Friday. This earth is Friday... but Sunday's coming.

Thank you, Lord, for Sunday!

YouTube of Pastor S.M. Lockridge's own words

"I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5


Anonymous said…
Kenzie- such an amazing way to describe beauty in the midst of tragedy. My heart breaks for that family! Hope is truly found in the fact that "Sunday is coming...".

Love ya- Jess

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