Guide Him

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, O LORD, 
for you are God my Father, 
and my hope is in you all day long."- Psalm 25:5

Tomorrow is Deacon's first day of Kindergarten.  I have been preparing for this day in one sense or another for 5 1/2 years... How did it sneak up on me so fast??

Deacon is ridiculously excited.  Probably a little bit like his Mama, he seems to be good at school and looks forward to learning, playing and spending social time with others.  Unlike his Mama, he has no reservations, no expectations, just pure excitement.  I LOVE IT and it's going to make it so much easier to leave him tomorrow morning.  Well, somewhat easier...

I remember watching friends get ready to send their kids off to kindergarten.  The kiddos seemed so big at the playgroups as I looked down at my little toddler and yet, watching them walk down the street to and from the bus, they seemed like babies.  That big kid walking away will be my baby tomorrow. 

Tonight we prayed over so many things- over his school, his classroom, his teacher, his classmates, their protection and health and safety.  We prayed for D's confidence and strength and excitement and friends. We asked the Father to keep His hand of love and protection over him. As we finished, I kissed his head as I always do, told him how much I love him and how excited and proud of him I am.  He grabbed my hand as I turned to walk away and pulled me back. Instead of me opening up his hand and kissing him (like in The Kissing Hand and A Pocket Full of Kisses), he opened up my hand and kissed mine right in the middle of my palm.  "I love you, Mama," he said to me. 


... A precious picture of my biggest boy in all his sweet essence.  Yes, he might be silly and crazy and frustrating and a rule-follower-to-a-fault, but I pray that he is all the Lord wants him to be at this exact moment in time.  He has some amazing qualities and although I would love to keep them all to myself, the time has come to share those God-given qualities with others.  I just pray that as he spends so much of his time in school now that he will bless his teachers and the other students like he has blessed us. That is all I can ask...

Thank you Lord Jesus for this amazing time at home with my boy.  Just as I must do everyday, I release Him to your care, comfort, protection and love as he heads off to this new, exciting adventure.


Devin said…
Love, love, love the Kissing Hand...we read that, too, on the night before Kindergarten. I would have just lost it at his kissing my hand though! Sweet boy. Praying for you through this transition, my friend.
aleena rose said…
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aleena rose said…
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