Lucky Number 18

Today, May 12th, is a special day. My sweet Faith Clare is 18-months old and today I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 4th sweet baby.

At 18-months old, Faith Clare, you:

~ Say "mama", "dada", "deeda" (Deacon, and just how he said it!), "ssss" (yes), "naaaao" (no), "blub, blub, blub" (what fishies say), "woof, woof" (doggies), "nana" (for your paci), "wa wa" (agua), "ma" (for yes m'am), "dup" or "bup" (up), "elp" (help), "uh oh", "owww"

~ Sign all done, please, thank-you, more, and help

~ Climb basically anything- tables, chairs, chests, couches, stairs, stools... The only thing you haven't done yet is climb out of your crib!

~ Play constantly with your big brother- airplanes, trains, trucks, cars, even light sabers

~ Still sit rear-facing in your carseat

~ Weigh 20lbs 2oz (Wooohooo, finally hit 20lbs)

~ Go to bed around 7:30PM and take a 2+ hr nap each day

~ Wear size 3 diapers

~ Would eat yogurt every meal if we let you- cups, tubes and drinkables

~ Don't like ANY vegetables but will eat beans all day long (kidney, pinto, black, garbanzo)

~ Would pick a banana over any fruit that exists but that is still pushing it- you would prefer sweets any time of the day

~ LOVE cinnamon rolls, donuts, cake, ice cream, lollipops... again ANYTHING sweet

~ Chug your milk each morning and then throw your cup in a tantrum when it is gone

~ Aren't interested at all in TV, even when your big brother is watching

~ Get into everything- cupboards, magazines, jewelry boxes, the dishwasher

~ Have a blast in your backyard swing

~ Constantly make us laugh- your expressions, your dancing, your cuteness

~ Love to dance, chase, body-slam with daddy, jump on beds, read books, play babies, blow bubbles, use chalk, ride bikes and most of all, snuggle

Faith Clare, you are such a treasure to Daddy and I. We love you so much and couldn't even begin to imagine this life without you! You bring such joy and fun to our family. You love Deacon more than anything and he takes great care of you. We are praying you will do the same for the newest little babe to join our family! We love you precious girl!

At 18-weeks pregnant, newest little one, you:

~ Are about the length of a green pepper

~ Are measuring a full week ahead

~ Are prayed for constantly and loved more than you know

~ Have been moving lots and mommy has felt you for about 3 weeks now

~ Have a strong heartbeat

~ Don't have a name yet

~ Are due in the beginning of October, but I am predicting a September arrival


"From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth."- Psalm 50:2


mrsmarkdave said…
That's so sweet. Congratulations!!!
boltefamily said…
YAY! What sweet blessings all of your babies are! :) Faith Claire sounds a lot like Hope! :) YAY for baby boys...praying for all of you!
Rachel E. said…
Happy 18 month birthday, Faith Clare! And congratulations on your pregnancy!!!
The Smiths said…
Congrats on a little boy and Faith Clare - how special that she will be the ONLY girl!
Tina said…
I knew it was a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a "lurker" bit LOVE your blog and think you bring so much to the table for us all.

Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! You have an amazing family and you give me hope every time I read your blog as you point out God's faithfulness. Can't wait to hear more about the pregnancy!!
Laurie in Ca. said…
Precious post Kenzie:) I am so happy for you guys and am praying for that Baby Boy to be healthy and strong and bring so much JOY to you. Have a wonderful weekend. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
Wendy said…
Yeah for another precious boy! Congrats Kenzie :) I love that picture of you and Faith is too cute!
Andrea said…
So excited to hear more about the new little man due in Sept/Oct and everything that Faith Claire is up to.
Jen said…
I think there's your name... Zion. (I won't be offended if you think "ew! NO!" *grin*)

Can't wait to hear more about your precios new boy.
Anonymous said…
A boy!!! Congratulations Kenzie!!
Andrea said…
Congrats!!! Boys are so fun, as you already know!!!

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I just knew I had to comment today!! I am praying for a continued easy healthy pregnancy!! God Bless!
D said…
I guess I am a little behind, but CONGRATULATIONS on baby number 4!!

Much love,
Kenzie said…

If you email me I can give you some more info on their family. They are doing really well and there are some specific reasons they can't blog :)

Hope y'all are doing well!
Jen in Al said…
Oh, Kenzie! Faith Clare is so adorable! It has been awhile since i have checked in on you guys! Happy 18m baby girl! Deacon has grown so much!! CONGRATULATIONS to your family for your third son! He has 2 great big brothers! one to watch over him here on earth and one to watch over him from above.:) Deacon and Faith Clare must be so excited! Think of you and yours often and we always remember the preciousness of Maddox and the lessons his life taught us. ((hugs)) love and blessings, jen in al
connie said…
You got your September arrival, huh? I wish I had had interet access, so I'd have known, because it would have been something to remember from time to time and smile about. I am so happy for you. I love you!

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