I received this Beautiful Blogger award from a precious mama and reader Pam. Honestly, I am just thankful that she is still coming back even though my posts have been few and far between lately. I'll admit that I am super behind and have MUCH to fill you all in on over the next several weeks... My heartbreak over precious Layla Grace, my elation at our "adoption" of a sweet Kenyan boy into our family through Compassion sponsorship, my amazing trip to Dallas to reconnect with precious friends and the mamas of Jacob Ryan and Mary Grace, and just our family happenings of late.

So now, on to the randomness!

Rules: List 10 Random things about yourself and then pass them along to 10 (or a few more) of your favorite Bloggers. So cool!!

1. I used to be a super-organized, very Type A person. I LOOOOVE cleanliness and virtually no clutter, but right now that part of me seems to be hidden away under laundry, trucks, coloring books, babies and random tupperware throughout the house! In this season of life, I have come to understand it and am trying to put it all in perspective.

2. If there was one thing I could do well in this life that has no possibility of happening, it would be to sing well... I don't even need to be amazing, just good enough would do!

3. I am missing my second baby boy, especially as of late. I am struggling with ways to make his life still matter now that he has been gone 2 years... People just move on, ya know?

4. I aspire to become an great photographer and was just given (for my big 3-0 a few weeks ago) an awesome camera from my parents and MIL. SUPER excited and have been trying it out all over town! (Eventually I want to become a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.)

5. I love my husband SO much! He is an amazing provider, a phenomenal father, my best friend, and he absolutely loves me through all my faults, ugliness, selfishness and attitude. He truly loves and honors me as Christ requires of him and I pray that others see JOY in me that is apparent because of the way that I am loved by my husband.

6. I have always had a heart for children and all things international. I considered joining the Peace Corp after high school but you can't share the gospel so I knew that wasn't right. I would love to live abroad again but this time with my family. I have a strong desire to serve abroad as a missionary. I know that if that isn't what God ever calls us to do, I would love to travel the world participating in mission trips, possibly even to Kenya to visit our precious new child, Lokitari.

7. God is it for me. He is all I need... truly. All I have is because of Him and I am SO THANKFUL to be saved by His grace. Faith, striving to make my heart like His, and His will mine.

8. I don't have a "bucket list" but have always thought that it is a fun idea- set goals for what you want to accomplish... Right up my alley!

9. I constantly feel behind lately. Well, as of the last, like, 3 years. I have such great intentions and just don't get stuff done- thank-yous, birthday cards, phone calls to those I love... I will be striving to better organize my time so that I can get the important things done.

10. I love babies... all babies, all needs, all colors. Precious God-given life! My babies, all of them, fill up my life in a way I could have never imagined. WOW- they are amazing! Asking God to lead them, protect them and help them to "grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men" (Luke 2:52).

Now the 10 (or 12) awesome bloggers that I am passing this on to...
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"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God."- 1 John 4:7


Jaclyn said…
hey there! I haven't commented in FOREVER, but i wanted you to know that i am still reading your blog. I actually stopped blogging and just doing facebook now.
Anyways, I wanted you to know that after following your story and praying so hard for baby Maddox, i still think of your family and your sweet Maddox often. You have taught me so much, even though we have never met. Your son has not and will not be forgotten....
Kenzie, Thanks for posting again. I love your blog and miss it when you don't write as much but I understand how busy life can be. I have been thinking about you alot lately and sweet Maddox as well. Praying that you will feel led in some way to keep Maddox's memory alive as he will always be in your heart.


connie said…
About number 3 - his life still matters. Always will. His name is on my tongue at unexpected moments. Even my children know his name. I know people move on, and WE move on, but he is not forgotten. Because he existed, and you were good enough to share his story, we all waited for him on our knees, and had the blessing of being able to send you pager reminders when he came to our minds and we stopped to pray. Because of the blessing of your knowing early about his health problems, his life was celebrated more fully even before birth than might otherwise have happened. His life was long enough to fill us with memories of him. I loved seeing pictures of him the other day. I will love hearing of ways that you think of to help keep his memory alive, but I promise you, I remember. Many of us do. He is Mallorie's brother. I can't forget.
Deb D. said…
I continue to stop by regularly. I always enjoy your posts and seeing how your beautiful family is faring. Little Maddox is still remembered regularly. I enjoyed reading your random list. We share some interests in common. I, like so many, love and do photography and am pursuing becoming a photographer for NILMDS, as well. I am all about what they value.

Have a great weekend! Will look forward to reading your posts on the topics you mentioned and any others.
Devin said…
Awe, Kenz. So many things....

Thank you for passing this on to me. It means so much to me--not the award, per say, but our friendship. You know I love you and your family.

Maddox will always, always matter and always be a part of your family. I understand about his 'relevance' now that it has been two years--sometimes, in light of what has happened in our family with the loss of my SIL's baby last May, I feel almost like I shouldn't bring our baby up anymore...it's been too long; other, 'more sad' things have happened since then that are 'worse' than what we went through...I know that other people don't necessarily say those things, but sometimes I wonder if they are thinking them. But, here's the thing--it doesn't matter. It was my baby, Maddox was YOUR baby, and you will always have every right to make him a part of every thing you ever do, you know? Those who love you, who love him, who love your family know that, and Maddox will always be relevant. Always be a part of everything!

That is super cool that you love photography and want to be a photographer--I didn't know that, but I can imagine that you would be GREAT.

I used to be super organized too. We will get there someday again! :)

I love you friend. I am always, always praying for you, even if it is days/weeks that we go without talking. THAT will never change!
Molly said…

I want to be a NILMDTS Photographer, too! A few months before my cancer diagnosis I went to a Sandy Puc' conference in Houston on photographing babies and children. It was really great and I took lots of notes. I think she probably has a class on DVD. All the black on black posing stuff.

My husband is actually the photographer in the family - donallen.net, and his cameras scare me.

I just need lots of practice. Now to find the time . . .

Congrats on the big 3-0! God's blessings on you in the next decade and beyond!
prashant said…
I love your blog and miss it when you don't write as much but I understand how busy life can be.
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