It Seems Someone is One!

It seems virtually impossible that you are now one year old, my precious Faith Clare! Oh, how I remember that mid-November day of 2008... what sweet one as we welcomed you to our world! I want you to know how much I have loved being home with you, enjoying each and every moment of your growth and development... celebrating your milestones, loving you through your hard times and frustrations, cherishing your little-bittiness, and now treasuring your attempts to be a "big girl."

It seems like just yesterday that we found out you were on the way, and you filled our hearts with joy, hope, and thankfulness. I have always known that you are a special promise from God and it amazes me how you have brought such a fun-loving dynamic to our family. You make your daddy softer as I see him love and cuddle you, your brother sweeter as he rubs your head and says he loves you, and me... You've made your mama more thankful and present as I try to absorb each moment that we snuggle, sing, laugh, and play. We would be far from complete without you here in this family!

It seems that many think you are more like me than I could have ever imagined! You are feisty, fun and often fiercely independent. You generally know very definitively what you want and have no problem expressing that to anyone within about 50 feet! You love reading books, engaging in lively conversation, and playing with your new babies. You are often happiest while wrestling, dancing, chasing, tickling, stacking and of course unpacking your diaper bag. You have a sweet spirit, tend to be very smiley and love being in your mama's arms. Deacon and Scarlet are your best buddies and it brings me such joy to see your face light up at the end of the day when "da da" walks in the door and you head straight his way to be picked up and loved.

It seems to me that you are beautiful, strong-willed, loyal, fun, challenging, sweet, loving, playful, demanding, energetic, daring yet cautious, independent yet dependent... It seems that you are full of life and full of contradictions, and we are full of love and thankfulness for you! You are my precious first girl and I can't wait to continue to celebrate life with you!

It seems to me that you are just about perfect! Happy 1st Birthday my sweet love.

"O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago."- Isaiah 25:1


mrsrubly said…
happy 1st bday faith clare! gorgeous pictures! thanks for sharing kenz!!
Erika said…
Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday, Faith Clare!
The Nichols Fam said…
Happy Birthday little one!!
Devin said…
Oh, how I wish I were closer. I just want to squeeze her!

Love the cake (beautiful!) and her dress, and I am just so glad for the blessing that Faith Clare is to you...and to so many others through this blog!

Love you friend :)
kari j said…
Aww, happy 1st birthday little Faith Clare! You (and your cake) looked just beautiful! :o)
Wendy said…
Happy Birthday Faith Clare! One is such a fun age. And Isaiah 25:1 is one of my all-time favorite verses :)
oh my I knew the date was coming! That is crazy that she is one. I can't believe I have only seen her one time her whole life! She is gorgeous as you all are. Kenzie you look fabulous. I miss you.
Happy Birthday to sweet Faith Clare. Deacon gets cuter and cuter. Love you girl
Stevie said…
Happy birthday Faith! Just wanted to say WOOOHOOO to the Nebraska gear from a Nebraska girl!! GOOOOOOOO Huskers!! Big game this weekend.
Happy birthday! Gosh, you have such an adorable family. And where in the world did you get that dress for Faith? It is so precious!
Kathy said…
Thanks for sharing Faith's big day! Happy First Birthday beautiful girl!!!
She is such a cutie and a pint sized Deacon. My little girl, who has 4 brothers, is also not shy about announcing what she likes and doesn't like. it seems it's a girl thing..or so they say! I am so glad she has brought such happiness to you all!

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