It's been a busy few weeks with our dynamic duo! We spent 10 days "on the road" visiting Dusty's grandmother in Arkansas and my family in Nebraska. It was busy and a rather rough trip considering the amount of time the kids spent strapped into their seats (18 hours in 2 days on the way up- 17 hours straight on the way home!), but we had a blast and are so thankful for all of the fun that we have when we're able to visit family!

Deacon loved spending time with everyone: Mimi and Papa, aunts and uncles, and especially his cousins, Aleyse and Haylee, and even the newest little one Koplin. Faith Clare still has a slight appeal to him, but mainly when his girl cousins seem to take an interest in her. He is still the only boy in my big family of girls, so here's to hoping for another boy in the family soon!! (clink, clink of the glasses!)

Faith Clare did AMAZINGLY well on the drive. To be quite honest, I was terrified and prayed so much for her since she still strongly dislikes the carseat. She slept quite a bit and I although I had to crawl in the back here and there to keep her occupied, overall I was extremely pleased. Certainly there were a few major crying bouts that were unavoidable and, well, really how could I blame her after 14 hours in the car!?

This, however, is my major issue... not just on the trip but in the car in general. Her crying. See, when she cries, it causes a chain-reaction in the car. I'm not sure if Deacon has highly sensitive ears or just has absolutely NO tolerance for loud noises, but to give you a visual, this tends to be what ensues:

FC- "ahhhhh, waaaaaa, waaaaa.... waaaaaa..."

Deacon- "Ba-a-a-a-bee Feeeef, s-t-o-p cryyyyyiiinnnnnggg" in a rather high-pitched chipmunk voice since we have now threated him when he yells at his sister

FC- "ahhhhhhh.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" much louder now that she is hearing "that" voice

Deacon- "Ba-Aaaa-BEEEEE FEEEEEF, STOOOOOOOP CRYYYYYYING" increasingly louder, high-pitched and annoyed (& annoying!)

Me- "Deacon, please stop. Remember, that is what babies do. They cry sometimes because they can't talk, remember?? She is just tired. The more you use that voice, the more upset she's going to get!"- with Faith Clare's loud screams still clouding the entire conversation

Deacon- Now calmer because he's afraid he'll be in trouble but still very loud "B-a-b-y Feeeeeeeeeeeeff, no-oh-oh-oh cr-y-y-y-ing" and then the part we're still laughing about "because you're gonna get company" (yep, as in Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me)

Me & Dusty- Pure laughter! What else can you do??

Deacon- "Nooooooo, it's toooo LOUD! She's hurting my EEEEAAAARRRSS!"

Thus begins the thrashing. My 3 1/2 year old is off-the-wall crazy and now the two of them are battling it out. An ugly, piercing frequency is bouncing off the walls of the Explorer and I'm seriously considering flinging myself onto the pavement as we're traveling 80 mph down the interstate. My head is POUNDING and I am on the edge myself. (Okay, to be honest, I have engaged in the screaming myself... not a pretty picture either! She is screaming, he is screaming because of her and then I am screaming at him!)

So here we are, cruising down the road- Deacon and Faith Clare screaming in the back, Dusty and I somewhat laughing up front because we are about to lose our minds and then... brilliant idea- let's roll down the windows! ...Suddenly a silence emerges. She quickly settles in and closes her eyes and he, in turn, lays his head to the side and stares out the window. WHAT?? Just windows? Within about 30 minutes my frustration level has slowly eased back down and I am calm... Ready to engage in the chaos again.

So... anyone have any similar stories? I've never heard of a child absolutely losing his mind over an infant crying in the car, but I think my son might be close... any suggestions? I laugh here... and have been on the verge of tears in the midst.

"Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me."- Philippians 3:12


Taryn said…
I'm not really answering your question - as I'm so far childless myself - but I have found a similar answer to my own screaming-in-the-car problem: my kitten! She claws and cries and scratches anything she can reach, and has entirely shredded one carrier already. UNTIL I rolled the window down - now she hushes up and lies down.

The effect is in a different direction - she's afraid, not awed, but it works! Glad you discovered the window trick to help you get through this period with your sanity intact!
Devin said…
Oh, heavens girl.

That was hilarious. But, believe me...I am definitely laughing AT you, and with you. *hee hee* I can just picture than scenario.

I have so been there myself, except I had two (Col and Cam) yelling at Ethan when he was little. Now, looking back on it, I can say 'it was so funny'...but then, I'm sure I was definitely on the 'screaming at them' end more than the 'laughing at them' end. It is hard, and frustrating! And, I don't think there is much that can be done. Just a stage, and it too shall pass.

And, I'm not certain, but I don't think Deacon has a high sensitivity to sound or anything. My two did that as well. I think it's more of a high insensitivity to cryers!

I'm glad you survived the trip, and that you had some fun with family. Praying for you all everyday! I'll talk to you soon.
Sounds like you have a screamer on your hands! But, an absolutely adorable one at that!
The good news she wont scream forever!
KAL071203 said…
my now 4-year-old used to do that when my now 14mo was a babe.....yeah it's either suck it up, or tuck and roll onto the pavement:) praying for ya:)
karina said…
Screaming happens here on a daily basis. I did a LOT of it myself today, not proud of that. :(

One day last week my 22 mo old (Izaak) woke before the 4 year old (Kevin). We spent about an hour playing quietly, contentedly on the couch. Then Kevin woke and came out to join us. Izaak saw him coming down the hall and started SCREAMING! Just because he saw Kevin coming. True to form, Kevin came over and immediately took over whatever it was that Izaak was doing, which made Izaak scream more and Kevin fought back and started screaming too. Sometimes you can laugh it off and sometimes you just want to run away and cry.

It does get better. My older kids don't scream nearly as often. ;)

In the words of the great Abe Lincoln, "This too shall pass."

This is probably the beginning steps to his BIG BROTHER status. I am sure when she gets older and anyone makes her sad or makes her sad, that big brother will not tolerate it for a second. I am sure it has a lot to do with him feeling like she is in pain, hurt, or something negative and he can not stand to hear his sister like that. Time will tell. Just keep these incidents in the back of your mind so you can remind him of it when he is older. :)
The Box Office said…
Get him a pair of ear muffs...maybe he doesn't like the noise. While you're at it get me a pair too :) The Box household (and car as well) is never quiet!
kg said…
singing is what helped us. Sometimes me (a calm or silly song)
sometimes big sister singing whatever she wanted to. We told her it helped.
boltefamily said…
I laugh only because this quickly changed in our car to. "He's touching me!", "Mom! Ben is hitting me", "Tell Him to stop looking at me!" or one of my favorites "MOOOOOOOMMMMMM! Ben is saying that the sky is green and it isn't" Which turns into the closest thing to a knock down drag out fight between the two of them while buckled into carseats. UGH! What are we going to do with three across the back seat?
Meema said…
Try a portable DVD player. Okay, so that's like an electronic babysitter. So sue me :) It works.

If it's for older, fighting siblings, they need to work out, before they get into the vehicle, what will be watched and in what order.

It may not keep the baby from crying, but it might help Deacon not to react to it. Our DVD player has earphones so it's not blaring in the van.
kari j said…
Ha ha ha, I wish I had advice or some quick and handy helpful hints! :o) I'm mostly writing to say I sympathize with you, to a tee! When McKenzie was a "baby" baby (like 6 mos. and younger) she SCREAMED every single time she was in her carseat, no matter how short of a trip and Derek would yell right along the same lines of what Deacon was saying "ZZ, stop babes!" "ZZ, stooooopppp!" ...and then (fake) crying til we'd arrive at our destination.
Now ZZ is 14 mos old and Derek is 3 yrs and 4 mos and he is MUCH better at talking her through her sudden "rough patches" in the car :o)
He now says, "baby Z, please stop that loud noise!" and generally she's so intrigued by the fact that he's talking TO her she actually does! :) It's cute. I bet Deacon and little Faith will start to have some of those interactions in the later months too!
Hang in there mama, I am actually astounded at the fact you and your husband made it thru such a LONG car trip with your ears in tact! WOW! :)
Carla Burlando said…
Wow, I can so remember drives like that. I never thought of the window though...other than jumping out of one myself. We take yearly 1000 mile pilgramages to visit family and we have driven down to the Baja from Canada with two young children. We now have three who are getting very used to their carseats :) And I'm getting used to packing ear plugs. Just a warning as your kids get older the screaming will turn to fighting. MOOOMMM FAITH IS POKING ME!! MOM DEACON IS LOOKING AT ME!!!
Life is never dull :)
Carla Burlando said…
Wow, I can so remember drives like that. I never thought of the window though...other than jumping out of one myself. We take yearly 1000 mile pilgramages to visit family and we have driven down to the Baja from Canada with two young children. We now have three who are getting very used to their carseats :) And I'm getting used to packing ear plugs. Just a warning as your kids get older the screaming will turn to fighting. MOOOMMM FAITH IS POKING ME!! MOM DEACON IS LOOKING AT ME!!!
Life is never dull :)
Jess said…
Nice job creating the visual :) I can actually hear Deacon screaming! They are so precious though- even at times like that, right?

They both look like they are getting so much bigger than the last time we saw them, so that definitely means we need to get together again soon.

Love you guys!
Rachel said…
I am totally LOL!!!! My daughter is 21mo old. She has cried every time we put her in the carseat from DAY ONE. I have 3 boys ages 14, 10, 8....THEY HATE THE CRYING. I dont care if we are in the car 2 minutes or daughter, Melana, will cry non stop the whole time saying "el me" (help me)....she hates the car seat to no the mean time, the boys get totally irritated and try to calm her by saying this or that, lying to her, telling her to look at the doggie or bird or duck (THAT IS NOT THERE) all the while she is getting worse and worse and worse. I do the windows and the songs and the sippy cup and EVERYTHING.....but i do believe, i am stuck with that till she is 90lbs and in a seat all on her own.

Good Luck. I totally feel your pain. EVERY DAY!

PS....I'm a single mom, so i have noone to laugh with. :)

Jenn said…
My five year old still screams when her three year old brother cries! She just can't stand it!
Cathy said…
Stopping by to say hi! I am glad I did because now I can't stop laughing. Thank you for sharing some of your trip. Also wanted to thank you again for the phone calls and the attempts to come to see us in the hospital. Will be making update soon about surgery. Have met with 3 drs. and have to talk with urology one more time. Again, thank you for the post, it is priceless and so glad that your family is home safely.
Eric-Melissa said…
I've been there!
nae said…
jaidyn used to HATE when rylie cried in the car! i know what you are going through....! sorry i missed you when you were back in town - didn't even know you were in town :(
Cathy said…
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!
Katie said…
Happy early Mother's Day Kenzie. I hope that you have a fabulous day! :-)

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