I have been hacked! Last night when I returned home from church I went upstairs to send a few important emails that I have been neglecting. As I sat down to sign in, my email account kept saying incorrect sign in/password. I was really frustrated and it wasn't until Dusty came upstairs and signed into his own account that we realized what had happened. Luckily, I set his email as my back-up... He received an email from the domain server at 7:19 PM (while I was gone) saying that my account password had been changed. When we were finally able to access my account... EVERYTHING WAS GONE!

I have no email from the last 3 years, including all of the emails of love and support I received for Maddox. I lost all of my contacts, my folders... everything! Thankfully we were able to restore some of my contacts, but for the most part, all of your precious words that have helped me get through this last year are GONE. Honestly, I can't believe this has happened! I was really upset last night!

Today is a better day and I know that my life doesn't reside in email. However, please know that I don't have much of anything. I always hold emails in my inbox until I have a chance to respond, but those were lost as well so many things that deserved a response will now not receive one. Please forgive me as I struggle to piece back together something has has meant the world to me this last year. Praise the Lord that this is just a paper trail and doesn't change one event of the past... I know how each of you have lifted us up in very difficult times and that the Father still holds my little boy securely in His arms.

"But everything exposed by the light becomes visible"- Ephesians 5:13


Christa Mc said…
THAT IS CRAZY!! was it a hacker? I am so sorry to hear about this..
Cathy said…
So sorry to hear about this. I was just stopping by to say hi and check on how you are feeling. What a big boy Deacon is becoming moving to his big boy bed.
Cathy & Annabel
The Lenda's said…
How frustrating! So sorry to hear that. Praying that maybe some of those people can resend you their emails that have touched you and that perhaps the hacker read something that may have touched his or her heart in the process.
Hugs and prayers
Rachel in PA
Yvette said…

Sweet friend, I left a message on your FB page and just send you a personal email and copied the last 2 emails I have sent you recently. Oh do I understand your pain right now, as you know I, too, lost EVERYTHING on our computer the week of Christmas and were fortunate enough to restore at least the pictures. I know what you mean about how precious those words of encouragement/support mean from others, it was the same for us.

I love and miss you,
Jai said…
So sorry Kenzie. Hoping you can get some the emails back .. maybe people who sent them have them saved and can resend them ... sooo sorry ...
april said…
oh that stinks! I'm so sorry! I didnt start reading your blog until after you'd lost your sweet Maddox, but please know that I keep you in my prayers and that you are a true inspiration to me of a Christian mother and wife! (hugs)
Susie said…
I can understand the feeling of loss associated with losing your emails. There's so many in :Joshua's: folder...

Here's a quick reminder from me that you're on my heart, thinking of you and praying for your precious family as you become 5.

God bless,

If your email is your blog address at gmail, can you please let me know? I have that email that went around to a dozen of us mommies from a woman in PA. I'll send that along.
Devin said…
Oh, Kenz!

What an incredibly frustrating thing to have happened....and I just emailed you back last night!

I will resend it to you as soon as I am off of here...and I will be praying that you are able to get as much as possible back!
Chrissy said…
Oh how awful! Thinking of you!
Andrea said…
Hi Kenzie-
That totally stinks! Praying the emails are the only thing they accessed (i.e. no significant personal information). Praying too God reveal why this bizarre thing should happen and that He quickly reveals how He is working this out for your good.

Related to your last post and I know this is completely beside the point of what you shared, but have you thought about a bed rail for the side of the bed? We did this with our children...though my son did manage to fall off the very end of the bed - the only part that was open to the floor. Figures!

Lastly, I wanted to share a Scripture that made me think of you...it's when Gabriel greets Mary as God's "highly favored one." And I got to thinking how when God favors us it often means times of intense joy and pain - Mary got to be the mother of God's Son(how crazy is that!) and experience the many joys and wonders which accompany motherhood. But she also must have experience so much pain and confusion during her pregnancy, in the years of Jesus' ministry and certainly at His death. And so I think of you as one of God's highly favored ones and I am so blessed to witness how He continues to care for and show Himself to those whom He chooses for extremely special purposes.

With love in Christ,
I am sorry. I know how your heart must have felt. How frustrating...but you are so right, it doesn't change ANTYHING. It doesn't change all the love, the prayers, the thoughts and concerns, the connections, the love...so Satan..you lose!! Good try but you lose!
I loved your post about Deacon and the big boy bed. Made me realize that I still have a railing for Allison at 5 years old...am I a nut of what! hee hee.
You are precious and I love you! I am praying for you and baby Faith every day, and of course your boys too!
hope to see you soon.
Laurie said…
Oh Kenzie,

That is downright awful for someone to do that to you. Just like Satan to come like a thief in the night to try and destroy. He is such a loser and has lost this one because all of the words and love and support in those precious emails have ALREADY done what they were meant to do, bring you through to now. And you are so right, it doesn't change one thing!!! You have given me a nudge this morning as I read. My husband keeps offering to back up my computer on a "stick" and I always tell him "later". I think I will have him do it when he gets home from work. I love you and though I don't have many, I saved all the emails with you girls throughout your journeys.
Maybe others have too and we could all send them to you. Just a thought. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and give Deacon and Faith a hug for me. Dusty too!

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.
tomandcheryl said…
You don't know me but I "check" on your family all the time on line. I feel like I know. I can never say that experienced your pain but I did watch my sister go through it 10 years ago with her son (trisomy 13 though). I just want to cry for you about the e-mail and the cruelty of this world. I am so sorry. Please know that those people's thoughts and wishes for you are still out there even though they are "gone."
~Cheryl Falzone
Iric said…
I'm sorry to hear about that.
I sent a e-mail to you on August 14th.Did you recieve it?I send it agin after I saw you blog today.I thought you are busy these days,so you have no time to e-mail back.But I'm wrong.I don't know you are hacked.I'm sorry for everything is gone.But you don't lose our love....We still love you..e-mail me back~
Susan said…
Hey Kenzie,

Just stopping by to catch up. Oh, I was soooooooooooo bummed to read about your emails.

I save ALL my special letters, pictures, I have folders that are jammed with stuff.

I treasure all my emails.

Thank goodness you had some backed up. Really we should all keep a back up of our stuff on the computer.

Anyhow, I was touched by your last post and loved the pictures. Wow, you baby boy is now in a big bed! Now, that's a major mild stone.

I just know he'll adore his little sister.

Hope you are feeling well. Would love to see some pictures of you!

Have a blessed day today♥
Darlene said…
I didn't even know that could happen??!!
I am so sorry! May God give you a special peace and comfort today.

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