Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay... You Twisted My Arm

Okay, so I have avoided playing these blog games for a while, but honestly I can't figure out why... Let's have a little fun!

Here's how you play!
1. Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
**I had to pick the fourth folder in the fourth folder in the fourth folder before getting the 4th picture : )
2. Select your 4th picture (no exceptions)!
3. Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger
4. Tag 4 people (or as many as you want) to do the same!!

This is Deacon at 3 weeks old with his BIG bear paws.
The two boys were playing on the floor and I remember thinking
how much I just LOVED watching Dusty be a daddy. Deacon was just mesmorized!

So now it's YOUR turn:
1. Devin
2. Christa
3. ALL my Atlanta girls
4. Laurie in Ca.

"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, 'The LORD has done great things for them.'"- Psalm 126:2

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fretful Friday

Thank you so much for all the prayers for Faith Clare. We are managing pretty well considering I got sick with strep throat on Sunday (my birthday!) and Dusty has been working like crazy!

So Faith Clare was scheduled on Friday at 1:30PM for her Upper GI at our local hospital. I was told that morning by our pediatrician's nurse that she couldn't eat for 4 (yes FOUR) hours before the test so 9:30 was the cut-off. Of course I fed her AT 9:30 but was already resigned to the fact that she was going to be very hungry by the exam.

We showed up to the hospital about 1:20 and waited in registration... we waited and waited and waited. I was finally signing the financial responsibility and HIPPA papers at 1:50 and then they walked us down to radiology... Yes, us. Did I mention that I brought Deacon along and during his naptime?? We arrived at the radiology waiting room and waited some more. At this point both of the kids were doing pretty well, but I knew how fast things could fall apart and just spiral out of control! I was mentally preparing.

At 2:35 we got called back and they began explaining what would happen. Deacon had to wait with several techs outside of the room because of the "xray in progress". He wasn't too sure about it in the beginning but with a swift offer of a lollipop from one of them, he happily went out the door and was more than satisfied. The child in my arms however, was a far-cry from happy. It had been 5 1/2 hours since she had eaten, was laying naked on a table with a huge, gloved hand moving her around, a big contraption over her entire body, and her mama pinning her arms to the table. To say she was beside herself is a MAJOR understatement. She was absolutely BONKERS!

After several minutes of "pictures" on the table, the radiologist handed me a bottle with thick, strawberry-flavored, chalky barium. Honestly, it took a good 60-90 seconds for Faith Clare to even realize something was in her mouth because she was crying so hard. When she tasted the wet stuff in her mouth, she attacked the bottle (which is normally a struggle) and wasn't about to let go... Oh wait, until the doctor said... "I'm sorry, you're going to have to take that back out of her mouth and give her the pacifier for a minute until we get her positioned right for the images while she drinks." SERIOUSLY???? I looked at the tall man like he was out of his flippin' mind and he just looked back, nicely but indicating that, indeed, he meant what he said. I pulled the bottle out and tried the switcheroo with the pacifier. I'm sure my tiny daughter thought I was insane and trying to starve her... Back to the hysterical screaming.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity until he said I could give her the bottle back. She chugged and chugged that thick stuff... I thought it was going to be gone in an instant. They finished the xrays they needed and then told me I could take her off the table and continue feeding her out in the waiting room. Apparently I didn't realize how thick it was because I did continue feeding her... until she started gagging and choking that is. When I turned the bottle up I realized that entire time she had only taken a measly 2 ounces.

It was at this point that I came to understand that we would be spending all afternoon at the hospital. They told us that we had to wait for the barium to go through her large and small bowels to ensure everything was working properly. The tech mentioned "sometimes it can take up to 8 hours." WHAT??? Needless to say it was an extremely long afternoon.

From that point on we were called back every 30 minutes or so to continue taking pictures. Faith Clare was very upset through the afternoon due to her lack of "nutritional intake" so I was extremely thankful when they told me about 4:30 that I could nurse her. After that, she settled down, was much more content and we took the last pictures just before 5.

Throughout the entire ordeal I felt pretty neglectful of Deacon. I was trying to maintain Faith Clare's and my sanity and quite frankly I didn't realize we would be there for 4 hours. Besides him eating a package of peanut butter crackers, 2 packs of fruit snacks, the lollipop and some gum, he was AWESOME... In large part due to one tech who took special notice. This sweet girl dug up some crayons and a coloring book, played with Deacon and his cars, and even put him on her lap at her desk and pulled up Nickelodeon so he could watch show clips. I am so thankful for her... I'm not sure how I would have emerged from that hospital without her~ definitely more frazzled than I already was! Undoubtedly Miss Asia will be getting a BIG THANK YOU from our family at the hospital!

All this to say that Monday morning we received a phone call from the doctor's office stating that aside from the reflux that appeared on the xrays, everything else looked perfect. I am thankful that nothing major is going on and while we will go ahead and schedule an appointment with the Pedi GI at TCH... I'm starting to feel like this might be something she will have to grow out of. I guess I feel a little naive in all of this because Deacon was such a good, easy baby. Definitely just a little adjusting is all!

Thanks again for all the prayers and inquiries as to how she is doing. Each day and night is different, but regardless... to us, even with the crying, she is perfect! Just take a look at that sweet face... how can you be mad at that?

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Greetings

"Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"- 2 Samuel 7:18

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Months

Some of my favorite pictures of the new year...

Thank you so much for all of the prayers lifted up for us these past several weeks! We are doing well and staying busy with our two sweet babies, hence the lack of recent posts. Today Faith Clare is 3 months old and overall she has been a great baby. She is super smiley, loves looking at other smiling faces, is fascinated by her brother's play and well, still sleeps quite a bit.

...On the downside however, just the past two weeks, something in her has changed. We can't quite figure out what is wrong but she is clearly VERY uncomfortable and has been crying, often inconsolably. We have been to the doctor several times now, ensuring that it isn't anything obvious, and again today, the exam went well. She has been on several different medications for her reflux and while we continue to adjust the doses, our pediatrician feels that we might need to pursue things a bit further. Tomorrow we have an appointment to get an upper GI test and then we will be referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist at Texas Children's. While I continue to pray for God's hand of protection on her and her health and I truly believe that this is "temporary", my mind often wanders... Some days are more challenging than others and today was definitely one of them. If I could ask you to pray for her and the healing of whatever is distressing her, we would so greatly appreciate it!

Also, while I will soon be posting about Maddox's birthday and how we spent the day, I just want to let you know that it was beautiful, tearful and quite simply... thank-filled. We love you all and are so blessed by you!

"Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this"- Psalm 37:5
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